I died of colon cancer that was induced by the Salk polio vaccine. It was known, at the time that they were produced, that at least 11 million doses were contaminated. They used them anyway. The result was the largest wave of cancers to ever hit any generation. Of course the media are ‘tards & said nothing. Many of them in the Boomer generation died of the cancers induced by the vaccines that they supported.

There was a very large percentage of the cohort of male boomers who died of colon cancers. These were new in the sense that they were long growing, and undiagnosed until the very end when they proved to be fatal. That was my story. I returned due to a debt owed to karma, but it was a typical death from a 30 year old colon tumor in most other respects. One of many.

What is of note now is that it has taken our corrupt Elohim worship cult controlled ‘medical system’ a total of 5 generations to go from the long acting cancers induced into the Boomers, to the new ‘turbo cancers’ created by the covid19 attack.

They have always wanted to kill vast numbers of us, but they did not have the technology.

It they were to just start trying to shoot all the White Americans, sooner rather than later, the armed subset of the population would shoot back, and the word would spread, and ζRevolution would be ON.

So they needed a more quiet approach and thus invented the concept of ‘virus’ and ‘virology’, which lead to vaccines.

WHATEVER merit there may have been in these concepts, they have been weaponized by the Elohim worship cult against humanity and thus will now be casualties of ζRevolution.

It needs to be repeatedly pointed out to all who are entrained by the ‘gritology’ model of life promulgated by the Elohim worship cult through their universities, colleges and other power structure, that the complicated paradigm they produced has the side effect of seemingly making it easy to do things like cloning, and inter-species hybridization. If you are a reductionist living in a reductionist mindset paradigm, it is easy to wrongly extend the idea to Consciousness. This is wrong, as consciousness at all levels is complex, and thus is not reducible, but their narradigm makes you think otherwise, thus the tendency to believe you can manipulate Life as you would do Matter.

Many Woo people, in particular, fall for this delusional side effect, and believe that there are factories in deep tunnels cranking out alien/human hybrids by the tens of millions.

It’s difficult to fuck with life at that level. It is especially so if you are operating in the narradigm that says that DNA controls such things, and that gene-expression is anything other than an after effect of the change already manifest by that consciousness. If you believe that Consciousness ‘arises’ due to ‘complications’ of grit glomming together into larger, more complicated grit, then they have you in their delusional narradigm. You are not seeing, nor experiencing, reality, except through their filter.

If you keep on with this understanding, you may end up taking one of their proffered death routes. The Elohim worship cult not only are gritology centric, but they believe that the creator of the grit gave control of it to them. So they fuck with it, or rather they try. Their understanding is so poor that their achievements in this area are few and puny. The Elohim worship cult is still only good at killing by poisons. Vaccines are nothing but a new label for the same old methods.

Bunch of real egoists & real retards. Watch out for the rabbis, the Pharisees, the talmudists. They are a danger to you.

We are entering very difficult Times for everyone. As people get repeatedly shocked into seeing what the narradigm hides from their vision, and, yes, it is a long process, not an event, this ‘waking’, but, to return to the point, the waking human will be repetitiously forced into examining the very basic tenets of our social order structure.

The Woo people will not escape this. They too will have to continuously check their thinking against the old narradigm, now being displaced by ζRevolution.

The ζRevolution is manifesting now, and our first hints of it are within the Woo area as the forecasts of an unusual occurrence in this month are appearing within many areas. Not only has my data analysis protocol forecast a ‘something that will gather attention’, we also have many confirmations from other people within the always unsettled woo humans.

One of these confirmations, that is the RV session from the Future Forecasting Group, and specifically within it, that of the Dick Allgire session, has information that is particularly intriguing, and may yet be prescient as to a deep revealing.

In his debriefing session which is discussed in the interview that Dick Allgire did with JC at BeyondMystic.net, Dick presents a graphic image from the session which was very striking. It is a drawing of a human nervous system subset, specifically the Vagus nervous system, including the connections to the various glandular systems of the body. Further, this drawing explicitly highlights the stimulation of that nervous system in a specific, and not random manner. This was noted as my work with my Olde Phartes group on ancient manuscripts has encountered descriptions that this drawing actually renders.

