COVID-19 Agenda? – Brave Citizens Speaking Up, Standing Up and Investigating

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Kansas nurses refuse to give COVID-19 vaccines

Department chief Lindsay Payer and her staffers have opted out of giving the injections because they have doubts about the safety of the Moderna vaccine, which the county is offering, local TV station WIBW reported.

Payer told WIBW that her employees made up their own minds and “not without considerable thought.” The county will hire at least one outside nurse, who will be paid with COVID-19 funds.

“I will tell you we will have to contract staff…because my staff is not comfortable with that. It’s a new technology. We’ve never seen it before. It was only studied in 45 people before it was approved…,” Payer said.

“It’s somewhat discomforting to a nurse who has to put that in people’s bodies.”


Nurse in Broward County, Florida says there will be a planned COVID crisis next week.

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UK Hospitals Quiet, New Phone Booths Outside to call the Hospital – Louise Hamptons Video

Louise Hampton is a real life reporter and truth seeker in the United Kingdom (UK)
Today she visits a UK Hospital and finds it closed up at Accident and emergency and new phone booth type boxes outside to call them!~No hand sanitizer, no protection, just new box.