Kp Message 12-29-17… “Resistance (to the coming changes) is futile (and unnecessary)”

I’m sure many will have great challenges with the coming changes. I took down the video posted recently, and I may repost it, but right now I felt it was not really helpful to the whole. However, I also know there are going to be reactions to what is going on now… from many corners of the planet.

Personally, I am not attached to what is playing out, nor how it is playing out. Many things will certainly appear to be “not nice”. Many things will appear to be “sudden and unexpected”. Many things will appear to be “completely unexplainable” (by “ordinary” means). That’s why we are getting messages from those like MegaAnon and Q. And many (I’m sure) will be “Not amused (or happy)” about seeing these things take place.

The changes are happening… like them or not. Many “nice and beloved” politicians and entertainers, and many others, will be exposed for what they have been up to behind the curtain of apparent “niceness” and “We are only doing this for the good of the people” statements.

It is time to wake up and recognize what has been happening, and who has been aligned with continuing the old paradigm NWO-tpye deals. That is ending… now. On all levels, on all dimensions. And especially it will be visible in the 3D.

I know the most difficult things in my life have occurred when I tried to resist the change that was trying to occur within me… resisting the messages… resisting releasing what needed to be released… resisting the process. At one point, eventually, in each process, I realized “Resistance is futile”… and also, “Resistance is unnecessary”.

I had to “go through” whatever I had to go through… including the “resisting”, and the results of my own “resisting”. But until I saw the “bullshit” as “bullshit”, and smelled the “bullshit” as “bullshit”, and not some illusory “niceness”, until I saw it as something I needed to release in order to move forward and upward, I stayed in that wonderful place called “Illusion”, all the while “enjoying” the wonderful aroma.

I’m not sure all the points I’m making here are making any sense, or releates to anyone but me, but no matter how this all unfolds, I’m sure we are each going to move through it, releasing what we need to release, and actually get through this massive “de-crappification” we need to go through.

At least that’s the case for me.

Aloha, Kp

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