Corona Virus Doesn’t Add Up

By Anna Von Reitz

Masks don’t work on viruses, generally speaking.  There are some very special masks that do work, but they are extremely expensive and hard to come by and have to be replaced every few hours. The supplies that do exist are needed for the researchers and medical professionals, So forget about masks. 

Instead, take the idea of hand washing to a new level and learn to not only wash hands but safeguard your hands and nasal passages by applying dilute essential oil like a body oil to your hands and swab around the edge of your nostrils. 

Remembering that essential oils are very powerful and need to be diluted at least 1:10, add a few drops of traditional spice oil, such as cloves or cinnamon, or eucalyptus or tea tree or oregano essential oil, to a gentle carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil or avocado oil.  This will kill bacteria and viruses, both, and provide a lasting layer of protection for hours afterward. 

So– put on a “liquid mask” and forget the operating theater look. 

The epidemiology results coming off this outbreak are weird.  By far, the majority (95%) of cases are mild — like the common cold.  About 5% of all cases develop severe pneumonia-like symptoms and may require oxygen and other intervention.  The overall death rate is pegging in at about 2%, with small children and the elderly taking the worst of it. 

So — objectively, nothing about this amounts to an “emergency” meriting quarantine.  To put things in perspective — we have had zero deaths from Corona virus, and in a bad year, plain old flu takes out 70,000 people across America.  

It’s looking more and more like Jon Rappoport is right — again, that this is just another Big Lie and furor designed to bilk investors in so-called “Pandemic Bonds” and dupe and entertain the public with fear-mongering.  The question then becomes — what are they trying to hide? 

Well, the USA, Inc. just missed a payment deadline.  The theft of Falcone’s money is rising to the top again.  More holes are appearing in the excuses that the Administrative Courts have been using to attack Americans.  Numerous huge court settlements are ripe for enforcement.  The Dems have a vested interest in using any means possible to tank the Trump economy.  The issues surrounding the quote-unquote Legacy Trusts are coming forward.  And Americans are waking up by the bucket load.  

If I were in Washington, DC, right now, I’d “be afraid, be very afraid” but not of the Corona virus. 


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