“The Political Persecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff”

On February 15, 2011, the Austrian human rights defender Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted of “hate speech” in a Vienna courtroom for what she had said in a private seminar about Muhammad and Islam.


The original charge was “incitement to hatred”[i]. On the second day of her trial, the judge at her own discretion added a second charge, “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.”[ii] Elisabeth was acquitted of the first charge, but convicted of the second.


She was sentenced to pay a fine of €480. She eventually appealed her case to two higher-level courts in Austria, and the verdict was upheld in both instances. As the defense attorney considers these verdicts to be in violation of fundamental human rights, he has now taken the case to the European Court of Human Rights, which will be the final arbiter in this conflict of freedom of expression and protecting religious beliefs from denigration.


How could this happen in a European state that recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has ratified the European Convention on Human Rights[1],[iii], and enshrines the right to free speech in its Constitution?




Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is the daughter of a retired diplomat in the Austrian foreign service. During her childhood and young adulthood, she experienced Islam up close and personal, in places such as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Libya. She was in Tehran with her parents during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. On September 11, 2001, Elisabeth was working in the Austrian embassy in Tripoli. She saw the Libyan people celebrate the destruction of the World Trade Center and the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans. All of these experiences were lessons she took to heart, but 9-11 motivated her to examine Islam more closely over the next few years.


In early 2008 she began a series of seminars in Vienna, under the auspices of the Austrian Freedom Party FPÖ, explaining to members and other interested parties what Islam, the Qur’an, and the hadith really teach. She also outlined the basic tenets of Islamic law, showing the consequences for democracy, freedom, and human rights today.




For the next year and a half, the interest in her seminars grew, and attendance increased. The success of her lectures drew the interest of Austrian leftists, who are as determined as leftists in other Western countries to discredit and destroy the work of those who criticize the tenets of Islamic doctrine, whom they view as “racists”, “fascists”, and “Islamophobes”. Unbeknownst to Elisabeth, the left-wing magazine NEWS[2]  sent a reporter to one of her seminars to make a surreptitious recording of it.


As a result, in late November 2009, a criminal complaint was filed against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for “hate speech” under article 283 in the Austrian criminal code. From an Austrian leftist point of view, her offense was compounded by the fact that her seminars were held under the auspices of the FPÖ[3] (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, ”The Austrian Freedom Party”). Despite its popularity with Austrian voters, giving it over 20 % of the vote in the 2013 elections[4], FPÖ is reviled as a “xenophobic” party by leftist media and politicians.


The complaint in the case against Elisabeth was not filed by the state, but rather by the NEWS magazine, the publication whose reporter had infiltrated the seminar. For the next ten months, the possibility of a formal charge was left hanging over Elisabeth’s head, but she received no official word about what might happen to her. All she could do was retain legal counsel and wait.


In April 2010, she provided a deposition to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Prevention of Terrorism. After that, there was nothing from the prosecutor’s office. Finally, on September 15, Elisabeth learned that a formal charge would be filed against her. Ironically enough, she didn’t find out through a court document, an official summons, or her lawyer. Instead, she learned of the charge by reading about it in the press — in NEWS, the very same magazine that had published the undercover report and filed the complaint against her. A few days later she received official notice from the court: her trial date would be November 23, 2010. 





During her trial, the issue of pedophilia came up, in light of Muhammad’s status as the perfect example for Muslims, as stated in Quran 33:21. According to Islamic doctrine, everything Muhammad ever did or said (as recorded in Islamic scripture) is to be considered model behavior for Muslims. Elisabeth explained what the hadith collections are, and that they constitute an indispensable part of Islamic scripture, due to 33:21 and similar Quranic statements. She emphasized that she had made up none of what she said, but simply quoted canonical Islamic scripture concerning Muhammad’s conduct, including his marriage to a minor girl (Aisha).


Elisabeth then explained polygamy in Islam and the fact that this is a reality today, even in Europe. Elisabeth rounded off her testimony by talking about the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, explaining to the court the absolute right to express one’s opinions as a prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy.


Because the eight-hour tape of her seminars would have to be played, the judge adjourned the trial until January 18, 2011, the first date when a full day’s session could be scheduled.




At the second hearing in January, excerpts from the seminar recordings were played back, demonstrating that the original charge of “incitement to hatred” was unjustified. In the process, the defense discussed the Muslim Brotherhood and its extensive political influence within Austria and the rest of Europe. Elisabeth explained the Brotherhood’s desire to implement religious rule (shariah) and its support for terrorism to attain this end.


The judge discussed Elisabeth’s statement that the conduct of Muhammad is exemplary for Muslims, and took particular issue with the statement “What exactly that would be called today, if not pedophilia?”

