War Room/DailyClout Research Team Finds Serious Protocol Deviations Among the 170 Patients Upon Whom the Covid Vaccine EUA is Based

95% Vaccine Efficacy

When Operation Warp Speed commenced in 2020, it effectively gave the leaders of Pfizer the green light to do what they needed to do to get the data that would justify authorizing, approving, and ultimately mandating a vaccine for COVID-19. A team of researchers has begun to uncover just how far Pfizer went to ensure they achieved their data goals, allowing them to quickly boast an efficacy rate of 95%.

While Pfizer assumed that their protocols and data would remain under their tight control for most of our lifetimes, a judge decided otherwise. When the Pfizer documents were released under court order earlier this year, Dr. Naomi Wolf and Mr. Steve Bannon embarked on a huge undertaking to gather professional volunteers to analyze the data released by the FDA. Within a span of a few short weeks, the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis team, led by Amy Kelly, was born.

In the last year, there have been dozens of reports published by DailyClout of egregious examples of Pfizer possessing documented data that should have been shared with the public yet was actively covered up or ignored.

Jeyanthi Kunadhasan, MD, FANZCA; Ed Clark, MSE; and Chris Flowers, MD of Team 3 have spent months poring over the details of the trial participants, in an attempt to understand how Pfizer reached its conclusion that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has a 95% efficacy rate.


The clinical trial timeline unrolled as follows:

July 27- Nov 14, 2020: The clinical trial run by Pfizer to determine efficacy enrolled approximately 44,000 participants.

Nov 20: Pfizer submitted their data with a request for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID vaccine

Dec 10, 2020: FDA held a meeting to discuss Pfizer’s EUA request

Dec 11, 2020: EUA was APPROVED

Dec 14, 2020: First dose administered to the public

DailyClout Digs into the Data

On December 10, 2020, one day before the EUA was approved, an article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) titled “Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine”. It is a detailed layout of the process of the clinical trial, authored by 12 scientists for the “C4591001 Clinical Trial Group” and “supported by BioNTech and Pfizer”. In the article, the authors explain the breakdown of their conclusion that the vaccine had an efficacy rate of 95%.

Out of the tens of thousands of trial participants, the efficacy rate was determined by just 170 participants who contracted COVID-19 in the time frame set after Dose 2, IF they remained eligible and in the trial.

An endpoint is the main outcome that is being measured by a clinical trial. In the case of the Pfizer trial, the endpoint was efficacy. Once the DailyClout research team had that efficacy endpoint number of 170 participants, plus the court-ordered release of the Pfizer documents, the team was able to comb through the summaries, notes, and code numbers of the approximately 44,000 participants and managed to find the 170 participants who changed the world.

Protocol Deviations

Unsurprisingly, the DailyClout team found a number of serious issues upon which the patient population conclusion was 95% efficacy based on the way the trial was conducted:

  • Five of the 170 did not get Dose 2 in the originally scheduled time frame, which was 19-23 days from Dose 1.
  • The 14 amendments to the protocol never formally stated a widening of the dosing interval. Instead, this change was only found in the Statistical Analysis Plan, a document not normally publicly available. The formal protocol allowed ambiguity by using the words “predefined window” for the dosing interval.
  • One of the 170 patients had an investigational product dosing/administration error.
  • Another of the 170 had a significant protocol deviation, as they had received a blood product within 60 days of enrollment through the conclusion of the study. 16 other patients had this protocol deviation.
  • Two of the 170 were withdrawn from the trial prior to the issuance of the EUA. One of them withdrew because he/she disagreed with the medical management of the trial.
  • Approximately 2,305 participants did not move on to Dose 2 after receiving Dose 1.
  • The participants were handpicked by Pfizer, and then randomized into placebo and vaccinated groups on a 1:1 ratio. The issue with this is that the trial managers overwhelmingly chose young, healthy people to be participants, yet the initial vaccine campaign targeted the elderly and the sick.

In the protocol, it was clearly stated that a major protocol deviation would exclude the patient from being part of the endpoint analysis, from the date it occurred until the participant’s remaining follow-up. In order to declare a drug effective, the trial must be done on a population that had followed the protocol correctly.

Original Reports and Videos

The DailyClout team has spent months doing a meticulous job detailing and providing evidence for their concerns.

  • The full report can be found on DailyClout.
  • A short video explanation of the 170 can be found here.
  • A long video explanation by the author, Jeyanthi Kunadhasan, MD, FANZCA can be found here.


