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Dr. Edward Group has both traditional and herbal medicine training. He has a doctor of chiropractic degree, DC and he is a naturopathic practitioner, NP. He has also been furthering his business management education and is a proud alum of both Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. Dr. Group lost both his parents to cancer and his health began to spiral. A naturopathic doctor woke him up to the corruption of Western medicine and Big Pharma. He had an amazing spiritual experience and began devouring books on natural ways to heal, food as medicine, herbal remedies, etc… He is committed to using his knowledge to help others change their lives by transforming their relationship with their health. He then created Visit his website and learn more about Dr. Group and healing naturally.

Note from Eddie: There is a wealth of information here that touches on the root cause of all dis-ease, and how medical testing is purposefully designed to avoid revealing these root causes.

In the late 1990’s, Dr. Group’s clinic in Houston Texas was achieving a high percentage of recoveries for their patients with serious health conditions and they started publishing their results online and were subsequently raided by FDA and had their clinic shut down. They used the excuse that Dr. Group was advocating the use of chlorine dioxide as part of their detox program and forbade Dr. Group to ever talk about it again.

For the last couple years, Dr. Group has continued to research how we can overcome the damage to peoples DNA from the mRNA vaxxines and what he reveals is an amazingly simple therapy that everyone of mankind can practice at no cost. He also goes onto say that this information is probably “the most guarded secret information” that big pharma doesn’t want you to know.

I will be listening to this video several more times to absorb the wealth of knowledge therein. My hat goes off for both of these gentlemen, who continue to risk life and limb to share their knowledge of health with mankind.