What a blast!! David Harris Jr. 7-25-20… “They tried to kick us off the plane!” (or, “No mask for David!”)

This was a “blast” of fresh air from David Harris, Jr. He points out that under HIPAA regulations one can claim a medical reason for not wearing a mask, and that the medical condition need not be disclosed to the service provider, in this case, the airline.

I found a link or two about this (here’s one) but there has to be more. I’m not willing to look into all of it now.

Bottom line, follow that Higher Inner Guidance. maybe David’s example will work for others.


I don’t know about you… but I believe this whole mask business is bs!

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Three Videos that Illuminate… from iPOT, the McFiles, and David Harris, Jr. (8-13-19, 8-14-19, 8-15-19)

These three videos each had something that “rung the bell” (for myself), and I felt should be shared on the blog. My comment(s) are above each video.

A Tale of 3 Houses – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 8.14.19… iPOT (8-14-19)
iPOT goes into detail about the history and connections of Dr. Michael Baden, the “independent autopsy expert” brought in to observe the Epstein autopsy… pretty amazing the connections to infamous autopsies he was involved in!


Epstein, Philly and More!… David Harris, Jr. (8-15-19)
The first part of this “rung a bell” about how people of all outlooks are “waking up”, due to what is happening around the Epstein affair. I just paid attention to the first few minutes.


America, Gematria, President Trump, Faith and MORE With “LT” And We Know!… The McFiles Network (8-13-19)
This is an interview of LT (of And We Know) where he talks about how he got into making videos of the SB2 decodes, and how his entire family is involved with it.