December 2, 2018 Session with Loie and a, Discussion about "The Domain" (part 1)

This started as an inquiry into “the domain” mentioned by the purported “Majestic 12”  twitter account…  (I am not completely sure what that account is about yet)

November 28, 2018

Terran: Can you ask Stan X what is the group known as “The Domain”?

Stan X: DEAR ONE/TERRAN. THE “DOMAIN” IS NOT KNOWN OUT OF “REGULAR CIRCLES”. DATA COLLECTORS. STAN.X. END.Terran: What does that mean?Terran: Do they have no record of it?Terran: Is it known by another name?

December 2, 2018

Terran to Denuce: Got more data now

Terran: Rings is a clue

Denice: What data?

Terran: We covered it

Denice: Ok

Denice: Contan popped in 2x today. Just now as I was working the car drop off. Got the word “reconciliation”.

Terran: Loie mentioned that too

It later became apparent the “circles” mentioned by Stan were a reference to the circular horizontal star gates used by the purported “the domain”.

Andromedan’s are quite fond of riddles. Sometimes I don’t get them until later. American English is quite a bit more literal than its British counterpart.

December 2, 2018

Denice: hi!

Denice: when I read Heather’s response, I feel lots flowing. . .and jumbled and . . .(wow)

Denice: lots of data that might feel uncomfortable?

Denice: the circle/ring/perpetual motion device feels like a control mechanism. . .a final frequency modulator?

Terran: also a final “story line” of creation of humanity

Denice: could be

Denice: it feels very ‘distant’… cold, deep space…

Denice: not here. . . .

Denice: not sure how else to describe it

Denice: I get an image of black space, with  a floating ship. . .tiny ‘stars’ in the distance.

Denice: vacant

Terran: There’s “rings” on earth too

Terran: Both Skye and I got a link to a very green verdant world.

Denice: I am getting that in some form or another you helped to create it

Denice: It is neither good nor bad. . .in earth terms

Terran: Why does that not surprise me?

Denice: a failsafe?

Denice: 🙂

Terran: Knew this was getting my attention for a reason.

Denice: I don’t feel it is something we can ‘dissolve’. . .

Denice:or remove. ..

Denice: see it, feel it, and let it go?

Denice: not sure if that makes sense

Denice: and I also am getting a teeny, tiny lucifer reference

Denice: like a child’s toy. . .

Denice: no power. . .just an action figure

Denice: again, neither good nor bad. . .just a toy

Denice: no power. . .just an action figure

Denice: again, neither good nor bad… just a toy

Terran: action toy?

Terran: the [AA] suit?

Denice: no. ..

Denice: the lucifer ‘toy’ is in reference to “the domain”

Denice: if that makes sense…

Terran note: I did not understand the reference to “toy” or “action character”.  I asked Denice about this yesterday but she was unable to recall the context so its remains a mystery for the moment other than the “toy Lucifer” reference coinciding with the purported  group known as “The Domain”.  The reference may have meaning later so i am leaving it in. 

When Denice is transmitting information it is often not retained after it is received and sent to me. 

Denice: And not in the sense of Good or Evil, but in the sense of Complex creation

Denice: lucifer is an earth thing… domain… all encompassing? [my sense is it may be just the opposite]

Denice: And not in the sense of Good or Evil, but in the sense of Complex creation

Terran: … I have *context of [the] Lucifer [story] now, and how [redacted] took over it [the Arch Angel “suit”].
Terran: Its been uncreated [to prevent any further misuse of the AA suit]

Denice: yes… lucifer is not the point, actually… just a miniscule comparison

Denice: the ‘domain’ may be so much more?

Denice: because it crosses dimensions/dynamics and perceived borders?

Denice: feels very mechanical

Terran: Feels to me to have been created by the 11 and later used by others

Denice: very, very very mechanical

Denice: like a lock?

Denice: if that makes sense?

Terran: likely frequency locks

Denice: yes

Terran: limited realms

Terran: limited use

Denice: yes

Denice: the last and final piece to the puzzle? the failsafe?

Terran: It might not be all that important.  but there is a perception of creation there that feels way off

Terran: Amazing how much was hidden

Terran: There are moments I get so frustrated by all the lies, but an illusion is [by nature] a lie.   And we all chose to live in an illusion… and many still want to live in an illusion.

Terran: So who’s to judge [another]… cause we are all living in it!

Denice: fail-safe

/?f?l ??s?f/
adjective: failsafe


causing a piece of machinery or other mechanism to revert to a safe condition in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.
“a forklift with a fail-safe device”

Denice: yes!

Denice: as H said, “justice, but not judgement”

Denice: feeeeeeeeeling that the ‘domain’ is the failsafe device…

Denice: should this ‘construct’ break down… the domain keeps it going?

