Federally funded research on biospecimans seeks to avoid informed consent

By AL Whitney © copyround 2017
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The federal corporation nasties (agencies) have been busy writing new rules for their clandestine human research programs. Here are the agencies now involved:
Department of Homeland Security; Department of Energy; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Department of Commerce; Social Security Administration; Agency for International Development; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Department of Labor; Department of Defense; Department of Education; Department of Veterans Affairs; Environmental Protection Agency; Department of Health and Human Services; National Science Foundation; and Department of Transportation.

Vaccine research is most likely included. As long as they continue to avoid doing a double blind study comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children, they can keep the entire vaccination program classified as experimental. The same is true for GMO food, smart meters, geo-engineering and water fluoridation.

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects: Final Rule

What is so interesting is how many ‘modalities’ are now being implemented in their so-called research, the number of environments it is being conducted in and how many ways they are coming up with to avoid the informed consent requirement.

In 1997 Congress passed Public Law 105-85 (see Section 1078) permitting the Dept of Defense to experiment with chemical (chemtrails?) and biological agents on human subjects. Check out their definition of “Biological Agents”. Please note that by their own definitions the biological agents they are using for experimentation are destructive to living species.

(e) BIOLOGICAL AGENT DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘biological agent’’ means any micro-organism (including bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or infectious substance, and any naturally occurring, bioengineered, or synthesized component of any such micro-organism, pathogen, or infectious substance, whatever its origin or method of production, that is capable of causing—
(1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal, a plant, or another living organism;
(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or materials of any kind; or
(3) deleterious alteration of the environment.