The trained eye picks out immediately that it is the tenth, the 10th, the X, nerve tip that is being stimulated to produce the other effects. These other effects first come at the point that the X nerve joins the glands in the brain to the glands in the throat. These ganglia structures were known in ancient times as your ‘chakra’ system. Here Dick has sketched out the X nerve sending energy down to the throat chakra, and then to the heart, abdomen, and other chakras.

This drawing describes how the texts that we have read/transliterated detail the mind-to-machine interface working with humans. This information is so ancient in humanity that it has become tropes in movies that you never question, merely accepting as it is so inculcated into our understanding of this reality.

In my opinion, Dick Allgire’s skill with the Remote Viewing protocol has brought us a key bit of information.

My supposition is that the [deep state/elohim worship cult] is going to try a high tech method for inducing religious visions. They will be tying giant, pretty, holograms in the sky, to electro-magnetic pulsing that will be designed to impact the X nerve in order to induce resonate effects in the glandular system to, well, to basically send everyone affected on an old fashioned, intense body-centric style, psychedelic trip while they are looking at the pretty lights and pictures in the sky.

Dick Allgire’s drawing is a very much more detailed version of a brief sketch that one of our Olde Pharte members had produced to show those of our group the concept of how one would by-pass certain filters built into the other cranial nerves that prevent such DMT experiences from occurring in a more random way.

So here we sit. We *think, that maybe, perhaps, there is something coming our way that will be a real “thang” out there, but will be, perhaps, maybe, ‘enhanced’ by the [DS] using their rad devices to pump EMF into your X nerve. Remember though, these are gritology minds. They are not good at this stuff.

We have a tendency to suspect it will occur between the 12th of July and the 17th of July. It may be wise to take what precautions one may, and specifically if you do go tripping suddenly while there are Giant Virgins and Angels in the sky, may want to wait until a few days after you come down before chopping off body parts & joining new cults.

Me? Well, there is this new style of hat I am curious to try…

Farmers, miners, foundrymen, builders.

We are at the very END of the Fiat Federal Reserve Note (a debt instrument) aka the ‘dollar’ system.

As this crashes further this year and next, the economy will shrink back to favor those people who actually produce goods, those people who are ‘makers’.

These makers are the core of any economic system. Ultimately ALL economic systems come back to the farmers, and ‘excess calories’ which is what provides the civilization, the ‘carry power’ to go another year without collapse.

Side note: thus the huge amount of energy put into trying to collapse our food system by the Elohim worship cult.

Ultimately, all power goes back to excess calories. If there is famine, and starvation, there is NO social order. There is NO effective power structure.

Once the civilization gets a few years calories stashed away, it can afford to allow power to spread out among the social order. This is a natural way in which societies evolve over time. You can’t have celebrated artists until you have a secure food supply civilization wide.

As the civilization changes, those who produce the carry value for the social order have a tendency to drift lower in the power hierarchy as the perceived need fades from the forefront of our collective thinking. We get distracted by all the glittery bits once we know our bellies will be full next week, and likely the week after that.

Thus it is that producers and makers fade into the background of the social order as the need for Entertainment rises to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Distraction over everything.

Note that part of the need for constant distraction for modern humans is that they have not been taught to live with themselves. They have no concept of a ‘personal discipline’, nor ‘responsibility for personal mind control’.

One of the expressions of ingenuity that rises that feeds this trend is that of fiat currency.

Note it is not ‘money’, but is a ‘currency’, which is a ‘legally defined security against money’. More on that in later missives.

Fiat currencies allow for bribery, murder, blackmail, and all of the various forms of corruption. They also allow for corrupted power structures to rise on the backs of the makers, and producers that create the base of the society.

We are now in the End Days of this most recent, global, fiat currency. The death of this currency is inevitable, and inescapable.

As great social changes take place, such as war, and the collapse of fiat currency supported corruption structures, there are predictable trends in the shifts that emerge. One of these is the return to social power of the ‘maker/doer’ class within the society.

It was such a fiat collapse of the pre-war Japanese Yen currency that produced the Farmer’s movement, as well as the reallocation of Land (a major social order change) within the country. Power returned to the Makers/Doers, and left the Political class.

