Review: Open Your Mind Change – A Guidebook to The Great Awakening

6 Stars – Mind-Altering Book for Good of Humanity I wrote the Foreword, which you can read at the book’s original post (it is also offered free online at the author’s website but I have ordered the hard copy as a collector’s item and recommend you do as well). Martin Geddes, whom I have interviewed …

Joachim Hagopian: Print Edition of Pedophilia & Empire Book 1 Now on Sale

The Print Edition in Five Volumes Each volume is 8.5 x 11 full page size, with the footnotes displayed on the pages rather than as endnotes. Each book has its own index. This is a PhD-level reference work highly relevant to the campaign to take down  the Deep State and the Satanists, Pedophiles, & Secret …

Review: Ben Garrison’s Big Book of Editorial Cartoons

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Ben Garrison

6 Stars — A Most Extraordinary Collection of Culturally Important Cartoons — Unabashedly Pro-Faith, Pro-Family — A Patriotic Celebration of Sanity

This was a LIMITED EDITION of 1,000 copies, copy #001 of which has gone to President Trump.

There are TEN COPIES left at $200 each, I will say that in my view these books are $500 collector items and Ben is underpricing them.  Contact Ben Garrison using the Contact Form if you want to buy one of the ten copies remaining.

This book is PRICELESS.  As I went through it in growing wonder my first thought was that we need a national Ben Garrison Museum with large size prints so that one could walk through the book in  lifesize form.

I read a lot and have appreciated many political cartoonists over the years,  but there is no one, anywhere, that can compare to Ben Garrison, not only in terms of trenchant cultural and economic and political commentary in cartoon form, but in terms of his patriotic pro-faith pro-family stance.

If the extreme left and the Deep State and the Zionists and Satanists are everything that is evil in this world, then Ben Garrison and his hero Donald Trump are the epitomy of everything that is good in  this world.

Praise the Lord and pass the cartoons — this is a KILLER book!

At Amazon Today [Collectibles, Oldest Worth Hundreds]:

2016: The 2016 Presidential Election Collection

2018: Lock Them Up! A Ben Garrison Cartoon Collection

2019: Orange Man Good! Cartoons from President Trump’s  First Term

Worth a Look: Local is Our Future – Steps to an Economics of Happiness

From a renowned pioneer of the anti-globalization movement, a primer on working towards a localized world

From disappearing livelihoods to financial instability, from climate chaos to an epidemic of depression, we face crises on a number of seemingly unrelated fronts.  This well-referenced book traces the common roots of these problems in a globalized economy that is incompatible with life on a finite planet. But Local is Our Future does more than just describe the problem: it describes the policy shifts and grassroots steps – many of them already underway around the world – that can move us towards the local and, thereby, towards a better world.

REVIEW: The Divide – American Injustice in the Ago of the Wealth Gap by Matt Taibbi

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Six Stars — Sickening Detailed Account of Trillion Dollar Crimes by Bankers Ignored While Black and Latino Workers are Beaten Daily for Profit at the Bottom of the Injustice Pyramid

Review by Robert David Steele

I read this book on my way to and from Dimensions of Disclosure where I delivered a speech on “If I Were President” and I have to say, if I were President, Matt Taibbi would be one of the people I would truth to tell me the truth about injustice across America at the hands of the “law.” Death by cop is now the 6th leading cause of death among young men in America.

This book made me sick to my stomach and very angry because I know that the Attorney General of the United States of America — today William Barr — does not give a shit about all this, and is doing nothing to assure justice — a fundamental contractual element between the citizens who formed the government and the government that is supposed to serve  the citizens.

My first note about this book: legalized plutocracy at the top, police state at the bottom — the system is NOT FAIR.

In that regard, I must give a shout-out to the Hon. Dr. Cynthia McKinney, six-term Member of Congress and my dearest colleague in relation to the #UNRIG project, who has told me on more than one occasion as we did 3,000 miles in the #UNRIG RV, “Robert, know you know what it is like to be black with no rights.” Indeed she has often said that all the bad stuff now being done to whites was practiced on blacks first and the failure of whites to stand up for blacks is now playing out as the inevitable consequence.

The author has done a compelling job of both demonstrating personal street work and direct ground truth observation and interviews — and research deepening his book, for example, there are more people in prison in the USA today than the Soviet Union ever had in its gulags, or were ever slaves before the Civil War.

