Accepting your fate? Conditioning? HOW CAN THAT BE? YOU ARE THE LAW!

With no legitimate government, those who address them for any reason other than to remove them as criminal impersonators are actually aiding in their deception.

But let us be clear on who we are….

Kings and queens with no subjects.  And in our own respective dominions…we determine the law.  We determine what is true.  We determine what is just.  And we determine what is right.

And Mr. Trump has confirmed our lawful status in America!

***GLOBAL NOTICE*** Highest Administrative Authority in America Recognizes “We the People,” are Sovereign!

As sovereigns, we are the law…not those who were commissioned in good faith to perform the work of the people.  They are simply servants-they get no vote.  Even their respective opinions merit no more weight than any other constituent.  As a legitimate representative they are mere proxies of the people with no vote of their own.

The living sovereigns of today, have no obligation to honor or respect anything that has been promoted from the past…unless we grant our free-will consent.

Fraud vitiates all…  Since — Fraud vitiates all! What is the point on even attempting to recognize a fraudulent system that is fraudulent?

Public officials are bound by oath to follow the law.  Proving lawful credentials to anyone who asks is a requirement that is not optional.

Public Officer Bonds — No Bond..Office Vacant 

A Citizen Asks; Who Are You?

Ms. Freidenrich…Please tell me I am wrong.

Dissolve the fake fictional entities by the authority vested in the American sovereigns

0000-the people are sovereign

Lost but making damned good time…