Several items regarding the “Austin Steinbart” phenomenon… Citizens Investigative Report, Praying Medic, Goldfish Report, TerranCognito

So, below, feel free to take one’s pick among these various “Who the h— is Austin?” evaluations.

Both CIR (Katie G) and Louisa seem more open minded about “the Austin” and his possible Q role, whereas Praying Medic, early on in his video, points to the “no outside comms” statements by Q. Terran’s source (Stan X) writes, “Austin Steinbart is a Local. DIA/Agent/Tool. Data Collectors.”

The only thing I’ll add here is that there are three Q posts that say “no comms” “privately”, or “outside of this platform”, including a very recent Q post 3902 that referenced one of those three (Q513).

My view is, if I’m feeling “drawn” to his information, I’ll keep watching it. And that’s the way it is for myself, for now, at least.

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Austin Steinbart – He’s not Q, but he is, as he admits, DIA

I had a friendly disagreement with a good friend (not Heather) on this man. I’ve met these kind of guys in my “techie days” and their mouths seldom match their skills. But maybe if I met him in person I might like him? Who knows?

But as I told my friend, I could be wrong about my first impression… so I dug into this a bit more… with my friendly nonlocal Data Collectors…  I was wrong.  He’s not a LARP. What a week for surprises eh?

Lying about being Q is not a great start… if this is DIA transparency, be transparent. Be Honest. Be direct. I’ve spent 7 years with spooks of every kind, from every nation nearby.  It gets old.  They glow orange to Heather and she plays with them.  Maybe Heather would get a kick out of him, I don’t know as she is in silent mode.  And I know that is sign stuff is happening.  Been through it before.

He’s not Qbut he is, as he admits, DIA

Terran: Is Austin Steinbart a nonlocal? Is he a LARP or a DIA contractor or both?


Whatever this is, we need to watch it unfold.  VERIFY EVERYTHING.  Take nothing on faith.

PS: My time is somewhat limited with Denice, hence the short bits of data as it comes.