Here are the exact words Elisabeth used:


I remember talking with a friend — and I have recounted this story a few times already — about Susanne Winter’s infamous talk. My friend called me on the phone, saying, “Oh my God, did you tell her that?” “No, it wasn’t me, but you can find it in the books, it’s not a secret.” She: “But you can’t say it that way.” Me: “A 56-year-old and a six-year-old? What do you call that? Give me an example. What do you call it if not pedophilia?” She: “Well, you have to use a circumlocution, be more diplomatic.” My friend is symptomatic. We have heard this so often: “Those were different times.” I say, No, [this behavior] wasn’t OK back then and it is not OK today. Period. And this (old men marrying young girls) is still happening today. This is never to be condoned.


Later in the hearing the judge, at her own discretion, announced a new charge: “Denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.” Elisabeth’s defense was unprepared for this and requested that the trial be adjourned.



When the court reconvened in February, events moved swiftly to a close. The judge decided that the language used in Elisabeth’s seminars did not incite hatred, but the utterances regarding Muhammad and pedophilia were punishable. In particular, the judge found that the use of “pedophilia” was factually incorrect, as this is a sexual preference solely or mainly directed towards children. The judge stated that this does not apply to Mohammad, who was still married to Aisha when she was 18. Thus, Elisabeth was found not guilty on the count of “incitement to hatred”, but guilty on the charge of “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion”, to be punished with a €480 fine or 60 days of prison.

Elisabeth’s reaction was: “This is a sad day for my daughter and for all girls.”

The final court verdict listed three statements as being in violation of Austrian law. One was quoted above, a second statement reads:

One of the great problems we have today is that Mohammed is seen as the ideal man, the perfect human being, the perfect Muslim.  That means that the highest commandment for a male Muslim is to emulate Mohammed, to live his life.  That does not fit  with our social standards and laws.  Because he was a warlord,  had a comparatively large number of women, liked to get it on with children.  According to our ideas, he was not a perfect human being.  Today, we have a huge problem with that, because Muslims come into conflict with democracy and our value system…” 


The charge on which Elisabeth was eventually convicted was ludicrous on the face of it. Not only did she never say that Muhammad’s actions constituted “pedophilia”, but Muhammad’s actions — which were undisputed by the court — included having sex with a nine-year-old girl. If she had said what she was accused of, it would have been nothing more than the simple truth, and unexceptional from the standpoint of any normal person.


The precedent established by Elisabeth’s case would imply that Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who began sexually abusing his daughter when she was 11, fathered her children, and kept her a prisoner for 24 years, was not a pedophile, because their incestuous relationship continued after the victim was 18.


Did the judge intend to set a precedent on pedophilia when she handed down the verdict in Elisabeth’s case?


Elisabeth appealed her case to a higher court, where on December 20, 2011, the verdict was upheld. Most recently, the case was considered by the Austrian Supreme Court, which upheld the verdict on December 11, 2013. Additional comments by the appellate courts can be found in the timeline on the following page.


The options for domestic justice are now exhausted, and the case has been brought to the European Court of Human Rights, which has accepted the case. It is expected to rule on it sometime during 2014. This verdict will have implications for citizens throughout Europe, not only for citizens of Austria, and will set an important precedent for the freedom to criticize religions and/or religiously sanctioned conduct.




Well-known public figures who have publicly supported Elisabeth include former congressman Allen West, the Canadian writer Mark Steyn, and European politicians Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Kent Ekeroth (Sweden), Heinz-Christian Strache (Austria), René Stadtkewitz (Germany), and Oskar Freysinger (Switzerland). She has found additional support from Pat Condell (Great Britain) in his widely-viewed videos, as well as from the Danish historian Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society. 


Elisabeth has met extensively with members of Congress: Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and former Rep. Allen West. She has briefed members of both the US House and Senate on Capitol Hill in 2010, 2012, and 2013.


Her US speaking engagements have included the Ahavath Torah Congregation, ACT! For Canada (Montreal), ACT! For America, The United West, the Center for Security Policy, The Lawfare Project, and members of the Knesset in Israel.


She is a board member of the Viennese Association of Academics (Wiener Akademikerbund) and Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa (BPE), and as a representative of the latter, has been an active defender of freedom at several Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe conferences on human rights.


At the 2013 ACT! For the America National Conference, Elisabeth presented the “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Profiles in Courage Award” to, among others, former Rep. Allen West.



January 2008       ESW began series of three-part seminars on ideology and effect of Islam, particularly in Europe. At first, attendance was about 10 people per session. Later it increased to 35.

October 2009       Infiltration of leftist magazine journalist in 2 seminars.

November 2009   The story broke in NEWS magazine. ESW was reported to the authorities.

February 2010     Interview with Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.

April 2010           ESW submitted extensive written answers to questions from Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Terrorism Prevention.

October 2010       ESW was informed via NEWS magazine of indictment and impending trial.

Nov. 23, 2010      First day of the trial. 2.5 hrs of intensive questioning by the judge

Jan. 18, 2011       The Court reconvened, new charges of “Denigrating the teaching of a legally recognized religion” introduced by the case judge. No verdict; the trial was adjourned until February 15th.

