David Wilcock 5-13-21 VIDEO… “Interplanetary Climate Change 2021 — Evidence of Solar Flash?” (and MP3 & MP4 downloads)

I found this to be a very helpful and timely video from David. Particularly I’d suggest watching the first 30-40 minutes for general “breaking news” information. And another important part was at around 55 minutes, where he discusses the “dangers of vaccinated people” issue, and demonstrates that this whole “stay away from the vaxxed” issue is very much overblown (as I’ve mentioned a few times, “Let’s stay away from the “fear porn” scenarios, please”).

For those who wish, I’ve downloaded the video as:

MP4 VIDIO (299 MB; 360p)


Tarot by Janine 5-11-21… “Truth Behind David Wilcock and his Intel about Bill Gates Switching Sides! (Facts Or Fiction?)”

Related to DW’s recent livestream (related Kp blog post), I thought this one was a fascinating look at DW (and BG), and where she sees from the cards that DW is indeed a “good guy”, but BG is apparently doing the switch to the “good side” because he’s being pressed into it, meaning, he’s seen the “writing on the wall”.


Check out Tarot by Janine’s new video where she does a reading looking into David Wilcock and his recent intel where he claims Bill Gates has switched sides! Can David Wilcock be trusted? What are his intentions? Is it true about Bill Gates and does his recent claim of divorcing is this a signal? Join in!

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David Wilcock 4-25-21 VIDEO… “Pyramid UFOs Officially Confirmed — What Are They? And Why Now?”

Very much attuned with this as I watched it, live, yesterday. I have saved video as MP4 (500 MB) (https://tinyurl.com/ynb2cpmc) and audio as MP3 (102 MB) (https://tinyurl.com/29m5b468).

Here are my notes, including approximate times (hr:min):

  • Open disclosure is coming (limited, however), via Sen. Ted Cruz, for one.
  • 0:55 Right around the corner, are “disruptions”. DW recommends x22report.
  • Significant “negatives” events are being thwarted constantly.

  • Von Braun (via Carol Rosen) stated last card for cabal is “fake alien invasion”
  • 1:10 ET disclosures are visible already.
  • 1:20 2-21-21 Pentagon admits to testing UFO wreckage (e.g., metal with “memory”).
  • 1:25 Antigravity occurs in nature.
  • 1:30 12-20 DJT put through $2.3 trillion for CV relief, which includes requirement that 180 days to disclose all.
  • 1:50 Ascension is happening NOW. (only need 51% STO (service to others))
  • 2:05 It’s about to get “crazy”… soon. Suggest having ONE MONTH’s supplies.
  • TR3B appears to be “blimp”.
  • 2:10 Stealth blimp program = triangle… put four of these together and get tetrahedron = pyramid. DW mentions Santa Surfing video re: these craft over Pentagon
  • 2:15 Timeline starting from Dec., 2018, where cabal felt deeply threatened.
  • 2:23 2009 was hovering “triangle” UFO over Kremlin, at same time as Obama supposed to announce existence of UFOs, where the deep state made the “Norway spiral” = black hole. Obama threatened to be taken in AF1 into that black hole and never seen again.



NOTE: severe echo for the first 2-3 minutes, which they correct.

DNI Ratcliffe announced that the “Big D” — official Disclosure — is going live as of June 1st, with a variety of confirmed new intel.
Even if this is a disappointment in the first round, it still represents an absolutely monumental change in everything we thought we knew about reality.
Shortly after this announcement, the media began producing saturation coverage of a film of pyramid-shaped UFOs, confirming their authenticity.
What in the world is going on here? Who is piloting these UFOs? Are they extraterrestrial in nature… or part of a secret project? There are so many unknowns. Are there things we are not seeing?
If these pyramid UFOs are a threat, then we may have a BigProblem(TM).
I know. I know.
David Wilcock will reveal never-before-seen information suggesting the true nature of the UFOs — and why this information might be emerging now.
Given that this story is about to impact everyone’s life whether they are following it or not, David’s new analysis is a must-see!

David Wilcock 4-25-21… “SPECIAL UPDATE AND NEW 3-PART LIVESTREAM SERIES… “Your Inner Hero’s Journey & The Cycles of History”

[Remember to use this link to access text of all posts, at any time, even if the blog is “down”: https://tinyurl.com/36a5nej8]

This is likely to be very interesting. The live stream should be available on DW’s YouTube page.


Your Inner Hero’s Journey & The Cycles of History

Join David Wilcock for an Exclusive ‘Galactic Update’ (including thoughts on current global events) in a Brand New Livestream Series

– Replays available with Sign Up –


Sunday April 25th at 3 PM PST

Pyramid Shaped UFOs – What’s
Going on in the Skies?

