A couple of 1-25-19 videos illustrating how some msm outlets are starting to fall apart…

Q 1794: “Re: MSM… Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”… That may be what’s going on here.

These two examples give some indication of how the MSM agenda is falling apart (perhaps slowly, but at least it’s happening), one step at a time. They’re doing it to themselves. Several msm media outlets have been laying off employees. We’ll see what happens.

And please note that I do not necessarily align with all the language in either of these, but at least they’re illustrating how “blowback” (aka, “karma”) is occurring with the msm-ers.

Some may also wish to check out the beginning of x22Report video which illustrates some possible reasons why “Covington” may have been “targeted”.



This x22Report video (at the beginning) also sheds some light on why the “Covington” name may be what’s being “targeted”, and how it is related to an “anti-Trump” theme.