Dr. Steve Hurley 2-26-20… “Trump Approval SOARS to 52% as MASSIVE Number of Dems LEAVE the Democrat Party!!!”

The information in this one is pretty indicative of how Q states “THE WORLD IS WITNESSING THE TRUE IDENTITY OF THE D PARTY”, as well as “witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD” (Q search link).

Go to 8:22 to hear about the experience of a lifelong Demopcrat party member / supporter who went to a Trump rally to see for herself what it was about.

One note… I have always considered myself as an “independent”, as far as voting goes, and I still am. I do not align with any ideas that one “label” is better than another “label” (e.g., conservative v. liberal, R vs. D). As far as I’m concerned, my alignmtent is with anyone who is here to “bring in the Light” to this planet… Whoever that may be… Whatever their “label” may be.


President Trump’s Approval SOARS as the Democrats are beginning to hemorrhage voters. We’re going to look at the state of the election as of today, and see how if current trajectories hold, we may be seeing nothing less than a bloodbath in November. Stay tuned!