Death Cult

By Anna Von Reitz

If this is not already apparent, what we are dealing with and have been dealing with for the better part of modern history is a Death Cult, complete with cannibals, vampires, and necrophiliacs. 

The Nazi Swastika runs backward from the Sanskrit symbol for Life in the same way EVIL mirrors LIVE. 

And they try to excuse this as a necessary service to humanity, a culling of the herd.  According to people like Prince Philip, We should all go along with their agenda and their dark and petty ideas, and just stand around and let them kill more than half of the human race.  

I feel compelled to point this out because so many people continue to be confused about who these persons are and what they believe in.  They believe in death and elitism and blackmail and black magic and not much else. 

If they kill off their Priority Creditors, they think that relieves them of debt. They don’t know that blood creates debt and they are awash in it. 

Having failed to pull their planned genocide in America with their FEMA Camps, they simply decided to murder other Creditors instead— the Chinese. And they used the excuse that they were angry about Trump’s new trade deal, but they would have done it anyway.  Why? 

Because they believe in and create and revel in death, death, and more death for everyone and everything that isn’t part of their gang.  They think that once they have killed everyone else off and they have their “perfect” pure race, everything will be so peaceful and nice and homogeneous.  Everyone will look the same way, believe the same things, eat the same diet, live in the same color of skin and so on. 

They want to fight until there is nobody who is “different” left to fight. 

This nauseating tribalism has been the hallmark of their thinking for untold generations and still, there are people dumb and desperate enough to “belong” and to be “special” and “elite” that they always have new recruits to carry on. 

For those who have not heard the news, Hillary Clinton has accepted a position as Administrator of Queen’s University in Ireland, and is obviously not claiming to be a Territorial United States Citizen any longer, in an effort to avoid extradition. 

So there she will sit cutting deals and running guns for the IRA and teaching new generations of Saul Alinsky style radicals all sorts of perverted and diabolical thinking strategies designed to excuse gross criminality and avoid accountability for it all. 

When rats begin to bail, it’s a good sign that the cats have been let loose, and we may expect to see more high level fiends absenting their normal roles and hunting grounds, seeking new environs. No doubt this lead-the-stampede response from Hillary was echoed this week by the sudden departure of the IMF Director, too. 

The IMF has been “the” US Treasury since 1946.  There hasn’t been an American Treasury in this country since 1924.  Everything has been off-shored.  All the dirty work.  All the “mischief” as Justice Harlan put it during the Insular Tariff Cases, has occurred offshore and overseas, including the IMF Administration.  

So, now look around and see if you can spot any other Death Cult members skipping town? 

Keep your eyes on Slick Willy— will Hubby be joining her?  Jimmy Carter, moving to Spain to take the waters? Is Obummer going home to Kenya at last?  Stay tuned. The Exodus has just begun and it will be interesting to see all the places they scatter to, like so many weed seeds. 

Still, I can’t but feel sorry for Ireland, especially Northern Ireland, which has enough problems of its own without importing our runaway felons, too. 


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