A Couple of Jordan Sather VIDEOS (6-3-19) related to his #CITD2019 experience

This goes along with an earlier Kp blog post which had Jordan’s FB posts about this.

There have been some indications that several conference venues are “not inviting” certain folks (Corey Goode, et al.), and apparently CITD has been one of them. But I am also aware that some of the speakers had a “positive” experience there, and what Jordan reports here may not apply to all.

As I mentioned in that earlier Kp blog post, I do feel it is very important to not judge any one or any organization. Even if the data shows that they may have “turned against disclosure” in one way or another. Hold ’em in the Light, baby!


Published on Jun 6, 2019


Published on Jun 6, 2019

Contact in the Desert VIDEO 1-7-19… “Erich Von Daniken: Origins, Mysteries, & Gods”

This was a very fascinating (for me, at least) short video where EvD speaks about his evolution into the UFO arena. Felt others would enjoy. Erich Von Daniken is a major pioneer in connecting images from the Bible to UFOs and ETs.


Published on Jan 7, 2019
An exclusive interview with Erich Von Daniken. We discuss his personal journey into uncovering the truth behind our cosmic origins

Corey Goode FB Message 12-31-18… “What a difference a year makes”

This is from this CG FB post and his accompanying comment. He connects this with a video where DW is describing the Rothschild threats against the disclosure community. I’m not going to get into any details about this, but just post for information.

What I understand is that Corey has apparently been “banned” from classic disclosure events like Conscious Life Expo (in LA, in Feb.) (I could not find DW listed either) and Contact in the Desert (Indian Wells, in June) (DW is listed here). I’m not going to speculate on all the stuff that is going on here, as for myself, it is irrelevant to my purpose here. I am not into dramas of any kind.

In the end (my view), “disclosure” is an inside job. And one does not need to attend any disclosure “event” to experience disclosure. Follow the Higher Inner Guidance and you’ll be where you need to be.

“Some of us have been Blacklisted and Censored by some of the very people that were disgusted by the first round of attacks. This all is VERY disappointing, however…

“In this time of 4th density energies affecting our consciousness, NONE of us can hide our true natures any longer. It is causing everyone to reveal what they are behind the masks of public opinion.

“The truth of who everyone really is on the inside is coming out and shining a light in the dark places that we have ignored for far too long. ALL evolution occurs through stress.”


CG FaceBook post (and related comment)

What a difference a year makes. This has led to the current Censorship & Blacklisting by ‘leaders’ in our community to control the narrative. May 2019 shine more truth on this Community. CG: https://youtu.be/W6-GP44L7qA

That interview was about the first round of character and brand assassination attempts over a year ago. What a difference a year makes! Some of us have been Blacklisted and Censored by some of the very people that were disgusted by the first round of attacks. This all is VERY disappointing, however… In this time of 4th density energies affecting our consciousness, NONE of us can hide our true natures any longer. It is causing everyone to reveal what they are behind the masks of public opinion. This is a curse and a gift as we are disappointed by those around us we thought we knew and could count on. We can now SEE them for what they really are and act accordingly. This community has needed an enema for a while now… The truth of who everyone really is on the inside is coming out and shining a light in the dark places that we have ignored for far too long. ALL evolution occurs through stress. CG

David Wilcock lecture-“Revealing The Five Alliance Groups” VIDEOS (and MP4 (and MP3) download links)

Somewhere a while back, I saw this at PrepareforChange.net. I was at the CITD 2018, but I missed this live lecture, and although I purchased the DVD of this, I was only able to get through about 75% of it, then the DVD stopped playing.

Anyway, I was glad to see someone had put this online. I do believe it is very helpful (and perhaps, “important”) to understand the full picture of the Alliance, and the different parts of it. It also may be helpful to some to understand the role of various US Presidents in disclosure, and what Donald J. Trump is doing to help bring about full disclosure.