Interestingly, because my other hero on  this front is Sidney Powell, who has documented how the federal government lied so deeply that ever person representing the government should have lost their license to practice law, the author observes that the Arthur Anderson and Enron debacles were so deep that they led the Department of Justice to literally give up on prosecuting the rich or major firms.  Too big to fail is actually too rich to chase, the federal government no longer represents the public interest, and has converted crimes meriting lifetimes in jail to civil suits where money buys impunity.

Eric Holder, an Obama appointee, is the original architect of the policy that gave the wealthy a free pass. By converting major financial and corporate crimes to a civil instead of  a criminal process, Holder made fines part of the cost of doing business, and incentivized bigger broader crimes. The individual executives got the message: they were immune from jail time or personal accountability. Since 2008 not a single high-ranking executive from any financial institution has gone to jail.

In passing the author documents a specific case in which short sellers with hundreds of millions on the line can destroy companies with impunity, with false reports, intimidation and deception and other crimes, simply to ensure their bad judgement pays off.

Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury obstructed justice on multiple occasions.

At the bottom, the Department of Homeland Security runs its own court system — like the Center for Disease Control and its court system that protects pharmaceutical corporations while denying justice to all those killed and sterilized and injured by vaccines, the “justices” that abuse immigrants are not Article III justices.  They are like a private mercenary court that can abuse people with impunity. The author describes many atrocities in this sysem that are far more numerous and destructive across millions of people than the lying that Sidney Powell describes in her book.

I was and remain deeply troubled by the conversion of social services at the state level into a fascist mafia that demands that those asking for aid give up all their rights, and that has converted social services from a sympathetic last resort to a goon squad that can abuse any needy person with impunity.

Impunity is a word that sticks in my mind.  The “system” is not only rigged for the rich, it is OUT OF CONTROL for the poor and the middle class, and I keep coming back to the idea  that Donald Trump is never going to clean this mess up, it needs a shit kicker willing to put 1,000 policemen and 1,000 “social workers’ in jail. At a minimum I believe we need to remove all judicial proceedings from the unqualified OUT OF CONTROL DHS and CDC systems, and massively clean up while also expand our Article III courts and rid our Courts of Vatican and Zionist and CIA compromise.

A MAJOR part of this must be the elimination of all police arrests based on the mission creep that essentially allows the police to arrest anyone for literally standing on the sidewalk at midnight with no one present.  The alleged crime is “obstructing pedestrian traffic.” I do not make this shit up.  Bill DeBlasio and Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Guliani should all be investigated, tried, and convicted for all these abuses of the public in the aggregate and never again allowed to serve in public office. They have led the way — along with Zionist training that teaches our police to treat us as “cockroaches,” and budget-building exercises that demand that “crimes” be identified even as crime has gone down year after year, so our poorly paid police can work overtime and earn a living wage.

On the one hand, the courts have made it easy for police to brutalize people and get away with it because individual police records are restricted and lawyers are not allowed to obtain a history of the individual police brutality suspect.

On the other hand, our police are clearly underpaid and badly trained, which is to say, they are no longer trained to do community policing and take a bullet for a citizen, but rather to do predatory pervasive drag-nets that haul in people in grotesque violation of the 4th amendment, without any probable cause what-so-ever, and then blackmail those individuals into giving up their rights or go to jail pending trial. Civil asset forfeiture is another consequence of underfunded policing and inattentive or compromised judges.

I learn about “ghosts,” undercover police who are everywhere and call in uniformed police to make arrests based on what are more often than not completely erroneous assumptions that ruin people lives because, like Bill Clinton’s blow job, “they can.”

Last but not least, there is gold in this book for the Trump campaign.  Despite Obama’s many crimes on the open borders front, including flying in  tens of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian illegal immigrants, he evidently also oversaw the growth of the most brutal anti-immigrant gestapo in the history of humanity. I give the author Matt Taibbi, who is inherent left of center, huge credit for documenting the fact that compared to Donald Trump, Barack Obama is Idi Amin and Trump is at worst Nelson Mandela.

For the context see these two reviews:

Review: Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

Review: The Fruits of Graft

For specifics on federal cheating when they do go after big organizations:

Review: Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice by Sidney Powell (Trump Revolution Book 41) with Mike Flynn As Current Victim of Unethical Prosecutors

For the ethical solution that only a voting public can demand:

Review: The Conservative Sensibility by George F. Will – Handbook for an American Renaissance

To achieve that solution:

#UNRIG Shout-Out to President Donald Trump

This is without question a six-star book because it goes to the heart of what it means to live in the land of the free (allegedly). The author makes it clear that in the USA, justice is not fair — the rich get to steal trillions and destroy HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS lives (e.g. with interest and currency rate manipulation, exploding individual clients with impunity) – while the poor get beaten, fined, jailed, and repeat, simply for being so poor that the police can abuse them with impunity.