Feb. 15, 2011       Verdict:

                             On the original charge of “incitement to hatred”: Not guilty

                             On the new charge of “denigration”: Guilty

Dec. 20, 2011      Verdict upheld by the appellate court, noting that her statements constituted “an excess of opinion” punishable under Austrian law.

Dec. 11, 2013      Verdict upheld by the Austrian supreme court, noting that Article 9 (freedom of religion) of the European Convention of Human Rights overrides Article 10 (freedom of expression)

Current status      The case is pending at the European Court of Human Rights, which is expected to rule on it during 2014.

In 2018, after almost six years, the European Court of Human Rights finally handed down a decision on the case “E.S v ECHR” — that is, the appeal by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of the verdict by the Austrian supreme court in the “hate speech” case against her. As most of you already know, Elisabeth’s “crime” was to utter these words concerning the marriage of Mohammed to Aisha (who was nine years old when the marriage was consummated): “What do you call it if not ‘pedophilia’?”

Yesterday the ECHR ruled against Elisabeth, justifying its decision by the need to safeguard religious peace. Here’s the press release she sent out:

On Thursday, 25 October the ECHR ruled that my conviction by an Austrian court for discussing the marriage between Prophet Mohammed and a six-year-old girl, Aisha, did not infringe my rights of freedom of speech.

I was not extended the courtesy of being told of this ruling. Like many others, I had to read it in the media.

The ECHR found there had been no violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression) of the European Convention on Human Rights, and that the right to free expression needed to be balanced with the rights of others to have their religious feelings protected, and that the verdict had served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.

In other words, my right to speak freely is less important than protecting the religious feelings of others.

This should ring warning bells for my fellow citizens across the continent. We should all be extremely concerned that the rights of Muslims in Europe NOT to be offended are greater than my own rights, as a native European Christian woman, to speak freely.

I am proud to be the woman who has raised this alarm.

I am also optimistic. Since giving my seminars in Austria in 2009, we have come a very long way.

Ten years ago the press labeled me a “confused doom-monger” and I was compared to Osama Bin Laden. Now Islam is being discussed in every sphere of life and people are waking up to the reality of a culture so opposed to our own.

The cultural and political threat posed by Islam to Western societies is now widely recognized and discussed. It is fair to say European society, as well as the political realm, is undergoing an enlightenment, as it is more awake than ever to the need to defend our own Judeo-Christian culture.

I believe my seminars in 2009 and subsequent work have contributed to strong pushback against an Islamic culture that is so at odds with our own. And note with interest that only one sentence out of twelve hours of seminars on Islam was a prosecutable offense. I assume the remaining content is now officially sanctioned by our Establishment masters.

It is obvious to me that public education and discourse on the subject of Islam can have a fundamental and far-reaching impact, even if our state or supra-national authorities try to stifle or silence it, in order to appease a culture so foreign to our own.

This fight continues. My voice will not and cannot be silenced.

The news of the decision was featured in the MSM, and not just by BreitbartThe Daily Mail covered it last night (referring only to “Mrs. S” as the defendant).

According to KGS of Tundra Tabloids, Finland’s liberal MSM flagship Helsingin Sanomat headlined the decision: “European Court of Human Rights: Invoking Prophet Muhammad as pedophile does not fall within the scope of freedom of expression.” It compared Elisabeth’s case with that of Jussi Halla-aho.

Archive of information on the case:

“Elisabeth’s Voice”: http://gatesofvienna.net/repression/elisabeths-voice/


[i]     http://www.jusline.at/283_Verhetzung_StGB.html
Wer öffentlich auf eine Weise, die geeignet ist, die öffentliche Ordnung zu gefährden, oder wer für eine breite Öffentlichkeit wahrnehmbar zu Gewalt gegen eine Kirche oder Religionsgesellschaft oder eine andere nach den Kriterien der Rasse, der Hautfarbe, der Sprache, der Religion oder Weltanschauung, der Staatsangehörigkeit, der Abstammung oder nationalen oder ethnischen Herkunft, des Geschlechts, einer Behinderung, des Alters oder der sexuellen Ausrichtung definierte Gruppe von Personen oder gegen ein Mitglied einer solchen Gruppe ausdrücklich wegen dessen Zugehörigkeit zu dieser Gruppe auffordert oder aufreizt, ist mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu zwei Jahren zu bestrafen.


[ii]      http://www.jusline.at/188_Herabw%C3%BCrdigung_religi%C3%B6ser_Lehren_StGB.html
Wer öffentlich eine Person oder eine Sache, die den Gegenstand der Verehrung einer im Inland bestehenden Kirche oder Religionsgesellschaft bildet, oder eine Glaubenslehre, einen gesetzlich zulässigen Brauch oder eine gesetzlich zulässige Einrichtung einer solchen Kirche oder Religionsgesellschaft unter Umständen herabwürdigt oder verspottet, unter denen sein Verhalten geeignet ist, berechtigtes Ärgernis zu erregen, ist mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu sechs Monaten oder mit Geldstrafe bis zu 360 Tagessätzen zu bestrafen.