Some may wish to download, for safe keeping, the MP4s (video) and the MP3s (audio) (which are configured for use on smartphones) from the links below the videos.







Download MP4 videos: Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5 (360p) (typical size, 65 MB)

Download MP3 audio: Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5 (typical size, 10 MB)

#CITD2018… All of Joan Wheaton’s notes (that I could find) from Contact in the Desert, 2018

Here are all the Joan Wheaton notes I could find on her FB page. She also has a couple of photo collections posts, here and here, which some may find fun to look at.

[Note: these may not be 100% complete and/or correct.]

180601 #CITD2018… David Wilcock Antarctic Atlantis Talk Joan Wheaton NOTES (“The Antarctic Atlantis: Cosmic History of the Illuminati”) (FB post link)

…this is by no means a full summary of the talk, just a good-sized smattering of highlights…

“There are massive caves under Antarctica that are so warm that you can comfortably wear just a t-shirt. There is PLENTY of land down there. Three major craft have been found in that area.

Antarctica is the final card that the cabal wants to play. By “disclosing” what is going on there they hope it will absolve them of their crimes.

There are 40 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone, says NASA.

DNA emanates from the quantum field.

99% of the dust in the galaxy is freeze-dried bacteria. It lands on planets and starts creating biology.

We are looking at a disclosure that is SO huge!

The Deep State traces back at least as far as the Egyptian Pharaohs.

The contents of the library of Alexandria are now in the Vatican. The info that we need are in these books.

99% of the worlds money is is generated by 147 companies. All of the money created by the Deep State is being used to fund the secret space program.

50% of Americans do not have enough money for food and shelter.

Those with elongated heads populated the Vatican. Some of them are still walking around. Those with elongated skulls are in the highest echelon of the Illuminati.

David was contacted by the Rosicrucians (through the Internet), by people with elongated heads, who tried to induct him into the Illuminati.

The Italian royal family have very odd-shaped heads and they don’t even try to hide this.

All the warheads in the US and USSR melted down in 1991 and that was what caused the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Illuminati believes that they arrived on this planet by crashing into Antarctica.

We need to stop being in denial; we need to stop being ostriches and hiding our heads in the sand, to do so is death.

What the Alliance is doing is so out of the box that they are trying to bring down the entire Deep State infrastructure.

There are 30,000 sealed indictments right now; normally there would be only 1,000.

QAnon has not been active since May 21 (Q posted again on June 3, after this talk occurred (my note).

The Deep State wants Antarctica to be the “weapon of mass (or last?) distraction”. They want this kind of disclosure to make them look good. The big reveal is that Antarctica is Atlantis.

Noah’s ark wasn’t a boat; it was a UFO. The story got strongly watered down!

The RA teachings were the precursor to Christianity. Over 10,000 years ago, the Law of One teachings got corrupted into a religion.

There is a spike on the moon that is 11-12 miles high.

The Solar Flash is disruptive to the physical surface of a planet.

There are 10,000 floors (levels) of space inside the Moon.

A mammalian dinosaur was discovered that is from the time of when the Moon was brought in (to our solar system).

All the moons in our solar system have water, says NASA. These moons have plenty of water for drinking, growing crops, etc.

The Law of One talks about the honeycombed Inner Earth.

The Law of One says that the inner plane entities of this planet do some materialization into 3rd density. We are being watched and helped from Inner Earth (some there are good and some are bad).

There is a pyramid on Mars that hundreds of thousands of people lived underneath of.

The Progenators lived on Mars and they were 70 feet tall. They got infested with AI nanites. They blew up the mother planet. This was the source of the asteroid belt.

The bright spots on Ceres are likely the original docking place to land ships. It would be the root of the civilization.”