Denice: my take

Terran: failsafe for what?  I thought the star gate essences were the fail safe…

Denice: oooooooh!

Terran: So fail safe to keep it going?

Terran: or take it down

Denice: does the domain keep it going until a percentage of humans/beings are capable/ready for what is coming?

Denice: like cruise control?

Terran: Could have been their perception. Middle managers?

Terran: Meter readers?

Denice: feels to me like very, very, very outside of anything that anyone here is aware of

Denice: unknown until now perhaps?

Denice: earthsphere is a complex creation

Denice: multidynamic and more

Terran: Have you noticed whenever we get close to a “touchy” subject the internet goes off line?

Denice: yes 🙂

Terran: I can’t talk to you [via internet or SMS] but I can talk to anyone else

Denice: 🙂

Terran: Who the f… is doing that?

Terran: NSA?

Denice: oh, how funny! I was on my cell last night with my sister and I heard someone dialing.

Denice: it was like a party line. . do you remember those?

Terran: Oh yeah! We had one when I was little. Sometimes then neighbors would listen in

Denice: I was sooo wishing I could know the numbers. . .

Denice: 😉

Denice: She could not hear it

Denice: and when I told her she said, We are not that important… why would the NSA or the FBI interrupt our calls

Denice: (lol)

Terran: I remember when i was a teenager whenever I was presented with certain topics i’d just fall asleep.  implants triggered?

Denice: could be!

Denice: what do you make of H’s response?


Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Denice: It feels to me that we are blocking data?

Denice: you and me?

Terran: Its a warning to those who withhold information (and Stan might not have any to offer!)

Denice: I feel he does not

Terran: …I think its general in reference. 

Terran: Also an admonition to me to look inwards. 

Denice: I feel it is within you?

Denice: perhaps?

Denice: not intentionally withheld

Denice: but you have access?

Terran: Yes that’s why I wanted to connect with Loie to walk through it.

Denice: ok

Denice: ready for that?

Terran: Yes if it [the Internet] doesn’t go down again. [Someone didn’t want me talking to Loie]

Denice: ?

Loie: Bill, love. I am here. Always.  And you feel me. All ways?  Loie.

Loie:  Know that I am with you. Now.  These moments of incongruity are not unexpected.

Loie: There are many paths and detours as we all create the new. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes Loie. I thought we’d uncovered most of the rabbit holes but this is a biggy.

Loie: Love. This is no ‘rabbit hole’. This is a moment of reconciliation. Of seeing ALL THAT IS. Of holding and letting go. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: Yes.

Loie: Bill, Dear. Ready for a frequency? New and fresh? And from deep within you? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love. You are more than you know. Loie.

Terran: I know little of me…

Loie: Sending now. Loie.

Loie: Deep, deep breaths, love! Loie.

Terran: I’m seeing a white square flag faded red border (almost pink) a big faded red “O” and a faded red scratch like red mark thru the middle that makes it look like a “Q”

Loie: Go deeper, dear. This is the outskirts. The details do not make sense, yet. But go deeper within. Loie.

Loie: I am with you, love. Here is a blast.  Loie.

Loie: Feel me?

Terran: Can you boost

Loie: Boosting. Amplifying. Now. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a snowy red sandstone cliff vertical like the monastery in Lhasa Tibet but feels like America or maybe Antarctica. Getting a Utah vibe.

Okay will go deeper

Loie: Bill, love. This is external.  Go deeper. And within. No landscapes or borders. Only pure energy within. Loie.

Terran: I see water on reddish stone

Loie: Bill. Love.  No forms where you are going.  Formlessness. Ready?  Boosting now. Loie.

Loie: Love, you will not ‘see’.  Only ‘feel’.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: I only get squiggles

Loie: Bill, I am with you.  Feel this? Loie.

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting. Amplifying, love.  Loie.

Loie: Love, you gave form to the universe.  Release that now.  Loie.

Terran: How?

Loie: Breathe love.  Release all thoughts. All perceptions.  All desires.  Just breathe, dear.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: There’s a slight panicky feel similar to what I felt before the Atlantis 2 work

Loie: Love. I am with you. Feel me?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Love is all around you now.

Loie: Relax into the flow of all that is.

Loie: You are perfect. Always. All ways.

Loie: Any perceptions and thoughts you hold of not ‘making the cut’ do not do justice to you now. Loie.

Terran: Thank you. Those are religious programs

Loie: Bill, dear.  I share this.  Everything that each one created. All creations. Are unified.

Loie: It matters not who created what.  Or who took over another’s creation. Or how those creations caused reactions within creation.

Loie: Do you feel me?

Terran: Yes I get your drift

Loie: Love, ALL of this began as an experimental game. Loie.