[iii]      http://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/Convention_ENG.pdf
Articles from the Convention relevant to the case:

      ARTICLE 9

      Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship,  teaching, practice and observance.

      2. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

            ARTICLE 10

            Freedom of expression

      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

      2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for  maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

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“The Great Replacement is Real. The Nightmare Scenario is Now”

Stress Testing Western Civilization by Destroying It

In the Great Game played by the U.N., the W.E.F., and its various grim satellites, the international policy shops, and the closeted meetings of the Round Table, Bilderberg and the Committee of 300, the Vril, the 33rd Degree idiots, the backrooms of the National Security State, the CIA, MI6 etc., Canada’s is generally seen as the most passive western population. All over the world, people joke about us, mock us, and for the past fifty years, we have deserved it all. We went to sleep, we let the buggers have it all and we deserve everything that is happening. Our passivity is real.  But it is skin deep – a recent and artificially imposed national character. The people I grew up among, all the families, the thousands among whom we lived, were anything but, though by the time I left university, the new Canada was forming, courtesy of the Marxist Trudeau and the civil service he bulked out.

The truckers invented the protests going on all over the world right now in every single country. That was us. Don’t count us out, but this is what they did , over fifty years, when we trusted them, how they bullied and destroyed a great people.


I left after graduate school, and came back only for family reasons. I vainly dream sometimes of a cottage in the Lake District, a ranch in Wyoming, but stuck I am, hoping, begging, praying for salvation. I am seventh generation Canadian on some sides of the family – they were titanic people who dug the highest longest railroad pass in the world, Kicking Horse Pass, the American branch who dug the first deep cut on the Welland, or my grandmother’s first cousin, Klondike Joe Boyle, who became the richest man in the world, digging gold up in the Yukon with a bear cub for a pet with whom he napped. He competed with the Guggenheims who had a dredging operation the size of his. He financed an entire regiment in the Great War – uniform buttons of gold – romanced and won Marie, Queen of Rumania, Victoria’s granddaughter and built the railroad the Russian army needed to get to the front in WW1. These people I grew up among? They were tough, exigent of their children and they expected much of the future. The future they saw was gleaming, incandescent with light, scholarship, wealth and goodness. And adventure. My great-grandmother started the Vancouver General Hospital in a tent. All these women bureaucrats – our bureaucracy is deeply feminized and not a good way – can do is institute legal fentanyl for children and adults, killing thousands a year on the streets, ruined people defecating, robbing and knifing fathers in front of their children outside Starbucks. You can kill a baby here, at any time in your pregnancy. No questions. Never mind population collapse. We don’t do math. We are girlies.

This story was in the Daily Mail last week.


For two hundred years, they built, dug, and pioneered in town after town, in the coldest most inhospitable environment imaginable. They built and built and built the infrastructure and institutions for the millions who came after, both of which are being dismantled by heathens and the hate-filled. They fought against murderous animals and murderous indigenous. We tamed them, brought them to heel, and in the case of indigenous, in real history, not the Marxist confection that assaults our intelligence and truth, tried to help. Jamie, whose family is as old as mine – together we hold the bloodlines of four indigenous tribes.

I don’t write for Canadians. 90% of my readers are American or from the other 99 countries where Absurdistan is read. If I wrote what I thought about Canada, I’d be ruined by frivolous lawsuits or audited until I gave up. “The Overton Window,” says the head of the think tank where I am nominally a Senior Fellow, “has been narrowed radically since Trudeau”. There is so much you cannot say.

These people, these so-called Canadians, my contemporaries, the people among whom I properly belong, the people who run the country? I know them, I met them during grad school. These people are mewling ninnies, comfort-seeking, scared of their own shadows, determined above else to have someone else pay for their lives, content, apparently to do nothing but seek pleasure and complain, and trust the government to put them to sleep before the pain gets too much. They suffer from toxic compassion that kills or eats their young and kills their old. We have feminized the country, expressing every single negative trait usually assigned to women. We are weak, hysterical, nit-picking, scared, and vicious to anyone who challenges us. No one dares anything. I am entrepreneurial by nature, I started three companies before I turned 30 and one of them was in New York’s Soho and a resounding commercial success. Since I’ve been back, I’ve thought of five, but do I even map it out? No point, it would be smothered in its cradle by the safety police and the equity police and seedy little functionaries with clipboards.

We have killed the spirit of the country. And now we are killing ourselves.

From ScrumpMonkey on Youtube; https://substack.com/@scrumpmonkey


Canada is almost sport-killing its own citizens and replacing them as fast as possible via metastatic immigration. By the time of the next election in 2025, less time than a decade, 16% of the country will have not been born here. Every month, 4,000 Canadian babies are born, and 150,000 immigrants come into the country – the equivalent of 1.5 million into the U.S. That does not count illegals or refugees.  We have 2,500,000 temporary workers, now, 6.5% of the workforce. There is no place for them to live. We are 2-3,000,000 houses short.