180602 #CITD2018… Clifford Mahooty Joan Wheaton NOTES: “Katchina Gods: Guardians of the Sky, Inner World, Earth and All Living Things to Protect Humans – The Zuni people and the Star People Connection…” (FB post link)
Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni elder and shaman from Zuni, New Mexico…he is 74 years old…

“Katchina Gods: Guardians of the Sky, Inner World, Earth and All Living Things to Protect Humans – The Zuni people and the Star People Connection…”

“UFO’s were called ‘Upper World Priesthood’ by Native Americans.

The Zuni do rituals at every full moon. They dance to bring the rain that waters the crops (there is no irrigation in Zuni!)

Some of the Zuni gods came from the Big Dipper.

The National Parks were selected because they are portals.

A couple things that were seen by the Zuni: A dragon-like being was struck by lightning and became stuck to the side of a mountain for a few days. During a different sighting, a silver craft landed on the top of a dam. There were 6 ft. beings that came out. They said, “You people aren’t doing your prayers anymore and that is why the rains will not come.”

Clifford is of the Sun Clan.

Everything is connected through mathematics. It is an exact science.

When you start hiding things, it breaks the whole system. Zuni’s do not hide anything.

Flying saucers will cloak themselves as circular clouds.

There is a Sasquath Katchina! (see the photo with the description of ‘Katchina’).”

…photos by Joan Wheaton…

…feel free to share these Notes on your personal and group pages, websites, and blogs

180602 #CITD2018 James Gilliland Workshop Joan Wheaton NOTES: (FB post link)

…sharing highlights from my NOTES at James Gilliland’s workshop at ‘Contact in the Desert’ on Saturday, June 2, 2018…

…during this magical presentation/interaction, James’ face completely changed…he looked as though he was in his twenties…others noticed this, too…it was a multidimensional effect and it started after the higher-beings came etherically into the room at the beginning of the event…

“ECETI (James’ ranch) has a vortex; a stargate, above it, and the veil there is very thin.

The speed of thought is instantaneous. The light-ships travel at the speed of thought.

God did not create man in his image; man creates God in his own image!

“The House of Mary” had a huge following, (along with Jesus and his disciples) but almost no-one knows about it.

Laugh at the lower-beings and this dis-empowers them. Some of them break very easily this way.

The lion-beings are the protectors of the gods.

Inside the mountain near ECETI is a multidimensional base, with a civilization underneath. The Native Americans would bring their people there for healing, until the gate had to be closed due to the degradation of people’s consciousness.

It’s not that hard to disappear; all you have to do is to move slightly out of phase. You can still see everything that is going on but others can not see you!

You can leave your body as an orb, to go all around and check a place out. Orbs are all kinds of higher-dimensional beings, some animal and some human. If you see a murky red one, do a clearing. Bright red orbs are warrior spirits and are fine.

The higher-dimensionals call us “the forgotten gods” because we have forgotten who we are.

Last year at ‘Contact in the Desert’ eighty-five ships came in during a night-viewing.

Great Rock (near the old site of CITD) is where the ancients would come. A group went out there with James, and an Andromedan ship and an Inner Earth ship both came out. The group of people that came were visibly phasing in and out, and afterward, they noticed stacks of crystal on the ground that were not there before. The Inner Earth people made the crystal-stacks to show everyone that they had been outside of time during their experience.

The ET invasion is already returning and WE are it!

Mary was of ancient Lyrian descendant; she was from a very high place. She had very pure genetics.

A light-being appeared to Joseph and said, “This is a child of the light and you will rear it as your own”. Higher-dimensionals can easily create a child by manipulating DNA.

Christ’s body had to be upgraded by ET’s to carry his energy.

The Felines had a lot to do with terraforming the Earth.

The Earth is expanding and this is part of what is causing the volcanoes to erupt.

New healing technologies are just about to be released!”

…photo by Joan Wheaton…

…feel free to share these Notes on your personal and group pages, websites and blogs

#CITD2018… All of the Kp notes from Contact in the Desert, 2018

I decided to just collect all the notes I took at #CITD2018 and put them in one place, for possible future reference. I’m also going to try to find all of Joan Wheaton’s notes and put them in one place as well. So… here we go…!

