Med beds, and drunken relatives.

MED BEDS (Holographic Medical Pods) - One of Many Healing Technologies Expected to Come Forward Upon Disclosure

Med beds, and drunken relatives.

Time, timing, and energy.

In this Matterium, both Time, and energy are precious. At a personal cellular level, all the way up through complete body systems, and out into the larger World of movement, Humanity, and doing shit, we are, individually, and collectively, restricted by energy and time, two of the three sides of the Equation of Life,

Knowing this, my personal approach to navigating much of the Woo of this Life in this Now, is to use energy/time math as a guide. Especially on all things prognosticated, this is a very good way to gather up the chunks of reality in our woo stew, while limiting the losses inherent in the bullshit.

As an example, it is relatively easy to see that the mythical ‘med beds’ are NOT in existence at this point anywhere on earth by way of an energy analysis. Take as a beginning the actual micro loads (electrically) within the cells for building new tissue. Estimate by mass (weight) the number of such energy transfers required to alter the condition of a single organ, say the liver, and you have a base line energy amount that would be required for the device to work, without regard to its method of functioning. In other words, a minimum electrical load would be required whether the mythical med bed worked directly with electricity, or converted it to light, or sound, or physical vibration. It is presumed that some other, unknown at this point, form of energetic transfer would also require the energy within such an electrical approach.

Once you get this base reading it is a simple matter to go looking to see if power supplies of that size & capability are being produced. Or you could see if our industry is producing the energy controllers of the required sophistication to accomplish the goal of such an energy transfer to the body.

As you may suppose, neither of these can be found in anyone’s catalog of devices being manufactured for sale now.

Of course, the deluded, hopeful, wishful, and desperate, among the Woo people will insist that such power supplies and power transformers/controllers are being produced in secret for use in secret med bed factories where the employees are either all robots, mind controlled, or ignorant of what they produce such that no definitive trail exists to locate these secret factories. Such is the nature of the Woo and its effect on humans. (sigh).

This same approach of energy, or time calculations, can be used to debunk such bunk as the QFS, or the NESARA lines of wooshit. Many other chunks circulating in the woostew can also be dismissed by even cursory application of energy maths. These include ‘black goo’, ‘Looking Glass/Yellow Cube’, ‘prisons (or Nazi bases) on the Moon’, and so much more.

Energy calculations can be used very effectively in another manner. Instead of analysis on presented circumstances to ascertain if such could exist, we can reverse it to analyze our enemies’ energy and time expenditures in order to see just what they may be planning.

“Ok”, we say. “Our enemies are putting Y amount of energy, and V amount of time, into L subject areas, what could be their reason?”

So this is the point where I step away from many other Woo pundits. In doing my energy/time calculations on our enemies, that is, the mother WEFfers, the Cabal, the [DS], the [KM], the Zionists….et al names for the same Hydra, my understanding is NOT the same as others in the Woo space.

It is my conclusion that our enemies have been working for several hundreds of years, and putting an increasing amount of energy into those plans for these last 140 years, not simply to effect control of, and depopulation of, Humanity. Yes, they do want to depopulate, and certainly want totalitarian levels of control, but my thinking is that there is something beyond that which is driving them.

If you think deeply about almost any activity with humans, it is usually a time constraint that drives us to put more energy into a process than would actually be required for its completion. We do this deliberately to attempt to reduce the time involved, for whatever reason.

I have worked in global corporate world for over 50 years, and have observed that inevitably when Management starts throwing bodies and money at a project it is always due to time pressures from external sources.

That’s what I think is going on now, and here. The mother WEFfers have been working a plan that arguably goes back to the founding of the Freemasons, and other secret societies. It includes refined plans from people such as Pike, and the Rabbinical Council of 1893 (in Moscow, Russia), which are all working towards an unspoken goal. While the goal of these global Zionists is certainly control of humanity, there is no preparation, or energy being expended on any aspect of the success of this effort IF the goal is mere control. Even including depopulation as both a minor goal, and a tool for larger efforts, we just don’t see required energy or time being put forward by the mother WEFfers for WHEN they would have succeeded in their plans.

In other words, if my goal was to gently deal with a drunk relative at a Thanksgiving gathering by using a yuko ottoshi judo take-down, in the process of pushing the elbow, and hooking his neck, I would already be preparing my body with energy to roll him while protecting both him, and myself from whatever we would impact on the floor, and around us as we fall. It is a natural, required process of thinking ahead for when you succeed.

Energy and time allocations are necessary constantly in this Matterium, for either success, or failure. One can see people are planning for which they expect to manifest by what they make available in energy and time. Thus it is mostly possible to foresee the outcome of projects of all kinds using this metric. My introduction to this method of thinking comes from R. Buckminster Fuller, most completely described in his Synergetics book.