So we are killing our born Canadians, white, ‘privileged’, as fast as possible, hoping that others will follow. We started killing the vaccine-injured recently. It is a generally accepted fact outside of officialdom, that we killed 30,000 of our citizens with the vaccine, according to physicist Denis Rancourt, more than any other country, and Dr. Chris Shoemaker thinks that will be 30,000 a year for the foreseeable future. And while we’ve stopped killing the mentally ill, that is only a pause, until people ‘get used to it’.

But hey! We’re making money at it.



Many MAID deaths are hidden

We are your future. We are the test because our people have been radically weakened by cultural Marxism. We are what the globalists want for all of us. The white, educated, affluent with a history of independence, self-actualization and power, to be replaced by the desperate and pliable. In 2023, we recorded the largest legal immigration inflow on record, of more than one million, accelerating to 400,000 in the last quarter alone. We solicit immigrants in the shitholes of the world, promising money, jobs, health and dental care and we fast-track them to permanent residence.

When they can vote. Without, probably, even speaking English. Or French.


This is just throwing the populists a bone.
Another feint from the deep state.


We are your future.

We are five years ahead of the U.S., the U.K. or in fact, anyone. In the last two years, the government killed 455 people who were not terminal, who someone convinced they should die. “I am a burden. Kill me please.”  We are practicing an active version of passive euthanasia. In the past six years, since the filth bucket Trudeau took power, the government killed 44,958 people. The graph is below. Note please the growth rate. It’s doubled in five years. 10-15% of all Canadian deaths in 2022 were administered by government. Please note this is not the Liverpool Pathway, this is not withdrawing nutrients or medicine, this is straight-up killing. Furthermore, as their own documents prove, much of the killing is hidden, classified as natural death, within whichever illness was dominant at the time

Check out that growth rate.

Let me put it this way. When my mother was dying, she was 96, and I brought her home and set up her hospital bed in my room and looked after her. She told me she wanted to die. I soothed her and finally said, “well, stop eating,” and she did. Then she stopped drinking water, or taking more than a teaspoon of applesauce with morphine in it, and within days she was gone, gently, easily. I heard her die, heard a slight gasp of surprise. I decided that was her realizing that she was dead, and it was her last breath, of surprise, not joy, not anything strong, just, wait, what? I’m still here?

She died trusting me, knowing how deeply she was loved. The dog and cat slept on either side of her, the atmosphere of home surrounding her. It was hard, because I had to shift her every three hours, but if I had had to tell some damned nurse to kill her in some foul clattery utilitarian room filled with machinery, I promise you the devastation, the self-hatred would have been geopathic. It would have poisoned my soul permanently.  I tell you something else, the entire medical establishment, the hospital, doctors and nurses and home help treated me like a blessing, my humanity, one in five thousand, a softening of their jobs. Her death was soulful.

But we white Canadians aren’t allowed souls anymore.

Once health becomes a public resource, human beings become a public resource. The amount of time you may or may not live becomes someone else’s decision. We’ve had death panels here for decades. So has the U.K. So does every western country now. Kids go to school to become bioethicists, which means they get to decide. We are mechanisms to be moved around on John Stuart Mill’s chessboard, “the greatest good for the greatest number”, via our 4.1 million bureaucrats. We are government property, to be done with as the death panels decide. We are livestock. We kill people to save money.

MAID is a repulsive euphemism for the industrial killing of your own people via the hand of the therapeutic state. – John Sweeney


Health care is a rationed resource, and Canada is freaking broke. How broke?

Who is taking advantage of this program, in particular, the no-pathway-to-death-but-kill-me-anyway people? The upper middle class who have a loving family. Professor Jocelyn Downie, a straight-up ghoul, testified in Parliament that this program needs equity. We need to kill black, brown and indigenous as well, she said. It’s not fair.

Let’s back up. Old affluent white people – Canada is still white largely, built by whites, all the institutions Anglo or to some extent French, but Anglo principally – are choosing to self-destruct because they have been convinced they are rotten, as is the world they built. there is something rotten about them, about the world they built.

At this growth rate, MAID will consist of 75% of annual deaths within ten years.

In Canada, we are looking at civilizational collapse. Our immigration, “legal” immigration, is out of control. We are killing the people in whom reside our history, the history of great accomplishment, the creation of a fully modern state within 100 years, fully egalitarian, limited only by your will, and ability to work. Both my great-grandfather who contracted and built Kicking Horse Pass, living on site for the time it took, and Klondike Joe Boyle became the richest man in the world, a lover of a Queen, a saviour of the Russian war effort, had only a high school education. My ancestor who dug the deep cut on the Welland, a titanic job, had a grade school education. None of them had privilege or family money behind them, Joe from a horse breeding farm, John Joseph Nickson, an immigrant, Phelps’s father was in debtor’s prison..

