Chlorine Dioxide & Electro-Molecular Medicine: A New & Hopeful Paradigm

Chlorine Dioxide & Electro-Molecular Medicine: A New & Hopeful Paradigm


During the Covid-19 event, establishment forces made it their business to ensure that the public was denied access to existing safe, effective, and affordable treatments, while waiting for ‘the vaccine’ to save the day. We all remember how Ivermectin was smeared by the media and banned by regulatory bodies. Another compound that suffered an early fall from grace was chlorine dioxide; as soon as it was mentioned by Donald Trump, the media mocked him loudly for ‘injecting bleach’. In 2024, the war against chlorine dioxide continues. Dr Tess Lawrie caught up with Dr Andreas Kalcker, a biophysicist who has spent the past 17 years researching chlorine dioxide, to set the record straight.


Dr Tess Lawrie in conversation with Dr Andreas Kalcker about Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)

Watch the full interview here.

Our cells are based on electricity, or electrons moving within the cell that are able to create 100,000 chemical reactions per second in each cell!”

Conventional medicine is fixated on treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals (i.e. chemicals). As a Biophysicist, Dr. Kalcker recognises the limitations of this biochemical view of physiology and medicine, which ignores the electrical nature of energy production in our cells. More fundamental than molecules are sub-atomic particles – protons and electrons – and it is this perspective that makes what Dr Kalcker calls ‘electro-molecular medicine’, not just an ‘alternative’ to allopathic medicine but a truly novel and innovative approach.

Chlorine dioxide has been used to purify water for over 100 years, but it is now also used internally. Many people are wary of chlorine dioxide, confusing it with bleach or chorine. Dissolved in water, it forms Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), a yellow gas in liquid that breaks down to oxygen and harmless chloride ions (as in table salt).

On the other hand, bleach is a transparent solution of sodium hypochlorite, which should definitely not be taken internally. Chlorine dioxide is also not molecular chlorine, which consists of two chlorine atoms and exists as a corrosive gas.


.Chlorine dioxide is a completely different molecule from either bleach or chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide is known as an oxidant, and oxidants have a bad reputation, as they can damage cells through the production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). But Dr Kalcker points out that viewing oxidation as something negative is irrational; it is a natural and necessary process of life that needs to be better understood and optimised.

Oxidants can be toxic or helpful in the body – it depends on voltage differences. Fluorine, for example, is a toxic oxidant due to its very high voltage (2,870 mV) and hydroxyl groups (OH-) that harm the cells. Our cells work best at voltages between 1,000 and 1,500 mV, and oxygen – an oxidant essential to life – falls within this range. At the lower end of the range, chlorine dioxide, with a voltage of 940 mV, does not produce hydroxyl groups and is safe for human cells; however, it destroys bacteria, fungi, and heavy metals, which have lower voltages and are therefore oxidised.

What’s interesting is that chlorine dioxide can work both as both an oxidant (neutralising pathogens) and an antioxidant (reducing damaging hydroxyl groups). It therefore plays the role of a modulator, restoring electrical charges within a voltage range that is perfect for the human cell.

Dr Kalcker has come to view illness as a lack of energy related to poor mitochondrial function and metabolic acidosis. He sees chlorine dioxide as helping to address this by providing the cells with oxygen. While oxygen is normally transported to the tissues in red blood cells, chlorine dioxide is so tiny (three atoms only) that it can diffuse anywhere in the body. In effect, the chloride ion is the carrier that takes oxygen to tissues with an acidic pH and releases millions of oxygen molecules, supporting the cells to produce energy, and therefore to heal.

Despite mainstream media denials, large clinical trials during the Covid-19 period showed that CDS was highly efficacious in treating and preventing Covid-19 disease. A study of over 1,000 patients showed 99.3% efficacy, with recovery within only four days compared with nearly a month with standard treatments. While six percent of patients experienced minor side effects (dry mouth, headaches), there were no adverse effects. Another clinical trial of 1,000 people living with patients infected with coronavirus was over 98% effective prophylactically. One of the most exciting findings was that a number of people treated with CDS found that other serious conditions resolved, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and even end-stage cancers. Dr Kalcker feels that CDS and its mechanisms of action represent the biggest discovery in medicine over the past hundred years.  

How do you make CDS?

CDS is a concentrated 0.3% aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide with a neutral pH, lacking sodium chlorite (NaClO2). For step-by-step instructions on how to produce it yourself, see the video of Dr Kalcker’s protocol.

When we’re stuck in a well-established paradigm, it’s really hard to embrace radical change. Being sceptical of unfamiliar ideas is normal! But just as a shipbuilder working on one of Columbus’s caravels would never have imagined flying from the Old World to the New World in a winged metal tube, so we need to be willing to unlearn much of what we know in order to create a Better Way for medicine. Electro-molecular medicine offers many insights to help us forge a path beyond Big Pharma-captured medicine, which has clearly lost its way.

While there are still many aspects that need to be explored further when it comes to Chlorine Dioxide, the results seen thus far have indeed been promising.

Watch the full interview here.

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