Complete Description of British Involvement in Coronavirus — the Brits Again!

Anna Von Reitz sent this link to a PDF that points to the real culprits in this Coronavirus mess.

Another question that is coming up a lot is 5G being installed around schools during this lockdown.

Please comment on these two subjects. Please keep your comments on topic.

Maybe it’s time to go on patrol in your local community and watch for vans and trucks around schools with equipment that could be used for this installation process.  Take your camera or smartphone and take pictures and send them to me. Take lots of pictures and video if you can. Walk right up to these guys and ask them what they are doing if you feel the need. Do it on video. Don’t do it alone. Have someone with you to take the video.

As a long time General class Amateur Radio operator I know that 60 Ghz RF radiation can be very dangerous. As one who has experience radiation burns in the past I can say you don’t want to be very close the a 60 Ghz signal AT ANY POWER LEVEL.

It’s interesting that Wuhan china was the first city in China to brag they had saturated 5G signal in the city, and it was reported it was turned on just a couple of weeks before this “outbreak”.

Sooooo many unanswered questions, just like with everything the elite do. Coronavirus is the most hyped up reporting in the history of news reporting.

Paul Stramer