[Note: these may not be 100% complete and/or correct.]

180601 #CITD2018… David Wilcock Antarctic Atlantis Talk NOTES
1990-1 All nuclear warheads melted down… US USSR
Need to stop being in denial (about the Crap)
30K indictments… all may be sprung at once.
Economic collapse may be necessary short term. Q pain = Economic collapse
Weinstein and Karan book… Foreshadowing… Weinstein will sing like song bird….
Cabal is afraid of losing control. Antarctica stuff is trump card of / for
Big reveal (cabal) is Antarctica = Atlantis.
Noah’s Arkansas = watered down story of real one.
Law of One described ancient builder race.
Antarctica = great treasure hall of the earth
Moon is great ship. Came in at time of fall of dinosaurs.
All moons shire evidence of internal geometric structures.
Law of One describes honeycomb earth… Cities under the earth surface.
Law of One was given to Humanity before science data came out.
Who lived on Mars? “The Progenitors” 70 get tall.
Tom van Flanderen exploding planet hypothesis.
Antarctic Atlantis disclosure will connect with all the other planetary disclosures.

180601 #CITD2018… David Wilcock SSP Panel Discussion Notes
John D’Souza… Left FBI prior to (because of) James Comey being brought in.
Mike Bara… Holy Crap all sorts of stuff about the moon and lunar landings.
Book… “Hidden Agenda”. Orion mission landed on April 20… Hitler’s birthday.
Ken Johnson discussed how he got unredacted photos from NASA.
Linda Moulton Howe… Described how Neil Armstrong was changed emotionally after
he saw massive silver discs (presumably SSP) on the surface of moon. And could
never speak about it. The SSP is responsible for schizophrenia in this culture.
Michael Salla… Talked about tunnels from Europe to South America to
Antarctica. Paperclip Nazis tried to allow down any US higher tech programs.

Emery Smith… Described typical day of work. How he went from learning
standard medical procedures then go to a non visible clandestine job.
Underground travel, etc. Types of samples he worked on.

180602 #CITD2018 David Wilcock-Emery Smith talk…
(this was really a discussion between DW and ES)

Cosmic payoff coming SOON…
ES: More insiders coming out.
ES now in lawsuit trying to save his company… Health benefiting…
Very likely though that he will win his case.
Emery shows up in 2009.
Talks about some of his history. Thought he’d be autopsy of soldiers… but soon
found out it was more.
Facilities go siren few hundred feet.
3000 specimens in about 40 months.
After first year got unusual looking samples.
Occasionally would be tested by “fake” samples = QC.
Samples of cartilage that would last 3000 years.
DW: ES coming forward is a game changer.
After ES coming out 50 new medical technologies have come out
ES had “folder”… = small flex film. IPhone size. Does everything.
Pineal glands that light would shoot out from. Injured some operators. Almond
shape. Mirror. Like Concave mirror…
ES would do the organ selection (harvesting) then send for detailed analysis.
DW… Disclosures come out in 12-17. DeLonge balloon, ‘Oumuamua..Controlled
ES… Under some pyramids are large cities.below Vatican is huge artifacts library.
Tunes full of books… Some 10 get tall!!
DW… Recall rings of Saturn had structures for 70 foot tall beings.
QANON started around 12-17 disclosure deal.
Trump as self financed.
QANON posts stopped 5-22… Indicates we are right on the verge of something big.
Then… Podesta shows up on first episode of Ancient Aliens.
Trump teaser about space fierce in May… And then “going to Mars”.
Trump and space disclosure.
9 days later 5-10… Q and “sky event”. Next photo was of Singapore hotel with
ship on top.
Economic collapse precedes cabal takedown.
30000 indictments during Q period.
Weinstein, Karan (whistle bower) book, Weinstein will blow whistle on cabal
operatives…and P gate.

