What Happened with CCN

what really happened between hopegirl and mel ve

For about a year I participated on an internet network platform called the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). I left CCN several months ago and just wanted to provide an account of what happened for anyone who follows my work.

The primary reason for my leaving CCN is because I witnessed Mel Ve (CCN’s Creative Director), handing over reams of private and confidential skype conversations of her paying customers to a government run Satanic tabloid blog for publication. The publishing went on for several days as Mel continued to hand over document after document to be published on this blog. Mel Ve also handed over other people’s financial information, their addresses, and much more for publishing. The evidence of which can be seen Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. (There have been many more since then but I stopped looking at it)

CCN charges their broadcasters and I had given CCN thousands of dollars over the time I was with them. Things were changing in my life and I was moving, so I took a break from broadcasting for a couple of months while I moved. Even though I was no longer broadcasting, I was still giving CCN a charitable donation of $50 a month.  When I saw Mel Ve hand over her customers private information to a malicious third party for publication I stopped my monthly donation.

After stopping this donation I received a blackmail letter from Mel Ve stating… “$50 is not a lot to pay for my silence for what I know about you”… I said nothing, and did nothing in response to this. Mel Ve then sent that letter to be published on the malicious trolling blog. Since this time she has continued to publish statements on that blog giving out my financial information, and my address.

I am no stranger to being trolled because of my work in free energy. However it is important to note something to my readers:  My very involvement with CCN turned me, my project, and my family into a refreshed target, and it was the worst targeting I’ve ever experienced. There are highly funded covert trolling groups that target every broadcaster on CCN, and we were no different. Because of this I’ve had many blogposts and youtube videos created about me in an outright public defamation campaign of false accusations and outright lies.

Most of the people who follow my work don’t pay any attention to such trashy things when they come across their screen. However, it is important for me to let my readers know, that while I did work with Mel Ve, it was in an extremely limited capacity. She did not know me or my project or my personal affairs and about 99% of the things she is boldly writing about me all over the internet are complete fabrications from her own mind.

These types of conflicts happen all the time behind the scenes with all types of online groups. All of these events I’ve mentioned here happened between January and April of 2017. While they were occurring I said nothing and did not react. Now that time has passed I thought it was important to create a record of the events.