BREAKING: Deep State Attacks Q Anon with Nazi Smear Campaign, Fake Q Postings, And Mega Anon on Q Anon

by Justin Deschamps

An alleged insider going by the moniker Q, also known as Q Anon, appeared on the messaging board service 4Chan several weeks ago. They posted very cryptic messages that took the alternative media by storm, with some analysts concluding that this individual, or perhaps group of individuals, was using 4Chan to disseminate important information related to a covert cold war raging within the Shadow Government or Deep State, a seeming unprecedented effort to "drain the swamp." As of November 25th, Q Anon has not posted anything new to these message boards. However, Roy Potter, a YouTuber, exposed a smear campaign targeting Q Anon, wherein a fake Q appeared on 4Chan using Nazi symbols. This appears to be an attempt to paint Q as a Nazi, which could then be used by the mainstream media to trigger the throngs of unthinking masses to dismiss everything Q has brought forward to date.
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