When I apply energy calculations to our current War with the mother WEFfers, my conclusion is that while their immediate goal is control, they are not now, and have never been, planning for a condition of ‘success’ for their plan. There is no thought being given for ‘what then’, after they have control, even if they have depopulated humanity to some serious extent.

Yes, there have been distractions presented as their presumed goal, for us, as part of their plan. There have been predictive programming efforts that have produce the social memes of ‘hunger games’ or ‘throne games’… as a stated global condition of their success. But, these are only distractions. The energy and time allocations are not there if the Cabal/[DS] was intent on that form of humanity as their goal.

All of our enemies’ energy has been placed into getting us to the point that depopulated humanity is controlled by them, BUT there is no expenditures for the afterward part of that time based equation.

Is it a case that the [DS][KM] has never been planning to succeed?

I don’t think that is the situation. I can observe the Cabal/[KM] being driven by some very severe time constraint such that they are putting more energy into their immediate goal of depopulate and control. They are throwing people and money at their effort in a manner that is excessive to an extreme level relative to developing circumstances.

People will tell you that I am wrong. That what motivates the enemies of Humanity is not an external time pressure, but rather their fear of losing this war. Perhaps, but I don’t see any energy being expended suggesting that they know they are losing. There are no ‘bolt holes’, back-up positions, or escape routes being set up for the [DS][KM]. They do not intend to lose.

BUT they are not putting money/time/people into winning.


It is as though there is something else. A ‘something else’ that is going to make any ‘success planning’, or energy allocations for success, moot, useless in the bigger plan. As though there is no need. Further, the actions of the [DS][KM] are as though their time constraint, their ‘dead line’, will arrive without regard to their success, or lack of it.

My conclusion from their actions is that they don’t think they will lose, even if they lose. That is, they think something, or more appropriately, a ‘someone’, will be coming to take over the reigns of control from them. The [DS][KM][Zionists] are thinking that someone is coming to save their collective asses.

The [DS][KM] thinks that the Elohim are returning. Further, I think, that they think, that this ‘second coming of the EL’ is imminent.

The timing is not known by them, only anticipated. This is why, in my opinion, we see them moving from Agenda 2050, to Agenda 2030, and now to 2027.

Yes, we do see them putting money and people into a ‘contact agenda’. The mother WEFfers are very keen on the whole subject of ‘space aliens & human interaction’. Of course, they think of themselves as the ‘humans’, and y’all as the ‘animals’ that they will be selling to the Elohim.

Energy matters. What you do with yours betrays your thinking.

6000 years in the making! GGR!

Nov 21 • 32M

Great Global Revolution! Gird your mind now!

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Woo, down, dirty, deep WOO


Nov 21 • 31M

Cross links can be brutal. Helmets advised.

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Woo, down, dirty, deep WOO


Living in Washington State everyone has big houses. I am Clif’s age and don’t want stairs and don’t want to live in a big house. Bought land and built a 2 bedroom/2 full bath house with office. I live surrounded by forest and have only seen Big Foot once. I don’t go into the forest mostly out of respect. So I’m thinking it is easier to find Big Foot than a small house.

YO UNC……..the overnight repos last quarter of 2019 and “every” other macro economic item i had followed told me economic sht was going to hit the fan first quarter 2020….but they played the plandemic card…caught me totally off guard I did not see that worldwide level of false flag coming…i retired to se asia 10 years ago after over 35 years in financial in canada…. to get as far away from the west as possible because the crash was inevitable…plandemic has done its job economically…looks like they are going to burn down the economic house in 2024….how about a bit of a whiteboard on $600 silver…and dont tell me it will be episotic…i know that already…take care and……stay alive

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El merda divina

Hello Clif 👋🏻Hello Clif 👋🏻

Hello Fellow Wooiars 👋🏻‼️

So grateful for all of you during this most tumultuous time.

As for me and my household.. we are staying alert 🚨

Be your own authority.

1) self discipline 🏋️‍♂️self care 🛁

2) educate yourself as much as possible 📚

3) stay away from the death culture people 💉

4) keep your faith in truth 🌼not in religion

5) don’t hate / but don’t tolerate haters🚫

6) plan your future 📋

7) “ normal “ is just a setting on the dryer 🤪

8) eat whole foods 🥗🍗🥓🥖🍎🍋🥔

9) Shungite your water 💦

10) No need to argue with anyone. Go your way.

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Temporal Concentrate

Nov 15 • 23M

Use only as directed by your shaman….

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Woo, down, dirty, deep WOO

What a RUSH!

I’m in a small village in England, a few elderly recently have died suddenly at home. I’ve lost a close friend in the village 4 months ago and her daughter developed turbo cancer, they wouldn’t listen to me, thought I was nuts. Loads of other peeps having strokes and heart attacks around here but nothing to see here. Thank you Clif and all you people of the Woo out there, you keep me going x

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