Claim Your Guarantees

By Anna Von Reitz

The Federal Constitutions don’t give you any rights you didn’t already have.
They do, however, guarantee that the Federal Government won’t usurp against your rights.
The question is— do you want the benefit of those guarantees?

Good. Now that that question is settled….
The next question is — how do you think your constitutional guarantees are enforced?
The Constitutions can only be enforced by the Parties to the Contract.
So, who are the Parties to the constitutional contracts?
The People (our side) and the Federal Subcontractors (their side).
This is a little trickier than it looks, but not much.
When we say “People” we are talking about “State Citizens”.
State Citizens are Americans who hold a singular allegiance to their State of the Union, and accept the job of running it.

Are you able to act as a State Citizen for your State?

Again, that depends.

You can act as a State Citizen if you have no other obligations to any other government.
This means that Federal workers and their dependents can’t act as State Citizens. Attorneys can’t act as State Citizens. Active duty military personnel and their dependents can’t act as State Citizens. New immigrants can’t act as State Citizens without declaring their political status.

All these groups of people may be as American as you or I, but, they can’t act as State Citizens until they are cut free of other obligations.

Once they quit, retire, tear up their Bar cards, or are fully discharged from the military or renounce allegiance to their former country, they can “come home” and be State Citizens. Until then, they can only act as State Nationals.

So what’s a “State National”?
An American born within the borders of one of the States, who is guaranteed all the rights and benefits, but who is not able to serve as a State Citizen.

This includes Americans born abroad to American parents.

State National status applies to people who are too young to be State Citizens (must be 21) or who have some disability or circumstance that keeps them from acting as a State Citizen.

Federal employment is one of those disabilities, and being too young to serve is another, but there are many more.

For example, you are 65 years old and feel that it is time to retire from public duties. You have ten kids at home and can’t spare the time. You are fighting cancer and don’t have the health and energy. The list goes on.

Obviously, your circumstance can change.

Federal Employees do quit or retire and do get discharged from military service, young people reach the age of 21, elders may decide to come back to work, babies grow up, cancer goes into remission.
So, a person in State National status can change to State Citizen status and vice versa, depending on their employment, their age, their other obligations, their health, and many other factors.

Both State Citizens and State Nationals are owed all the constitutional guarantees, but only State Citizens can enforce them. That’s why State Citizens are needed and the reason the State Assemblies have been called into Session.

Please note that Federal Employees and Dependents and others who are neither declared State Citizens nor State Nationals have no constitutional guarantees.

All they have are “Equal Civil Rights” that can be taken away with the stroke of a pen.

Bottom line — if you are an American, and you want to preserve your constitutional guarantees, you need to record your political status with your State Assembly.

And, in whatever ways you can, you need to support your State Assembly.

There has been a wrong-headed idea that Federal employees are at odds with, or in competition with, the American People — that is, the State Citizens, but in the vast majority of cases, Federal employees are Americans whose constitutional guarantees depend on State Citizens and on the State Assemblies, and all Federal employees, including Agency Personnel, are ultimately employed by State Assemblies.

So, it’s time for everyone concerned to figure out where your bread is really buttered, and also where you may be missing the boat.

If you were born in America, born to American parents, or are a Naturalized US Citizen, you have choices to make.

Do not take your constitutional guarantees for granted.
Claim them by declaring and recording your correct political status, either State National or State Citizen, with your State Assembly.

Failure to do so will result in a legal presumption that you have “waived” all guarantees and don’t stand under the protections of the Federal Constitutions.

Millions of Americans are in limbo land, unaware that they need to record their political status before they can claim their guarantees, and many more are angry and upset because their guarantees have been violated.

Declare and record your political status, organize and support your State Assembly, and as if by magic, your constitutional guarantees have enforcement at all levels.

So stop griping and worrying and milling around. Get educated, get organized, and pool your resources. Donate time, skills, and funds to back your State Assembly and your Federation of States.
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Quick Quiz:
1. Do you have: (a) constitutional rights or (b) constitutional guarantees?
2. True or False — A State Assembly is composed of State Citizens.
3. Who can enforce constitutional guarantees? (a) State Nationals or (b) State Citizens or (c) Federal Employees
4. True or False — A State National can become a State Citizen and vice-versa.
5. True or False — You have to declare your political status as an American or you are presumed to be a Federal Citizen having only “Equal Civil Rights” that can be taken away.
Answers: 1. (b) 2. True 3. (b) 4. True 5. True

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