It is my premise here that, within the collapse of the FRN/Dollar, will emerge a great cleansing of the social order here in USA, as well as a re-balancing of the political power, with much of that power returning to the Makers/Doers of our society.

Note that the death of the FRN/Dollar will drive USA people to be frugal beyond your ability to grasp now. We will NOT be able to tolerate stupid shit decisions on WHAT to build with our resources. So we will piss and moan and really argue about all major industrial initiatives going forward. We’ve been too burned by LI batteries, and EV and windmills et al to go down such dumb paths again.

As we get into the chaos of the death of the FRN/Dollar, there are predictable power shifts which will take place. Let’s see if you can spot one. Here are some data points.

Professions Occupied Predominantly by Liberal/Left-Leaning Individuals:

  • Social Workers

  • Environmental Activists

  • Artists and Designers

  • Academics and Researchers

  • Non-profit Organization Staff

  • Journalists and Media Professionals

  • Teachers and Educators

  • Psychologists and Therapists

  • Civil Rights Lawyers

  • Humanitarian Aid Workers

  • Urban Planners

  • Public Health Officials

  • Community Organizers

  • Scientists (especially environmental and social sciences)

  • Alternative Energy Industry Workers

  • LGBTQ+ Advocates

  • Immigration Lawyers and Advocates

  • Feminist Activists

  • Public Policy Analysts

  • Grassroots Campaign Staff

Professions Occupied Predominantly by Conservative/Right-Leaning Individuals:

  • Military Personnel

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Farmers and Agricultural Workers

  • CEOs and Business Executives

  • Engineers and Technologists

  • Gun Rights Advocates

  • Religious Leaders and Clergy

  • Construction Workers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Financial Traders and Investors

  • Oil and Gas Industry Workers

  • Private Security Professionals

  • Sports Coaches and Athletes

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Corporate Lawyers

  • NRA Advocates

  • Evangelical Pastors

  • Tax Policy Analysts (favoring lower taxes)

  • Conservative Think Tank Researchers

  • Conservative Media Commentators

Other predictable changes will emerge due to the shift of our social order from one of Complications, to one that is Complex.

The Complex social order we are creating now, from the ashes of the old NWO, is manifesting exactly because Universe is going to slap us upside our heads with UFOs, and other oddities. It’s part of how things work here in this Matterium.

It is my premise here, that as with Japan at the end of the last great Bankster War (WW2), we in the ‘liberal’ Western republics will go through a re-organization, and rebuilding phase.

One of the major rebuilding tasks will be to get a better handle on our history, both as a country, and as a species. We will have to free the captured material from the political class and get to some real understanding of our actual history.

As we get into the messy, hidden, obscured, lies that we think is our past, we will inevitably get an understanding of the Elohim, those space aliens who abused so much of humanity for so long, and created the Stockholm Syndrome cults that masquerades as the religions that control so much of modern thinking.

As we work our way back into known, and yet to be translated, ancient literature, we will come to understand the ‘economic’ model of the Elohim which, like ours to some extent, was built on excess calories and the ability to carry their civilization forward to the next year.

Unfortunately for humans, we ARE their excess calories.

The economic model practiced by the Elohim, at its core, evolved to that of locating new resources, exploiting those resources, and then moving on to locate more, new resources.

The Elohim had shifted their entire social order away from being their own makers/doers, over to exploiting the makers from other species. Their economic model is based on, and consists of, space slavery.

Note, there is no reason at all, to presume that the Elohim economic model is NOT multiplanetary at its core.

The cool part of the current fiat currency collapse is that it will also take down the existing power structure to the extent that the vast amount of secrets, held by this structure, will be revealed. This will include so many facets of our real history, that a giant creativity bloom will emerge from these circumstances. Much of it will be powered by new energy sources long suppressed by entrenched Elohim worship cult organizations.

One of the predictable changes will be the return to the power base of Farmers, and other maker/doers.

It is also predictable that we will emulate at least part of the Elohim economic model by incorporating space piracy, and extra terrestrial archaeology into our resource processing as a species.

Means we have to discard all the grit based fake science though. Get prepared to do a total rebuild on your understanding of physics, and humans.

We are coming out of bondage! Freedom and the expanse of the Matterium await!