Dear President Trump and State of State Governors

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump and State of State Governors,
It’s apparent you all need help.  And not from more charlatans. 
This is very simple. 
We have five (5) different technologies for broad spectrum removal of all Corona Viruses— and all other SARS viruses, too. 
And they all work and are proven to work. 
We can cure one individual, a houseful, a town, a city, a county, an entire state— even the entire planet. 
Our technology is completely scale-able, non-invasive, does not pollute, does not involve vaccines. 
And it’s cheap. 
What’s not to like about this? 
Our General Accord Contract is three pages long. 
It allows us to help you and all the people who are depending on you. 
Ask and you receive.  
Don’t ask…..and you get to give press conferences forever?