Worth a Look: Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigation

Press Release: Berkeley Law Center Creates First Global Protocol On Using Social Media As Evidence For War Crimes PDF (104 Pages): Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations Phi Beta Iota: If you want to be a drunk under the streetlamp looking for keys far far away, this is the best manual available. It is …

Steven Aftergood: CIA Closes Down OSINT, Commission Objects

Steven Aftergood

Improved Access to Open Source Intelligence Urged

Congress should require the Director of National Intelligence to make open source intelligence more widely available, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission recommended in its latest annual report.

Last June, the former OpenSource.gov web portal was “decommissioned.” Its contents were transferred to classified or restricted networks that are mostly inaccessible to those outside the intelligence community.

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ROBERT STEELE: CIA OSINT has always been a joke — closing down public access, like classifying our national security strategy, is a simple defense mechanism against ridicule. The US military is not doing any better — the $400M BAE contract with the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) tells me all I need to know about the fragmentation of DoD OSINT, still a budget-building rather than a sense-making exercise. No one in the USG — with the possible exception of President Donald Trump — actually wants  to get it right.  Everyone thrives on war as a racket, and war as a racket is possible in large part because our “thinkers” lack intelligence, integrity, and imagination.


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Google Has a Creepy Secret Page That Tracks Your (Online and Offline) Shopping History

(Dagny Taggart) Google is very interested in your shopping habits – so much that the tech giant is collecting and saving your purchase history. The company has been quietly keeping track of your online (and sometimes, offline) purchases for years, according to a recent report from CNBC.

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