David Wilcock & Dannion Brinkley 12-12-20 LIVE: “UFO Disclosure Prophecies Coming True!” (and a couple items regarding the ‘election’)

Just tuned in to this. I believe it started at 4 PM EST.

I’ll likely add notes to this later, but here are a couple.
– Trump was asked to not do disclosure yet… “Wait until things ‘calm down’.”
– When enough people wake up, the laws of physics will change.


Join David and Dannion on 12/12 as we examine stunning UFO disclosure prophecies that are coming true now! Recent intel has surfaced suggesting that a plan for disclosure is already being moved upon, and was called off by the “Galactic Federation” since humanity was not quite yet ready. We apparently need to calm down and rest before we get the truth! This has staggering implications. We will also explore already-existing prophecies that reveal critical new insights into what is happening right now. Don’t miss it!