David Nino Rodriguez interviews Juan O Savin 8-19-21 VIDEO… “The Tide is Turning”

This was pointed out in a few places, and I tried to find it on David’s YouTube page, but it wasn’t there. Anyway, finally found this mirrored version on Bitchute. I’m not sure if this is from today (8-20-21) or yesterday, but many may have interest in this.

I’m listening to this now, so if anything pops out, I’ll add it in later.

Michael Jaco mentioned this video (and summarized it) in a video he put our today.


A Few “Informational” VIDEOs from today… David Rodriguez, Michael Jaco, Digital Warrior Productions, and Santa Surfing

These are a whole bunch that I’ve run across today. I enjoyed the flowing conversation between DNR and Michael Jaco (caveat, an f word or two comes through!) (first video), lots of data there.

A key point early on in the second video, is they show how celebrities and others were supposedly “approving” the swine flu vaccine (in commercials for the vaccine), without their consent.



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Juan O Savin interview with David Nino Rodriguez 3-11-21 VIDEO… “Kid By The Side of the Road”

Image links to YouTube video. Here is the Bitchute video link.

DNR goes through several things with JoS that struck him strongly from his reading of “Kid By The Side of the Road“. For myself, after about 23 minutes quite a bit of new items showed themselves.

I also found it quite fascinating how the fall of Babylon parallels what is going on right now (at around 36:13).


Bitchute video link

RDS 3-10-21 VIDEO… “World Boxing Champion David Rodriguez and Former Spy Robert David Steele: What Next?”

This goes along with the last post. I’m posting for added information. I’ve not yet listened to this one. But I’ve heard enough to know that these two feel very positive about the future of the planet.

Thanks to JMP for this link (and I don’t know if “3-10-21” is the actual date of the video.

Link to RDS article

David Nino Rodriguez 3-10-21 VIDEO… “Disagreements In Military” (“It’ll be either choice A or C)

This is a short video, where he mentions his conversations with Robert David Steele and Juan O Savin about what may be happening. Honestly, I’m not really all that “aligned” with him and his boxing, and all that, but his video just popped out at me as something to possibly pay some note to. He has spoken with Charlie Ward and others about various topics.

On a Higher Level, I feel that my current job is to remain “Light Centered” at this time, no matter what may or may not happen.


A: put Trump back in immediately; B: they (opposing military) don’t listen to reason; C: new elections

Round Table Update Discussion 2-5-21, with Juan O Savin, Ann Vandersteel, David Nino Rodriguez and Charlie Ward

Excellent roundtable with all those mentioned in the title. There’s notes on this, plus one other, video, here. I’ll place the text of that below the video.

Now, one point about this Bitchute video… I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get the Bitchute link to play smoothly, but I had MANY problems with it, so… I found a way to download the video and upload to a storage location. Anyone having challenges playing it may use this link to view the video (it’s 100 MB size).

Download link

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Notes, from Operation Disclosure:

Fri. morning 5 Feb. Charlie Ward Roundtable: https://drcharlieward.com/join-the-round-table-2/

Juan O’Savin: A list of close confidants to Trump were arriving at Mar a largo this weekend. It was obvious that B*iden was on a stage other than the Oval office. The courts and Congress have failed in their duty to protect the Constitution so the Military has taken control with a mandate to install a lawful Republic. This illusion was all going down in a few hours. We have air craft carriers off both coasts. What you are hearing and seeing are very different from what is really going on. You are hearing tidbits. We have hard and overwhelming evidence that Trump decisively won the 2020 Election by over 80%. The Military has the responsibility to insure that the Constitution was enforced. The US Inc. was bankrupt. The false claims against corporations and Wall Street assets get off our back. Trump brought back the troops because this was where the fight was. We could get a Cuban Missile Crisis moment to awaken the people.

Charlie Ward: As of Mon. 1 Feb. the QFS was in place and as of last Sun. 31 Jan. the fiat SWIFT system was no more. What the Stock Market was doing in manipulation of the Market has been stopped. The Democratic Party has been overcome by the Chinese Communist Party. As of Jan. 20 12:01am EST a legitimate Military was in charge. That declaration of Martial Law was sent to the Mainstream Media and they refused to air it and thus committed treason. That was the end of MSM. Journalists who don’t stick to the narrative were threatened. The power was with the Military, not with B*iden or H*arris. The Inauguration was not real. Trump verified with the Supreme Court that if there was any foreign interference with the 2020 Election it would be declared void. The US Inc. is bankrupt and that is verified. On Nov. 3 Trump did the EO that verified NESARA. We were now in the 120 days to March 3 transitioning from a bankrupt corporation going back to the 1776 Constitution.

They have recovered a lot of bodies and body parts beneath the White House.

Nino: The White House looks like a prison. Arrests are already happening. B*iden appears to be at Castle Rock Studios in Hollywood. They were allowing B*iden to pretend to be president so the public could be red pilled.

Fri. morning 5 Feb. Charlie Ward confirmed from people on the ground that the Military have rescued children found in rooms and tunnels constructed underneath the White House. Black vans have picked the children up for medical treatment and de briefing.

People on the ground also spotted a lot of body bags going into the area. They evidently discovered a lot of bodies. Trump did not know about this and was not allowed in certain areas. Trump stated, “If I were president, no one would stop me from going in to see, but I do not know the circumstances.”

It was suspected that the tunnels ran for at least 200 miles.

“Illumination VIDEO” 3 of 3… “Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Nino Rodriguez & Tiana Islam, Discuss ‘the inauguration’ & What’s really going on”

This one really “Rumbled up” some points about ‘the inauguration’, and I very much enjoyed listening to it as I prepared (and eventually, ate and relished) my evening meal!

Very, very, very encouraging message here, and the kind I will continue to post. Have fun with this one!!


Rumble — Charlie Ward

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