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Dr. Wolf On Forced Vaccines For Soldiers And Students

Dr. Naomi Wolf appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Tuesday evening. Dr. Wolf discussed her recent appearance at a Medical Freedom rally at Yale University, her alma mater, and military vaccine mandates which are currently under the microscope as a new Congress prepares to enter D.C.

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Today’s Legislative Call to Action: Sealing Records

About S.5146

A bill to provide for the sealing of records relating to Federal nonviolent criminal offenses related to substance use disorders, and for other purposes
US Congress 117th Congress









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Canada’s Emergency Act Inquiry Windup Shows Biden and Trudeau Lock Step in Denying Basic Fundamental Freedoms

Canada’s Public Order Emergency Commission, otherwise known as the Emergencies Act Inquiry regarding the Freedom Convoy trucker protests that took place in late January and February to fight vaccine mandates, lock-downs, and mandate related border restrictions, is finally coming to a close after six weeks.  The Freedom Convoy protests took place in The Commission is a legislated requirement for the usage of the  Canada’s Emergencies Act (EA) formerly called the war measures act that Trudeau used to compel police and tow trucks to put down the peaceful trucker protests.


Last week multiple ministers testified including Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  The commission which will produce a final report with recommendations in February, is headed by Justice Paul Rouleau, although he was rumored to be a supporter of Trudeau and his Liberal Party.  No matter what the final report reads, the Trudeau government has been losing the public relations battle overall, in spite of their best or worst efforts having Trudeau appear on Canada’s Drag Race the same day as his testimony at the Inquiry. Trudeau and his government ministers have appeared to be distant, tone-deaf elites who fear opposition and are prepared to nullify it as they see fit. It now seems to be affecting Trudeau’s polling numbers that are trending down with Polling Canada showing Trudeaus’ approval rating dropped 16 percent with 54 percent now disapproving of Trudeau. 


This polling dive could be tied to one of the key moments during his testimony where Trudeau falsely claimed that he had never called unvaccinated Canadians “names,” when he is caught on video deriding the unvaccinated and the truckers as “racists and misogynists” again and again, causing #TrudeauLied and #TrudeauLiedUnderOat to trend on Twitter for many days.


Trudeau was in fact the first prime minister to invoke the Emergencies Act, legislation that gave federal and provincial governments authoritarian powers to suppress protests and smother dissent. The act replaced the War Measures Act – essentially marital law – that, ironically, Trudeau’s father – Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau – had invoked in October 1970 to counter the terrorist and separatist Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ).


There has always been speculation that the elder Trudeau senior acted so vociferously against the Quebec separatist group – the FLQ — because then-President Richard Nixon insisted that the prime minister get tough with the terrorists in his backyard. The Freedom Convoy lawyers asked Trudeau and many his ministers whether President Joe Biden had also demanded action from Canada – since Trudeau meet with the president just one day before invoking the Emergencies Act. There was denial from all – but it wasn’t very convincing.


This is why it is very interesting and apropos that one of the biggest things that came out during Commission testimony is that the Biden administration and President Biden demanded Trudeau and the Canadian government regularly report and also crack-down on the peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors.  Particularly on the Windsor Canada and Detroit, US border.  Regular calls from from Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council and Biden’s top economic adviser and U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took place with all of them pressuring the Trudeau government to do more to put down the protests, even so far as demanding to see the “plan”. 


Seeking to appease Biden was a huge priority for Trudeau and his government came through in testimony and government notes, with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland saying that Washington was “very, very, very worried.”


The day before Trudeau’s appearance, the Democracy Fund lawyer Alan Honner grilled Deputy PM Freeland, also the Finance Minister who secretly circulated a black list and froze many bank accounts with the EA.  Honner outlined the timeline of how a telephone call between Biden and Trudeau happened on the Friday and “by the Monday the Emergencies Act was invoked.”  Freeland had to admit to this being absolutely “true”.


This was in spite of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge already being clear by the time the Emergencies Act was invoked.


Freeland in her testimony also claimed that a US investor, “saying I won’t invest in other red cent in your Banana Republic in Canada,” was another motivating factor for the Trudeau government cracking down with the Emergencies Act.  However, it should be noted that generally comments about “Banana Republics” relate to dictatorial, corrupt governments, not a demand to crack down further on the populace.  But this did not seem to phase Freeland or the Trudeau government.


