Santa Surfing VIDEO 8-7-20… “Charlie Ward and Chris P with SantaSurfing – Talking GESARA and our Purpose” [this is “Part 2”]

[Kp update: forgot to mention that this is actually part 2. Here is a link to Part 1.]

Well, I’ve just started listening to this, and I continue to “get” that these people are bringing out very important news.

Quantum financial System (QFS) is in place and fiat system is ready to be closed down. Also they present stories of utility bills, mortgages, etc., being cleared. Bank of England shut down (temporary?), CEO of Bank of Denmark resigning, and no one assigned to take over. The group says this is an effect of the QFS being “in play”… not need to have bank CEOs when the QFS will handle things.

Regarding Trump saying “You might not see me for awhile”, Charlie points out that “We are in the END GAME!”

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