Three views about the CV and the CV-vaqs (and solutions?) from Dr. Judy Mikov—, some doctor (whose name I don’t know), and Tarot by Janine

The first link goes to a Dr. Judy video (which is the one I was “bemoaning the brain-ness” messages (this Kp blog post)), which has a tonne of information and is positive about being around the vaqs-ed (just love ’em and hug ’em all), the second is a doctor that is pretty bluntly negative about the vaqs effects on others (stay away from all vaqs-ed), and Tarot by Janine (previously posted on Kp blog here), who pointed out that her cards stated The Alliance would have a way to “roll back” negative effects.

The Dr. Judy one I downloaded and stored here. My suggestion is to download it and play at a higher speed with your own media player. That’s what I did.

Personally, I feel the Alliance (both human and Galactic) has our backs, but my own personal approach right now is to remain in solitude from those who I know have been vaqs-ed.


  1. THE ANT!DOTE w/Dr. Judy Mikovits – The Academy of Divine Knowledge
    (download the MP4 video here)
  2. A Doctor (whose name I do not know)
  3. Tarot by Janine video