We are not America  the Beautiful. We are America the Beast.  Time to fix this.


John Whitehead: The American Gulag — Police State, Predatory Mental Illness Lies, Disarming Veterans…

Review: The Trigger – The Lie That Changed the World – Who Really Did It and Why

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5 Stars – Three Books in One — 9/11 Disclosure; Zionist Threat in Detail; and Role of Satanic Pedophilia as a Control Element

I cannot do this book justice in the way of a summary review as I did his most recent other book but as someone who has also published on 9/11 and taken a strong interest in the Zionist threat to the USA specifically and the world generally, I can certainly recommend this book most strongly after having gone through every page but not read every word.

At one level this is the most detailed book I have found that covers not just 9/11, but a variety of false flag operations and false narratives including the Oklahoma bombing and Waco. The criminality by the FBI and the Department of Justice that is detailed in this book could be used to bring indictments against a hundred or more serving or retired officers.

At a second level this is the most detailed book OTHER THAN the books by Kevin MacDonald, of how the Zionist threat to humanity actually grew and became the blob that ate the world.

At a third level this book does a good job but not as detailed a job on how the Zionists and the Deep State of which they are a part use pedophilia and blackmail as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) inclusive of  torture (to get adrenochrome into the child’s blood before drinking it), blood drinking, and fetus and organ feasting.

The book is, if anything, too long at 897 pages, and its index is not as complete as it should be.  The author also missed most of the authoritative commentators on  9/11 that I included in my own volume, but in his favor, he has vastly more detail than our summary book for President Donald Trump, and a great deal of detail that I myself was NOT familiar with.

David Icke may be the single greatest truth-teller on the planet.  Certainly he is the most prolific, and I urge readers to visit my links below, in my 40-page summary review of his last book at 741 pages, I finish by linking to all of his books and videos.  If the Zionists are Goliath, this is one David that can take them down and should not be underestimated.

My regard for his mind and his patriotic commitment to the truth at any cost is deep and permanent.

See Especially:

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 17: Israel Did It

Review: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke

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48 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism)

Review: Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice by Sidney Powell (Trump Revolution Book 41) with Mike Flynn As Current Victim of Unethical Prosecutors

Review: The Source Field Investigations – The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies, by David Wilcock

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David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Dutton, 2011)

6 Star – Authentic, Compelling, Sensible Documentation and Explanation of Cosmic Consciousness, Energy, & Stellar Civilizations

Reviewed by Robert David Steele

This is the big picture connect the dots master work and it manages to avoid a focus on stellar civilizations per se while documenting the inter-actions of energy, consciousness, time, and space, within which matter (and seeing through matter), free energy, remote viewing, and stellar civilization in various forms, all make sense.

At a minimum — five stars just for this — the book is an extraordinary survey of the literature (including the here-to-fore completely ignored Russian scientific literature where the government has been much more engaged toward constructive ends for the public than in the USA).

At best — and easily carrying the book over into a 6 star rating (top 10% across 3,000 non-fiction books I have reviewed) — this book is the key to our blessed future; a most balanced presentation that is authentic and compelling.  The author is brilliant in combining findings of fact with questions of possibility.

I was fortunate to become a friend of Alvin  Toffler’s after TASC Corporation introduced him to my work, funded his appearance at OSS ’93, and he then chose to write a chapter around me, “The Future of the Spy.” This author — David Wilcock — reminds me of Alvin Toffler in his gifted integration of various specific people and their experiments or experiences, so as to create a superb narrative of cosmic — no pun intended — proportions.

The examples he has researched and brought together are extraordinary and to me represent painstaking and thus meritorious attention to detail.

This is the bridge book between the consciousness and energy communities, and the extraterrestial and unidentified flying object communities (there are also unidentified submersible objects).

The author makes excellent use of “odds” in suggesting the relative credibility of particular findings or supposition. The book’s greatest strength is that it builds toward a cosmic — stellar civilization — triumph of love and good in such a meticulous and thoughtful manner that by the time the skeptical reader reaches the final chapter, they are totally open minded and ready to consider the cosmic possibilities.

