Kp Radio Hawaii 2-20-20… “Completing Cycles… Current Missions”

[Kp note: using a new mic/headset so hope it all sounds okay.]

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Now the show is “Kp Radio Turtle Island”.
  • Many seem to be going through similar experiences.
  • Closing old cycle, completing certain things that need completion (check out the Lori Ladd video (related Kp blog post).
  • We’re here to complete things here in 3D while we’re moving up through the Ascension process.
  • First time I’ve had to live with my Dad since in high school. Learning process.
  • Current “Mission” with Dad is to love him as he is, as a human being.
  • We’re in a period of PROgression, not a REgression.
  • Important part of BEingness is to “Follow the Guidance”… Higher Inner Guidance.
  • Connect with people via what we have “in common”, with a “nose up” attitude (non-judgmental).
  • Planet is completing what it needs to complete right now.
  • We’re doing this together.
  • BE in sovereignty with one’s Higher Self (E Ala E).

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[Pre-show notes: “What’s happening to many in the Light Worker field. It’s a completion of cycles.”]