A Sean Hannity (Fox), Cenk Uygur (Young Turks), and a NY Post comment about the Donna Brazile revelations…

One reason for the first one is that it includes a couple of video snips from Trump’s campaign comments about DNC rigging, and also Elizabeth Warren’s comments about the Donna Brazile article. The second is from the alternate view site, the Young Turks.

There are some parts of each video that I do not necessarily align with, but I enjoyed watching each one. I am neither pro-Democrat or pro-Republican. I am pro-“What is best for the Planet”.



Did Hillary’s rigging at the DNC push Biden out of the race? [A couple of snips]

“The stunning revelation by longtime operative Donna Brazile that the Hillary Clinton campaign secretly took control — literal control — of the Democratic National Committee a year before Hillary became the party’s nominee is the talk of American politics. As it should be.

“Democrats need to understand their own role in their own rotting position — including how they sold themselves to the Clintons for a mess of pottage they never even got to eat — if they are to have any hope of reversing the Republican tide.

“Even if their fantasies were made flesh today and Donald Trump were somehow banished from Washington, the Democratic Party would be in no stronger institutional shape than it was yesterday.

“Donna Brazile has given her unwilling fellow party members a good long unwelcome look in the mirror. Let’s see what they do with it.”

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