If it doesn’t work, stop doing it!

This includes supporting non-profit organizations that have failed to achieve their goals . . .  for decades!

By AL Whitney © copyround 2017
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The American Heart Association (AHA) has been around since 1924. They claim they have done research that has saved millions of lives. This is a questionable claim however as they are now promoting ideas that are sacrificing millions of lives. They promote the myth that high cholesterol is the cause of cardiovascular disease and dangerous statin drugs need to be ingested to control it.  See: How statin drugs really lower cholesterol and kill you one cell at a time by Hannah Yoseph, MD. This falsehood has even been incorporated into most cardiac rehabilitation programs across the country.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has been around since 1913 and according to leading cancer expert, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, cancer rates have increased dramatically while the organization continues to promote radiating breasts with mammograms and sickening patients with toxic unsuccessful chemotherapy. He exposed this corrupt organization in his book National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest. See: National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society skewered in new book by leading cancer expert

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) was established in 1982. Their stated goals were to improve the safety of vaccines and secure informed consent protections in the United States. Neither goal has been achieved after 35 years of effort. In fact, in 2017 there are more dangerous vaccines being inflicted on the unsuspecting and uninformed population than ever before and drug stores are now vaccinating an unwary public while intentionally withholding information about vaccine side effects and adverse reactions – information they readily have at their finger tips.

Do these three failures have anything in common? Are non-profits neglecting to target the real culprit? Are they serving the purpose of controlled opposition?

The answer is YES to all three questions!

Big Pharma is the common enemy that is sickening us all!

Big pharmaceutical corporations control the agency – the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – supposedly founded to insure our food is not contaminated and our medications are safe and effective. In fact, the entire medical industrial complex profits from illness and has been designed to insure their profits increase due to the ever rising rates of sickness in America. Journalist Jon Rappaport explained how horrific our healthcare system really is: The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose

Yet, neither the AHA, the ACS nor the NVIC targets Big Pharma as the greatest threat to our health. In all three cases – heart disease, cancer and communicable diseases – Big Pharma representatives sit on the advisory boards that establish national policies. Nor do these non-profits target the FDA as the “captured” entity it truly is; they only politely admit there are “conflicts of interests”.

Also, the last thing anyone should do is to support any “health freedom” non-profit. How can we achieve freedom to be healthy when government watchdogs are committed to protecting Big Pharma profiteers and shutting down many of the remedies that would safely cure our ails? We don’t need health freedom. We need a toxic industry that is profiting by making us sick to be brought down to its knees.

Make a difference without joining an organization or donating a dime!

For those who wish to help protect themselves and their children from this pharmaceutical assault on humanity, a better strategy needs to surface. Stop supporting or promoting ineffective non-profit organizations. Instead we can all target our common enemy. For a small investment (printing out handouts or sending out emails) you can expose our common enemy and warn the public (including doctors and lawyers) of this horrific hazard to our health.  Some of the most reputable physicians and researchers are put forth on a two page handout to make the case against Big Pharma. It is titled Big Pharma Exposed. The honorable men and women cited deserve to be recognized and collectively will be hard to ignore.


Here is the Big Pharma Exposed handout

Follow the money continues to be the best way to understand who is behind most ills that plague our nation today.