A Couple of 9-30-19 VIDEOS about Ukraine and the Bidens and Trump (and how the Ukraine / Trump situation is “a pre-planned attack on the President”)

I placed the “fun” one first (from Campus Reform) and the more detailed and in depth one second (from Dan Bongino). The Bongino video goes into several details about the “Ukraine attempted take down of DJT” and pulls several articles that point to it being “a pre-planned attack on the President”.

What a show… The only caveat I’ll place here is that both these videos (like many others) put emphasis on the “liberal = bad, conservative = good” paradigm, in which I do not take part. But the information I found very unveiling.


Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret recently asked college students in Miami if it was corrupt for a politician’s son to profit on the board of a foreign business. They all agreed… before finding out that politician was Joe Biden. Watch the full video to see their responses.


In this episode, I address the exploding impeachment garbage brewing on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the liberal media. I expose the troubling secrets their hiding in what’s obviously a pre-planned attack on the President.

Show notes and links:

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Dan Bongino 1-4-19… “The Unhinged Democrats”

First of all, I know that many with the D label are not in the “unhinged” category. But it shows how “The Trump Effect” is on full display when it comes to the Ds, who have never had to deal with such a person. This video has one section (approx. 34-52 minutes) where he addressed the “craziness” going on in reactions to Trump, primarily by some of the Democrat congress people, and how their “unhinged-ness” could eventually lead to a stronger D party and stronger country.

I don’t necessarily agree with all of his statements, but this portion struck a couple chords in me. Particularly relevant in that we are all being “bombarded” by the Higher Frequency Cosmic Energies that are incoming right now. Many I have seen are going into the “craziness” mode, and we are all subject to this. And we can all learn and release and grow through this.



SGTReport 11-25-18… “[D5] Nothing Can Stop What is Coming”

He also gives a shout out to Dan Bongino and his presentation (video link; Kp blog link) as well as a TracyBeanz interview with Florida Congressional candidate Tim Canova.

[Kp note: as the Dan Bongino video has gone rather viral, and is mentioned and praised highly by SGTReport, I have downloaded the video and saved as a) 360px MP4 video, b) MP3 audio (feel free to click and/or download).]


Published on Nov 25, 2018

Dan Bongino 11-15-18… “Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History”

This was presented at the David Horowitz Freedom Center Restoration Weekend 2018 (link) (and the exact date would fall in the range of Nov. 15-18). Found this via NeonRevolt Gab post. NR wrote:

VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO. Bongino lays out a detailed (and very entertaining) timeline regarding the illegal FISA spying on Trump.

Dan Bongino “is a conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent” (WikiPedia ref.), and has authored a boook (mentioned in the video), Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump.

I found myself drawn into listening to this, and found it a very unveiling description of how Donald Trump was targeted pre-election (2016) and how the Steel dossier was actually created in 2007, how the FISA court was used as a weapon, etc. Great video, in my view.