180602 #CITD2018… Corey Goode talk NOTES
Navy… Torsion fields drives for submarines that would be able to fly into space
Currently all that’s been buried in consciousness is coming up to be exposed.
Reptilians chose STS path.
Avians choose STO path.
Personal sovereignty. NOT doormat…

180603 #CITD2018 David Wilcock afternoon panel NOTES
Michael Tellinger… Realized stones he was walking on were actually bones of
ancient beings.
Paul Stonehill… (originally from Ukraine) Soviet Russia had UFO USO research
program. Keep eye on Matua island in Kiril islands. Despite appearances, US and
Russia are working together in space programs.
Daniel Sheehan… Involved with Watergate investigation. Howard Hughes was hired
to get team to kill Castro. That same team ended up killing JFK. (Holy Crap
there’s so much info he’s giving that I can’t keep up!!)
Nasseim Haramein… The Universe is fundamentally holographic in nature. One
part contains information of all other parts. We are at edge of bursting into
the Galactic community.
Michael Salla… Antarctica. There were the Nazis and then the German nationals.
The latter did not want to give higher tech to Nazis. They are ones who went to
the Americans. West Antarctica is heating up via volcanoes becoming more active.
Massive melt there is going to lead to pole shift (Einstein predicted this would
cause pole shift). The Hot spot in Hawaii is also heating up.
Emery Smith… Was asked about his knowledge about Antarctica. There are lava
tubes between South America and Antarctica. Melting of ice caps will bring
major disclosure. Had experience with smart suits. Reverse engineered alien
technology. Very thin. Can jump 70 feet high, fall from 6 stories and live. Uses
CAT= Consciousness Assisted Technology. Connects to one’s consciousness.
Antigravity tech being added.
Michael Tellinger…Allow this information to integrate. Getting out of the
slavery systems is much easier than we think. Can’t solve the problems using the
tools of the old system. Change from competition to collaboration. “One small
town can change the world “.
Paul Stonehill… Now cooperation between Russia and the world. 1982 giant UFO
over Ukraine turned off all Soviet missiles aimed at US.
Daniel Sheehan…30000 sealed indictments. Totally unaware of that number. It’s
BS. All national security orgs. are trying to get him out. We will need to
disassemble national security state. “Citizen diplomacy” instead. Northern
industrial alliance set up by GHWB at end of Cold War. To control the world.
Nasseim Haramein.. Silent revolution for new energy is happening, but also at
highest levels of industry. Moving away from petro oil systems. It’s coming.
Understand it and support it.
Michael Salla… Full disclosure is more than new tech etc. But also there will
be truths emerging about what’s been done to get humanity that will be “not so
positive looking”. We’ll need to deal with the shock. Conflicting inoperatives.
Need to remember truth and forgiveness. Full disclosure is intimately tired to
the Ascension process.
Emery Smith… Was asked about his own personal contacts with ETs … They look
just like us with small differences. They have a deep compassion for us. They
must release this new tech in a measured process, We need to stop chopping each
other’s heads off. Have thanks to Nasseim Haramein for help with new tech he has.

