Comment on "Natural Law" and "Indigenous" Claims

By Anna Von Reitz

The “Natural Law” is that we are all here NOW, and we are the current proprietors— all of us, black, white, brown, copper, yellow, pink—- and it doesn’t matter where our ancestors came from or how long ago they arrived on these shores. All these “indigenous claims” are just more bullshit and excuses for one group of people to claim a hammer over other groups of people and I am sick of it. 

We are ALL “indigenous” to this soil who were born here. Our Mothers all took up the nutrients and atoms to form our bodies from this same soil. How dare anyone pretend otherwise? 

So we are all “indigenous” to this soil and this country and we are all alive right now, having an equal standing and claim to be part of it all. Stop all this whining about what went on in the past. The past is past. Get your heads screwed on tight and make ready for the future which you all get a chance to help decide.

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