That’s what Canadians accomplished before cultural Marxism. That initiative, courage, confidence, precision, logic, problem-solving. Exported around the world, it would be an entirely different place. But no, now we have government.

Here, look, this is the argument against it which is fully 100% convincing. Its economics are crap. Give these people, these skeezy heavily benefited and vacationed, and pensioned parasites full rein and this is what they do to an economy that used to soar, could soar, and is now in full collapse.

These figures are from the Fraser InstituteOECD and Peter St. Onge, but principally the latter. St. Onge is a magnificent aggregator and explainer of our toxic economies.

Canadians receive West Virginian pay, with million dollar houses and California taxes. Wages have been stagnant since 2016. The average Canadian earns $18,000 less than Americans, on average. The OECD estimates that Canada will be the worst-performing advanced economy all the way to 2060. We are the worst performing advanced nation, worse than the deindustrializing EU, worse than stagnant Japan, worse than the U.S., which would be deep in stagflation were it not printing money.  As St. Onge says, “its like being the slowest runner at the body positive marathon.”

We have nosedived since Trudeau took office. Business investment tanked by a third and $285 billion of investment has fled Canada. Which would be like $3 Trillion fleeing the U.S. Our government workers grew four times, 400%, 400% since Trudeau, and we have doubled government spending and doubled government debt.

Canadians now pay 4,100,000 government employees 31% more than anyone earns in a comparable job in the productive economy that pays their wages. We pay half our salaries to these parasites, more than we spend on food and housing combined.

Our health care system has collapsed since Covid. A medically necessary procedure means a 28-week wait. Environmental mandates add $55,000 to the cost of a new house and $1,000 a month to the rent of a one-bedroom apartment. If you have cancer and money, you go to the States or Mexico.

Seventy-four percent of us think government is too big. The conservatives will sweep the next election, getting more seats than any other in history. And they will be attacked every minute of every day by people who are not fit to wipe their shoes or sweep the sidewalks. They will be smothered by the worst people on earth, Canada’s civil service. Except in us all, runs the blood of the Canadian truckers.

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  1. Be Prepared for Whatever the Globalists are Cooking up Next. Disease X? Another round of COVID? White Lung? AlaskaPox? The Bubonic Plague (we aren’t joking!)? Whatever they are planning for the next pandemic – you can be prepared!
  2. Be Prepared for China Using their Dominance over the Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain as a Weapon. At any moment, China could use their dominance over the global pharmaceutical chain as a weapon against the US in a hot or cold war with us. Prepare for shortages with TWC’s prescription medical emergency kit.
  3. Break Free from Your Reliance on the Government and Big Pharma. The one thing the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that we can’t rely on big government or big pharma to keep us safe. Say no to experimental vaccines, dangerous mandates, mindless lockdowns and drug bans with the medical emergency kit.
  4. Protect Your Family from a Broken and Vulnerable Healthcare System. Our healthcare system is broken. Too many doctors and hospitals care more about big pharma’s bottom line than they do with the health and welfare of their patients. Take control of your healthcare and opt out of this broken system.
  5. An Insurance Policy Against Limited Access to Life-Saving Medications! Don’t wait to see whether another election could limit your access to life-saving medications – act today to protect your family!

2024 is the Year to be Prepared

2024 looks to be a year of serious challenges to our healthcare system. So what can you do? The solution is to be prepared and that’s where The Wellness Company comes in.

The Wellness Company and its great doctors – like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Drew, Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. Jim Thorp – are regularly in the media fighting against the broken medical establishment.

Dr. Thorp, one of the nation’s leading critics of corrupt Big Pharma, believes that now – more than ever – people should be prepared for the next pandemic:

 “I’ve strongly recommended “stockpiling” critical medications including antibiotics since the turn of the century. This has been an incredible investment as many friends, family, and patients have benefited. Now, in the winter of 2024, this recommendation is even more crucial.”

The Wellness Company and their doctors are medical professionals that you can trust and their new medical emergency kits are the gold standard when it comes to keeping you safe and healthy.

The ultimate safeguard for your health.

Be ready for the next crisis. This medical emergency kit contains an assortment of life-saving medications – including ivermectin, amoxicillin, and Z-pak. The Medical Emergency Kit includes a guidebook to aid in the safe use of these life-saving medications.

This kit is prescription-only – you can’t find it in any store or pharmacy. Simply fill out a short questionnaire after purchase and a trusted Wellness Company doctor will confirm your suitability and issue your prescription Medical Emergency Kit.

The Wellness Company Medical Emergency Kit includes: 

  •     Amoxicillin-Clavulanate (generic Augmentin) 875/125 mg – 28 tablets
  •     Azithromycin (generic Z-Pak) 250 mg – 12 tablets
  •     Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg – 60 capsules
  •     Metronidazole (generic Flagyl) 500 mg – 30 tablets
  •     Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole (generic Bactrim) 800/160 mg – 28 tablets    
  •     Ivermectin 18mg – 7 compounded capsules
  •     Fluconazole (generic Diflucan) 150 mg – 2 tablets 
  •     Ondansetron (generic Zofran) 4mg – 6 tablets
  • 1 Emergency Medication Guidebook written by the Chief Medical Board for safe use.

