Dollar Vigilante VIDEO 6-17-20… “Cervezabug Is The Biggest Psyop In Human History” (with a ‘Kp Kaveat’)

Somewhere I noticed this in the morning, and a couple things I found really “unveiling”. One was about how many in the msm (throughout the world) were pushing the number “33” (you know, that “33rd degree Mason” one?) when reporting on the CV. Another was the part in Brasil where the parliament members went in to a hospital, supposedly filled with CV patients, and they found it empty.

Kp Kaveat: this gets a bit “nose down” in attitude towards the last quarter of the video, which I do not align with. For myself, any parts of anything that portray a “doom and gloom” and/or “sky is falling” or “sky is going to fall” attitude or “you’d better take my course or you’ll be losing all your money / assets / etc., etc., etc., I do NOT pay attention to. I say, “Trust one’s Higher Inner Guidance”… then you will know what is yours to do, or not do.

So, as always, “Take the best (for you) and leave the rest”. Oh, and Lucy the dog is great!