Loie: No one is to blame. It is all perfect.  And perfectly done, love! Loie

Loie: And yes, we all feel the ‘extended’ version of this experience is causing a ‘feeling’ of wariness and fatigue.

Loie: This is where we all feel the unknown together. As a unified field of creation, love. Loie.

Loie: Ready for a pulse, dear? Loie.

Terran: Yes

Terran: I just get blue sky and green grass

Terran: Kind of like the windows XP wallpaper

Loie: Oh, love! You are perfect! I am with you now and always.  Frequencies flowing continuously now. Loie.

Terran: Feeling pulses right to left thru my body

Terran: They are pulses

Loie: Yes, love!  There is ‘no thing’ to see.  Only to feel.  Always! Loie.

Loie: When you feel the completeness of these pulses, send them out to All. Loie.

Loie: Bill, love.  I am with you. Loie.

Terran: Feel a growing sense of well being emerging from my chest it’s welling up

Loie: Oh, love! Perfect!  When you are full, share it with all! Loie.

Terran: Pulses now coming up legs from feet

Terran: Feeling it in my shoulders and slight headache which means usually time to send it on to all

Terran: Sending

Denice: catch you tomorrow?

Terran: ?

December 3, 2018

Denice:Morning!  How are you?

Denice: Cells phones seem to be better now.  Whatever was going on was affecting three phones with two different providers (facepalm)  [The interruptions of Denice’s cell phone service are beyond ridiculous now]

Terran: I had this strange dream about dragons combining their frequency with mine. I ate Dragon eggs.

Terran: I wasn’t too keen on the idea but it seemed an offer by them to help [I don’t understand the symbolism it may be a reference to the draco  leaving reptilian forms and taking on human forms which many of them are in the process of doing. ]

Terran: And I have this feeling I’ve had this dream or a variant of it before a few days ago

Terran: Remembered I also had a conversation with Cobra in the dream.


* Terran note: as I have covered in past articles the purported Archangels were “suits” the 11 could operate as inter-dimensional vehicles.   Any of one the 11 could wear any one of the suits.  Some preferred certain suits over another.  AA Michael was the warrior/protector suit, AA Gabriel the announcement/protector suit, etc.   I am not certain of how many suits were created,  and in any case they are a bit anachronistic now.  

The AA suits were an allusion to create the illusion/perception of a “spiritual hierarchy”. There is in truth no hierarchy within Source, It was part of the “WHAT IF” experiment exploring what separation from Source would be like within an sand box of an illusion.  An important element of that illusion of separation was the illusion of hierarchy. 

The AA suits had no independent sentience apart from the essences that “drove them”.  If no essence was present they were literally inanimate. They were  a kind of costume that could be put on an removed at will. 

The Lucifer suit was a unique.  It was the only suit capable of storing data and energy (much like crystals) and interfacing with various stores of records much like a computer terminal. It was made of pure light.  The Lucifer suit was unique in that it was both a “suit” and data access point to the inviolate creation records among other records, like the Akashic (which were found to be corrupted in 2013). The creation records had three levels of encryption until 2015, the one who played the “darkest role” did not have access to the creation records (a failsafe).  He did manage to get a hold of the creation templates from the dinosaur epoch, which were modified and enhanced to create the Draco for the Galactic wars. By 2015 this particular had “flipped” from his old ways (dark to light) and was actively assisting the planetary changes.    

The Lucifer Suit was commandeered by one of the 11 creators sometime prior to the Jesus timeline to store dark thought forms and as an object of worship by his “dark minions” in a polarized energy harvesting scheme.  

This accounts for the dual nature of the historical record of Lucifer as a being both a being of light and also a synonym for darkness.  Within Christianity Lucifer became alias for “Satan”.  Lucifer is not mentioned at all in the Old Testament.  

The same being who created organized external entity worship religions created the dark magic systems and both were set in a fear dynamic of each other (sometimes killing each other).  This being also had  several Draco inbodyments known as “Say-tan”, “Beelzebub”, “Mephistopheles”, and “Meeshak” all of which are no longer in existence.  They have been returned to Source as their inbodyments were self-foreclosed in the new energies.

Lucifer was not so much an inbodyment (nor alive) but rather  a kind of vehicle and data port.   It’s a bit like identifying someone by their car and smart phone. It served for the “dark one” as an identity misdirection and a data store. It was originally intended for use in creation.    

Those who worship these entities are worshiping beings no longer in existence and can no longer assist them.  Some literally worshipped a suit hanging in a wardrobe. 

Lucifer was turned off in December 2015, but later data revealed in 2017 to have been reactivated and  moved to a new Chinese underground bunker and was found idling on an energy platform, at which point it was permanently UNCREATED. It can no longer be abused.