180604 #CITD2018 David Wilcock Emery Smith intensive
ES… Had tonnes of information but no one to communicate with. Davis was first
one he could talk with and get support. Companies trying to squelch him because
don’t want healing technologies coming out. Said so in court.
The fact hes being attacked means he has significant information.
Will eventually be brought to a Galactic court to explain their actions.
DW… Trump and space force statements…Others don’t want Elon Muck set all
out there because all the stuff going on it there that would be unveiled.
ES… We are the super heroes of Universe. That’s why other brings want or DNA.
Communication with ETs is telepathically from heat Chakra. Back up ones message
with emotion.
75% ETs he’s been with look just like us. Generally skin tone is whiter.
The are multiple dimensional “you” that operates at same time.
Dark blue spots on Peru / Himalayan / Tibetan / Zuni children 7-12 that
disappears. Cliff Mahooty confirms. Mongolian birth marks.
DW surmised could be recessive trait left over from ETS DNA.
ES… Hillary HATES the space force idea.
DW… Obama was groomed. He wanted to promote disclosure. But got coopted by
Bush Sr. etc. Obama arrest was possible back in 2015. But if that were to ever
happen it would be so he could tell his story.
Trump asked by generals to run. While Illuminati deal was laid out for him.
David insiders say Alliance is now in control of executive level of government.
ES… Worked on portal technology. (David sites a whoa!!). His experience with
portals of all kinds. Some of the technology is NOT perfected. His team died.
Portal jump… Max six people at time. No metal taken. Over very quickly. Square
door 12×12. Crane about 3 ft. 12″ thick. Gray.High voltage. Very quick and
clear walk through. Lasts 20-30 minutes. But in return several hours have passed.
Big room 3 stories high. 60 for radius others can’t go into. Can feel electro
static charge as approach it.
Never encountered other beings. Except those on his team. Scientists and others.
Nylon cotton fabric suit. Black. Backpacks etc, have special coating on them so
electronics not affected.
Spoke with earlier astronauts and they were never briefed on what they would
see on moon.
In portal transit must “walk the line” precisely. Otherwise can get burned and
have to return. ES carried 2 purple back through portal while walking the line.
One side effect for ES… Pressure headaches
Always probes are sent through many times before a human goes.
Did six Portal missions.
Facilities he worked in were segmented so segments could be isolated and
potentially “cleaned” of contaminants and or people.
Plastic bottle detector for ET entry pressure change. They Bing a bit of their
pen atmosphere with them when they portal through.
DW…Time seems to heal itself.
ES… Some of what he heard was that time travelers would come back be fine for
a year and then die. Crafts are taken into play and future. Rendleaham was some
of us coming back in time to warn us.
Stargate systems he knows about. Are built on megslithic structures pyramids
etc. One is in the huge Bimini pyramids.
Certain electro portals are near craft.
Since ES came out that many people scientists coming forward with other ETS
specimens to test.
ES bases in the moon and in the moon. Die political “safe meetings”. Is
underground facility in DC. Used by POTUS. Also lunar base used for POTUS.
Already 64 types of space stations in 1963. Often use cloned workers.
Amazing portal technology exists. He’s experience them. Coming through walls.
Shadow brings. Can dial in their density.
ES was supposed to be on shuttle mission that blew up over Texas. But got called
back due to budget cuts.

Kp Radio Hawaii 6-9-18… “What ‘happened’ at CITD and what was ‘Triggered’”

Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2018/06/09/kp-radio-hawaii-6-9-18-what-happened-at-citd-and-what-was-triggered-1

Talked about (among other things):

  • Short description of CITD journey. Travel on interstate.
  • Initial energy impact was much lighter than last year. Vibrations were raised from last year.
  • First night met Cliff Mahooty, Emery Smith, James Gilliland, Mike Bara. Later, Jordan Sather, Jimmy Church, David Wilcock.
  • CITD Triggered… The Q post. New Booms…
  • Emery and David talked about in an off the cuff presentation. Portals, ET beings that were analyzed.
  • Very important to not limit oneself to this being all of disclosure.
  • Other events, “craft viewing” CE-5, James Gilliland.
  • In the end, disclosure is very personal… does not have involve seeing moving ships, lights.
  • “Calling in craft” is artificial (my view).
  • My own personal experience with light show in Joshua Tree park. Light was moving in my field of view. Some kind of recoding (of DNA?) going on. New codes being received. I asked for validation. Got it.
  • Next morning, saw cloud craft with the sunrise.
  • One days later was into Hollywood. Perhaps to “electrify” Hollywood, Illuminating Hollywood.
  • Driving to LAX airport was from a place of peace and acceptance of the “craziness” of the driving scenario.
  • Gratitude to all who joined in on this journey, in their own way.