What’s the mainstream media revealing about extraterrestrial intelligence? In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:

What the military-industrial complex is hiding
Never before seen inside intel about the UFOs
Extremely urgent updates all people need to know now


Sunday May 2nd at 3 PM PDT

Mystery of the Great Pyramid

Are there architectural elements in the pyramids’ design that are staggeringly impossible to reproduce? In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:

Was the Great Pyramid of Giza built 11,450 years ago?
The pyramid as a living monumental prophecy
The pyramid’s extraterrestrial origins


Sunday May 9th at 3 PM PDT

The Cycles of History & Why They Matter Today

Our lives are inextricably intertwined with cosmic cycles, having to do with the motion of celestial bodies. In this video, David Wilcock will discuss:

The new ‘planetary megacycle’
The carefully guided ‘divine script’ history follows
The coming world events & your “hero’s journey’

David Wilcock 1-27-21… “The Joan of Arc Timeline Requires a “Scare Event” [CORRECTED VERSION!]” (plus downloadable MP3 & MP4)

I know many listened to this last week, and I’d waited to post it as I had a “feeling” DW would come out with a more correctly aligned (audio and video) version. So here it is. And the length is exactly 3:33:33. See David’s notes below the video.

In case of “YouTube shutdown” of this, I’ve also downloaded video MP4 (409 MB) and audio MP3 (97 MB).


DW notes:

This is a corrected and re-uploaded version of the original livestream. Audio synchronization was repaired and new data was added in one place. The original recording happened to arrive at exactly 3:33:33? in timing, so we preserved that in the re-upload for posterity’s sake!

Events obviously did not proceed as we had anticipated. Uh-oh. Does this mean All is Lost? Are we in a global Dark Night of the Soul?

What lessons can we learn from the Joan of Arc Timeline?

David argues that the Hero’s Journey of archetypes is a galactic template of consciousness evolution.

This blueprint extends throughout history. The ponderous and seemingly impossible situation we now find ourselves in is actually quite familiar.

And… the apparent “end of the world” is only on page 85 of a 120-page screenplay!

Join David in this data-rich investigation of current events… and all the things you are no longer “allowed” to be interested in.

We will conclude with another Global Peace Meditation to help ensure that this global awakening proceeds as peacefully and effectively as possible.

Don’t miss it!

David Wilcock Tweets from 1-24-21… “Relax, have faith… we were briefed on MANY plans… This is definitely going to happen”

I saw these a couple days ago, and now am getting to posting. These are quite aligned with messages I have received (in particular this recent Kp Message) and what I’ve been observing from others. In other words, continue to “Hold the Line”, ‘Hold the Faith”, “Hold the vision”, for the unfolding of events for the liberation of this planet (here, here, here).

I’m posting the Tweets (and links) below the full texts from each.

“I will have a new video analysis in a day or two!

I would strongly encourage you to relax, have faith and understand that we were briefed on MANY plans where this sequence happens first. One source said “The only problem now is deciding which plan to agree on.”

“I deliberately have held off on commentary yet until I could gather extensive evidence to make an excellent case. That being said, we were given a great clue that we will have to wait about 30 days, tops, to see major action. 26 days to go, max, by this analysis.

“Regarding my previous messages, here is what we all want to avoid: “Since it didn’t happen the way I expected, on the day I expected, it must all be FAAAKE!”

This is definitely going to happen, folks. I have no doubt. And there is exceptional brilliance in the strategy.”





FINAL CORRECTED VERSION!… David Wilcock 1-17-21… “David Wilcock LIVE, 1/17: ‘Prophecy, Peril and Peace’”

Here is the new version of the presentation from 1-17-21 (related Kp blog post), a video now with greatly improved audio, synced properly with the visuals, and all of the content (about 50 minutes was missing). Also, additional graphics are added. I have not viewed it yet, but I’m sure it is much higher quality than the livestream (although some may miss the continual livestream buffering, I’m sure!).

[Kp note: in case this gets “removed” from YouTube, I’ve downloaded these for safe keeping. Here are links to: Audio mp3 (103 MB); Visual MP4 (590 MB; 360p)]

David’s notes are below the video.

Also, I’d suggest reading the Tweet and accompanying thread he posted on January 14.


“Are we on the verge of civilization-defining events? David integrates vast bodies of data to arrive at very compelling suggestions of a positive future.
Stay connected to David if this channel goes down, sign in here: http://dwilcock.com/
Everything we have been reporting on for the last thirteen years is coming to a head right now. If you can’t see this, you are definitely not paying attention!
In the midst of profound uncertainty, David uncovered prophetic readings from August-September 2019 that provide astonishing “time-looped” clues to our present, as well as hints of a much brighter future.
Never one to shy from controversy, David brings you a very hopeful message from an unexpected source. Don’t miss it!

The original livestream was critically damaged despite using a very low bandwidth that had worked fine in all previous tests. We lost about 50, five-zero, minutes of actual content from this.
This is the final, corrected version, with fixes to audio sync and certain additional graphics added.