Rubin Report 5-16-18… “Larry Elder: Trump’s Support from Black Men Suddenly Doubled…” (and proof that Donald Trump is not “racist”) (plus a contrast video about filmmaker Spike Lee)

This first one comes from a full length interview of Larry Elder by Dave Rubin. Mr. Elder points out, by reviewing the data, how there is absolutely no way the term “racist” applies to Donald Trump. Contrast his measured speech with that of filmmaker Spike Lee in the second video, an interview with Diamond and Silk on Fox News. It almost appears that something very very dark is emanating from Mr. Lee as he swears and rants against Trump.

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Laurence Allen “Larry” Elder is an American radio commentator, radio host and author with books like “The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America”. In this clip he talks about how Donald Trump’s support from black men suddenly doubled as a reaction that started with Kanye West’s tweets.