Audio player

(note: if a commercial comes on at the beginning, just click ahead about 30 sec. to 1 minute.)

MP3 download link:


[Pre-show notes: “A few things were triggered, and a few things actually happened… and more about the journey.”]

YouAreFreeTV 5-31-18 video link (about CITD) and the comment I left on it…

This video, with YouAreFreeTV girl and Patty Greer, was pretty outspoken about the “horrors” of Contact in the Desert, and I was kind of amazed by this. So I made a pretty long comment which I wanted to share.


Kp Comment left at YouAreFreeTV 5-31-18 video (https://youtu.be/a-9RO_-1q7s) (comment left on 6-3-18, early AM)

Some of what you both have presented here about CITD may perhaps be valid but much I feel is very distorted, and there are a lot of labels being thrown around about the event that I have NOT found to be valid, from my experience.

I attended CITD last year (and now, this year) because I felt DRAWN to go. A deep “pulling off my Spirit to go. I felt I was going there to help clear something or other. And that was done. However, I found it VERY important to stay in my own sovereignty during the event and FOLLOW MY OWN INNER GUIDANCE. I could not stay for everything and see everyone. And I did not. I was NOT there to worship anyone. And I did not.

You were talking about the heat. Which was very intense. But those who were meant to be there dealt with it.

This year it is being held at a local resort in mostly air conditioned facility. So the heat is not an issue. And the energy, from my experience, has been much elevated.

Just as facing the darkness of what the Illuminati has been doing must be faced and cleared. Same as with the SSP and so called “space wars”. Bring the darkness to the Light.

To go to ANY event, I feel one must go with their own INNER sovereignty fully on.

I never felt targeted at CITD… Never.

I did not go just to “meet the disclosure stars”. I went with a mission. I was there to help clear the darkness that might have been there. Many were there for the same reason. And it was done.

Follow one’s INNER GUIDANCE whether to go or not. That’s what each must do.

Yes there’s a fair amount of “Un-grounded woo woo” people there. So that may need to be ignored.

Bottom line, I’ve not felt anything like what you’ve described in this. I am responsible for my own experience(s) at CITD. And my experience was positive and helped me to grow in consciousness.

Aloha Kp

Kp Message 5-27-18… “These ‘Events’ are more than what they seem”

As of Wednesday, I’ll be leaving for an “event”… the Contact in the Desert event. I am going because I have felt “drawn” to go. Why was I “drawn” to go there? I have no idea.

These things always unveil themselves as the timeline flows. I am not here to “figure out” what the reasons are for attending anything, anywhere. Last year, I attended and after the first day of the event, I felt almost that I had to leave. There was a lot of dense energy about it, the heat was on over there (Joshua Tree, CA), and I felt I had other energy work to do. I was ready to leave. But I believe it was after attending a David Wilcock lecture (“Fall of the Cabal”, or something like that) that it hit that I was to remain for the entire deal. In the end, I felt that one of the main reasons I was there was to somehow “support” David, and the message(s) he was conveying. It was the first time I had ever experienced a David Wilcock presentation.

This year may or may not be similar. The external heat will be lower, as it’s inside this year. But overall, as before, I will take one moment at a time. I’m not there for the unimaginably large collection of “New Age”, disclosure, SSP, UFO, scientific, woo-woo type people who will be there… I’m not there for the fancy hotel/resort they’re having it in… I’m not there for anything including “parties, dinners, vendors, UFO viewings, etc., etc.” (except maybe for the River Moon Fade to Black coffee). Basically, as I mentioned before, I am not there for any particular one thing. I’m just there to BE.

Anyway, I have no idea what will occur there, or be unveiled there, or anything.

But I do know one thing… one moment at a time, I will follow the Guidance, I will have fun!

Aloha, Kp