The author is sensitive to hoaxes. The saddest aspect of this book is its documentation of how easily — how unethically — Western science has allowed itself to be censored, diverted, and mis-directed.

The author is particularly compelling in discussing how there exists a biological information transfer capability — including teleportation — that is almost instantaneous (beyond light speed) and that includes all living beings — networks of plants, animals, humans, and one imagines — members of other stellar civilizations living among us.

The ending soars. We can return to the Garden of Eden, slow time down, and be happy and prosperous at peace.  The author speculates that America was created for a special purpose and in the aftermath of the 2012 passage anticipated by the Mayans, could not come into its own as a force for good. Elsewhere he writes that insiders have told him that President Donald Trump is committed to full dislosure, the most important aspect of which is free energy (free energy makes possible unlimited desalinated and decontaminated water and changes everything for the five billion poorest).

Where the author and I meet is with respect to the pathological impact of secrecy.  Secrecy has destroyed prosperity and prevented peace.  Secrecy has empowered the 1% over the 99%.  Full disclosure is how We the People return to the Garden of Eden and defeat the Satanic forces that have been looting the Earth and treating all of us as vermin to be exterminated at will.

I make a note at the end to connect with the Princeton Global Consciousness Center.

See the free online article below for additional perspective on why this book and this topic matter now as the 1% strives to start a nuclear war with Iran. It includes links to other key works including David Icke’s monumental work for which I have produced a 40 page summary.

SPECIAL: Robert Steele in Tehran Times on Full Disclosure (Extraterrestials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?) UPDATE: Front Page Print Edition, Info to President Trump

Robert Steele @Amazon: Summary Review with Links Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke (Trump Revolution Book 41)

Amazon Kindle Page

This is a summary review of a 741 page book that is so very important, so comprehensive, that I feel compelled to go far past my normal 4-6 page review and offer the enlightened and skeptical readers a 40 page summary with quotes and links.

My INTENT is to inspire purchase of the book even if only to browse multiple chapters. David Icke has produced a master work. The index alone is an education. I am the author of this review and have previously published it free online at, my personal blog. I have given myself permission to republish this as a Kindle for the convenience of those who love Kindle.

There are three kinds of holistic thinking: secular, ecological, and cosmic. With the exception of David Icke I know of no one, anywhere, who actually thinks holistically at all three levels (I fall short at the cosmic level).

While this book is a monster to read at 741 pages, it is most ably put together with eighteen chapters that I will summarize individually, each chapter liberally illustrated with graphics from his epic personal appearances that are now intellectual and spiritual “rock star” events. If the Pope worshiping Satan on Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of evil, then David Icke saying “We are One – BE the God Particle” is the cosmic “absolute good” and alternative to the evil represented by the Zionists, the Vatican, and the varied secret societies who thrive on chaos, on war, on human suffering and human trafficking, on fear & hate energy.

I think so very much of this man and his mind that I am adding to the end of this review links for each of his prior books and major DVDs. This one book is a capstone work and the one book to read if you read only one, but a case could be made for working one’s way through the entire collection, notably The Perception Deception, Children of the Matrix, and Truth Vibrations. At the end of this review I also list three books in addition to this one that “blew my mind open,” and multiple books on the nemesis, information pathologies.

Please do not make the mistake of treating this long summary as a substitute for reading the book. I write summary reviews for myself, as memory aids, and in this instance decided to write a summary review ten times longer than usual precisely because there is ten times more useful information in this book than in any conventional book. This book is a life-changing transformative capstone work.

I usually over my Kindles at 99 cents (of which our non-profit receives 35 cents) but because I devoted two weeks of my life to first reading the book and then creating the summary that was revised many times, I have decided to charge $2.99, the minimum allowed for a 70% donation to the non-profit. As with other Kindles in the Trump Revolution Series, this contribution is intended to AWAKEN all who wish toward the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

In August will be giving a plenary speech at the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura California, the title of my speech is “What Would a Full Disclosure Government Look Like?” In October I am delivering a speech for a very forward-thinking group intimately familiar with US Government secret programs, with the title of “Full Disclosure: What Has Breen Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?

This book by David Icke is one of perhaps five books that have blown my mind in the aftermath of being a spy for the CIA and a military intelligence officer and senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. It is easily the most detailed and comprehensive. If you want to buy one book that has everything being hidden from you, but Icke’s book. My summary review is a a bridge to that much larger and greater work.