#Q #QAnon post #3929 (and a WWG1WGA Video)… “Q does not set specific dates”

Just saw this video, and as some may have seen in this Kp blog post which included Q Post #3929 in it, well, “setting dates” is not “a deal” with the Q posts.

So here’s a WWG1WGA video that goes into this, and below that is the Q post 3929 itself.

Use discernment and enjoy the show.


Published 4-10-20

Stop falling for this obvious Psy-op… Step one, begin pushing a date about a month in the future as THE DAY where “everything happens all at once” Then once that date comes (Which was not set by Q) Step two: Use it to disparage people and distract from all the real progress that has been going down constantly. There have been more major arrests in the past 3 years than in the past 30. Trump has gotten more done as President than our last 5 combined, so nothing but good vibes here!

Q Post #3929
Apr 10 2020 11:42:54 (EST)
False expectations [& push] based on ‘speculation’ will only weaponize those who attack us [MSM].
Why does [MSM] expend resources [daily] attempting to discredit?
Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: specific dates?
Logical thinking.
FISA INDICTMENTS = START (public_justice)
Future proves past [events unlock].
Think CEO departures.
Think FBI departures.
Think DOJ departures.

Think State departures.
Think WH departures.
Think DIA departures.
Think Pentagon departures.
Think Senate departures.
Think House departures.
Think Amb departures.
Think IG departures.
Think Judge install.
Think SC install.
Think WH install.
Think FBI install.
Think C_A install.
Think DOJ install.
Think US ATT install.
Game theory.
If you look you can see.