Dear President Trump: August 23, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump:
Why are you allowing this entire country to be consumed with nonsense?  Fire Sessions.  Fire Giuliani, too.  Keep hiring and firing until you find someone who will do the job Americans need done.

Take note of the recently published article on our website titled “The Department of Injustice” which explains the history of the DOJ and the fact that it is an Executive Branch Service —- totally under your thumb. When people see an organization that is supposedly under your control malfunctioning on a mammoth scale like this, it makes you and your Administration look incompetent.

The political media circus is costing millions of dollars and its continuation makes people think that there must be “something there” —that isn’t.  We need to see someone flat-footed and practical who just walks in and says, “It’s been months and you’ve got nothing. I am shutting this “Special Investigation” down.” 

We have methodically rolled the State of State and STATE OF STATE assets into the Federal State Trusts to protect them from Secondary Creditors, and have now rolled the Federal State Trusts back into the sovereign States.  We have also slapped agricultural liens on The Republic for the United States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) which you may or may not realize is necessary to stop the Queen from trying to play another round of the same old fraud scheme.

These actions reverse the legal presumptions being held against the States and the People and obligates the Courts and Banks to resume normal functioning — that is, presuming that people are NOT Territorial or Municipal “citizens” and that they are acting in private capacity under the Public Law of this Country. 

It also removes our assets from the playing field of “commerce” that the vermin have been using for so long as a means to defraud and control everyone.  Whether they like it or whether they don’t, that portion of our history is over. 

We strongly recommend that you de-camp and follow our earlier instructions — reclaim your birthright status and enter into the actual Public Office and act as The President of The United States of America.

The Public Office enables you to tell the Queen of England what to do, whereas the private office you are currently occupying puts you under her thumb.

We strongly suggest that you take our advice and gain control of the entire situation. 

The actual power of the Presidency is something that you are eligible to wield and we have made it possible by posting your bond with the U.S. Treasury.  Once you correct your own political status records and reclaim your own Good Name and Estate, you can enter the actual Office the innocent people of this country intended for you to occupy —- and from that lofty Office, you can do whatever needs to be done to reform the corporations and the government functions without further harassment from political lobbies.
 Get your affairs in order, take the Oath, and give the word.  You will be in position to arrest all the Bar Association Members in the US [Territorial] Congress, should you deem it expedient to do so.  Or merely show your teeth and force them to get in line.  That will also put an end to problems with the Municipal United States Government.


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