Berto Jongman: dWeb (Decentralized Web) by Mark Nadal

Berto Jongman

These technologists think the internet is broken. So they’re building another one.

Mark Nadal is one of a growing number of technologists trying to right what they see as the wrongs of the internet by building a new one around decentralization.

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Penguin: Cloudera Doubles Down, Giving Away All Its Software

Cloudera Bucks an Industry Trend, Doubles Down on Open Source

Hadoop wrangler Cloudera has bucked a trend to tighten control of open source code by protecting it under ever more restrictive licences, today announcing plans to go all-in on AGPL and Apache 2.0 licences, make closed licence components of its products open source, and double-down on its Apache Software Foundation (ASF) activity.

The commitment by the US-based enterprise data specialist will extend to its forthcoming Cloudera Data Platform (CDP); the company’s much-awaited joint product with Hortonworks following last year’s $5.2 billion merger (which closed in January this year). Cloudera hopes to emulate Red Hat’s support-based commercial success it said.