What people are saying about the Medical Emergency Kit:

Excellent Kit! This medical emergency kit is great. Having it “just in case” gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend. Thank you! – Melinda C.

Glad that I purchased your Medical Emergency Kit! Though I haven’t yet needed to use any of the medications that are in our kit, I am happy that I ordered it! One never knows when “an emergency might occur”, and I feel safer having your M.E.Kit at my disposal IF needed! We’re so glad we ordered ours! Thank you for making it available! – Susan M.

Peace of mind. It is an amazing peace of mind to have this kit in case of emergencies and shortages. The Wellness Company did an excellent job of getting this to me in a timely manner and I and thankful to have it. – Phyllis T.


Hope I will never need it! Thank you for caring! Nice to have doctors who look out for us. Times are unpredictable nowadays, feels good to have something in the medicine cabinet in case of an emergency. – Cat S.

Great medical emergency kit. Kit came as advertised! Neat and orderly. The guide is great. Only plan on using it in an emergency during a difficult time. Confident it is what I was counting on. – Fred D.

Don’t be caught unprepared for whatever 2024 sends your way!
Order The Wellness Company’s Medical Emergency Kits Now! 

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“Why Should We Trust Any ‘Big’ Corporation?”

The intersection of healthcare and corporate interests has long been a subject of scrutiny, especially in the context of the pharmaceutical industry. The business model of mainstream pharmaceutical companies, often referred to as “Big Pharma,” prioritizes profits over patients’ well-being. Unfortunately for us, it’s not just Big Pharma we have to watch out for. This clever business model has conveniently bled into other industries, such as the beauty industry, in order to keep people coming back for more.

Big Pharma: Overprescription and Drug Dependency

While allopathic medicine plays a vital role in emergency care and developing new treatments, part of Big Pharma’s sinister business strategy involves prescribing medications to keep people “moderately well” without fully curing them or causing immediate lethal harm. After all, how would a healthy or dead patient continuously make them more money?

This practice ensures that patients remain dependent on medications for extended periods, thus guaranteeing steady pharmaceutical sales. This strategy diverts resources from developing definitive treatments and cures, focusing instead on managing symptoms and prolonging drug dependency.

The overprescription of medications has several implications for public health. First, it can lead to increased drug dependency among patients, with long-term use of certain medications causing adverse side effects or diminishing effectiveness over time. Second, the focus on symptom management over cure can divert resources away from research aimed at finding more definitive treatments or cures for diseases. Lastly, the culture of overprescription contributes to the rising costs of healthcare, placing a financial burden on patients and healthcare systems alike.

Traditional Medicine is Under Attack

Not only are people pressured into taking pharmaceutical drugs to fix their problems, they are discouraged from doing their own research. Traditional, holistic medicine is under attack. And why? Because natural alternatives are bad news for Big Pharma. If holistic medicine is actually curing people, they would have no need to incorporate multiple, expensive, potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs into their daily routines. Traditional medicine is under attack because aims to solve problems as a whole from the root, instead of slapping on a band-aid and sending patients home with symptom-masking pills so they have to keep coming back for refills.

The impact of pushing prescription drugs and propagandizing traditional medicine as “quackery” is significant on public health, leading to increased drug dependency, adverse side effects, new chronic conditions, and rising healthcare costs. This raises serious questions about the commitment to patient well-being and undermines the integrity of the healthcare system.

Big Beauty: Manipulative Marketing and Product Dependency

Just like Big Medicine, the beauty industry is adept at identifying and exploiting consumers, marketing a plethora of products that promise to address various perceived flaws, from wrinkles and acne to hair loss and skin tone. These products are often presented as miraculous solutions, capable of transforming one’s appearance to manifest “your best self.” However, beneath the surface of these enticing promises lies a more concerning reality: many beauty products contain harmful chemicals that, while they may offer a temporary improvement in appearance, can have detrimental effects on skin and hair health in the long term.

A Temporary Fix with Long-Term Consequences

The temporary benefits offered by some beauty products are often achieved through the use of chemicals that can be harmful with prolonged use. For example, certain anti-aging creams contain retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids, which can make skin appear smoother and more youthful in the short term. However, these substances can also cause skin irritation, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and, over time, may even exacerbate the signs of aging by thinning the skin, damaging the skin’s barrier, and reducing its natural elasticity. Take a look at these other side effects:

Similarly, hair care products designed to give hair a lustrous, voluminous appearance can contain sulfates, silicones, and alcohols, which strip hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness, breakage, and scalp irritation with long-term use. Initially, these products may deliver on their promise of improved appearance, but the resulting damage necessitates continued use of the same or other products to counteract the adverse effects, thus furthering the cycle of dependency.

Just like Big Pharma’s model, this cycle benefits the beauty industry by ensuring a constant demand for their products at the cost of consumers’ health and well-being. This cycle of dependency is not accidental but a carefully calculated outcome of marketing strategies that prioritize profit over the genuine well-being of consumers.

Wake Up

For those of us who have lived through the COVID years and are awake enough to understand what is happening to our society in the aftermath, our trust in Big Government is waning by the day. It’s important that we stand firm in our standards of care and the way that we are being treated both by our government and by the corporations (i.e. Big Pharma) that are funding our government. Our trust in Big Government is waning, if still present at all. So what is the solution?


There is an urgent need for greater regulation in all mainstream corporations to eliminate and, moving forward, prevent practices that prioritize profits over patient and consumer well-being. And until that happens, why should we trust that any “Big” corporation has our best interest at heart? As long as corporations are incentivized to make people more dependent on their products or services, money will always be more important to them than doing what’s right.

Ultimately, supporting a parallel economy and fostering companies that value transparency, ethical conduct, and the pursuit of genuine health and well-being is essential for the positive progression of society as a whole.

Here are three such companies (disclosure, sponsors) that are doing an incredible job offering real solutions to the problematic aforementioned business models that put profit ahead of the well-being of patients and consumers:

The Wellness Company – Discount Code KATE for 10% off

CHARLIS Luxury Skincare – Discount Code KATE for 25% off

Heaven’s Harvest – Discount Code KATE for 10% off

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Pfizer Quietly Studied Myocarditis in Children a Month Before FDA Authorized COVID Shots for Kids Ages 5-11

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was promoting the COVID-19 vaccine as “safe and effective” for children and teens, Pfizer was studying whether and how much it damaged their hearts, according to a DailyClout report on internal Pfizer documents.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was promoting the COVID-19 vaccine as “safe and effective” for children and teens, Pfizer was studying whether and how much it damaged their hearts, according to a DailyClout report on internal Pfizer documents.

The documents show that Pfizer conducted a “Phase 2/3 Study” in Europe, during which it vaccinated and collected blood samples from children ages 5-11 and 12-15 and tested them for troponin I.

Troponin I, a protein released into the bloodstream when the heart is damaged, is an indicator of subclinical myocarditis.

Pfizer began the study in September 2021, the month before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Pfizer emergency use authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11.

The FDA said it based the EUA on the agency’s “thorough and transparent evaluation of the data” that found “no serious side effects.”

However, Pfizer’s ongoing active surveillance and testing for troponin 1 was an acknowledgment of the undisclosed risk of vaccine-induced myocarditis and pericarditis, according to Dr. Christopher Flowers, who wrote the report on the Pfizer documents for DailyClout.

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Press Release: Almost 5,600 Pages of Moderna ‘Spikevax’ COVID Vaccine Animal Studies Released by FDA, Serious Adverse Events



February 28, 2024 – Today, Defending the Republic (DTR) is releasing nearly 5,600 pages of animal studies submitted by Moderna to the FDA in support of the approval of its COVID-19 vaccine “Spikevax.”

This is the most significant and largest release of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine animal studies to-date, and is the result of DTR’s successful Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the FDA.

These documents build upon the substantial public releases of the Moderna documents already provided by DTR after it sued the FDA. In July 2023, DTR released nearly 15,000 pages of documents – the first significant disclosure of data from Moderna’s COVID-19 clinical trials – which revealed the causes of deaths, serious adverse events, and neurological disorders potentially associated with Moderna’s vaccine. DTR provided thousands more pages in October of 2023 which included a listing of adverse events for thousands of clinical participants who received doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

And in December 2023, DTR published thousands more pages of Moderna documents that revealed Moderna’s statement to the FDA that it had “no plan to produce BLA [biologics license application] SPIKEVAX labelled material.”

The animal studies released today focus on the effects of the Moderna vaccine on male and female rats. And they are important for a number of reasons: they provide context to the FDA’s ultimate approval of Spikevax, they show the flawed methodology of Moderna’s testing, and they demonstrate the serious adverse events to the animals following vaccination. [Emphasis added.]

For example, the studies reveal changes to the lymph nodes, kidneys, livers, and lungs of test subjects soon after receiving the Moderna vaccine. [Emphasis added.] These concerning side-effects were present in a number of the vaccine groups, as seen in this table from a 6-week (4 dose) study:

Similar troubling results were found in a 1-month (3 dose) vaccine study:

We encourage you to read through, and share, these important studies. And we ask that you support our ongoing efforts to expose government corruption, our fight for government transparency through FOIA litigation, our class-action lawsuits to reinstate and compensate military service members who were wrongfully terminated for rejecting the Biden Administration’s unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

(Based on documents below, please see individual documents and search each for more information.)

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002400

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002231

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002158

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002045

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002034

125752_S1_M4.2.3.2 report-body-5002033


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