Freeland also possessed the unmitigated gall to describe the Emergencies Act as a “non-violent incentive,” that “peacefully” resolved the Freedom Convoy protests.


A what? Doublespeak is a alive and well in the Orwellian climate of the Trudeau government.

Peaceful resolution?


Tell that to the Mohawk woman, Candice Sero,  who was trampled by a police horse while she stood with the aid of a walker. She told me at the inquiry that she broke her collar bone in the incident and that she’s still in pain because of the attack.


It was also comical to hear testimony of how Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti asked Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino about obtaining tanks from the Canadian Army to face down the placard-waving protesters. “How many?” Mendicino asked.


Another revelation from Trudeau is that he admitted that he knew the Convoy was never armed and that it had no serious intent or even desire to overthrow the government or engage in any violence. The Prime Minister insisted several times that the Emergencies Act was needed not to dispel non-existent violence for the threat of violence.  He also claimed he acted as he did out of concern for the public’s safety. He described this as his primary job.


Trudeau’s hardened narcissism and contempt for political dissidents were on display as he claimed the Freedom Convoy did not just want to be heard “but obeyed.” He said he is “absolutely serene and confident that he made the right decision” in invoking the Emergencies Act.


The Freedom Convoy lawyer Eva Chipiuk’s final question pinned down Canada’s Prime Minister when she asked, “When did you and your government start to become so afraid of your own citizens.”


He responded, “I am not. We are not.”

That sparked an outburst of disbelief where the Justice threatened to clear “that half of the room” if they continued to vocalize their contempt for Trudeau and his words.


But the commission’s work didn’t end on Friday afternoon when Trudeau left the room with his security component. The inquiry will continue to hear the testimony of “experts” — as I was told. Who will these experts be? So far they are presenting opinions regarding the threat of social media during an “emergency.” This is concerning that what was formerly a “war measures act” could be amended to make it easier for future politicians to use to crush blue collar opponents of government.

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‘You’re Violating Them!’ – Dr. Naomi Wolf Gives a Fiery Speech Against Yale University’s Vax Mandate

“What you’re about to do is a serious crime.”

“My heart is breaking — and I’m on the verge of tears,” grieved Dr. Naomi Wolf while speaking at a December 2 medical freedom rally in front of Yale University — in opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Yale is requiring students, most between the ages of 17 and 22, to take the bivalent booster tested on eight mice — while allowing their faculty a pass on the latest shot.

“I cannot believe that in the year 2022,” Naomi continued. “After 35 years of advocacy for women’s health and human rights and civil liberties, I’m standing here to say Yale University should not mandate 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds, 19-year-olds, 20-year-olds, 21-year-olds with an experimental dangerous mRNA lipid nanoparticle injection — just so they can come back to school and resume their educations! I can’t believe I have to say this. But here we are.”

Naomi expresses how she always believed Yale would “protect the civilization that it sought to portray — a civilization in which I learned about the Nuremberg Code here at Yale. I learned about the Geneva Conventions here at Yale. I learned about the Hippocratic oath … here at Yale University. I cannot believe I’m standing outside these walls, saying, ‘Don’t coerce minors and young adults into damaging their lives and submitting to an illegal injection that violates the Geneva Conventions, that violates the Nuremberg Code, that violates the Hippocratic oath, that violates basic human rights — so these kids can pick up their education.’ Don’t do it.”

Dr. Wolf moves on to the legalities — “or the crimes” — that they are about to commit. “I want to tell the world — if it hasn’t been following, that Yale University doesn’t mandate the faculty for this bivalent booster. Yale University doesn’t mandate the staff for this experimental injection! It is mandating that children! It is mandating that kids, that students!”

A listener interrupts by saying, “Coercion is not consent.”

“Exactly right,” agreed Naomi, as she proceeded to speak directly to the University.

“What you’re about to do is a serious crime. It is deeply illegal. Certainly, it violates Title IX.”

Naomi explains, “Title IX commits the University to not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in getting an equal education. I am telling Yale — I oversee a project in which 3500 experts review the Pfizer documents released under court order by a lawsuit. In that document, there is catastrophic harm to women! And especially to young women! And especially to their reproductive health. [In the] Pfizer documents, there are 20 different names for f*cking up your menstrual cycle. I am not kidding. And pardon my language — but I am angry. You can bleed all month! You can bleed twice a month. You can bleed in such a way that you’re hemorrhaging! You can bleed so that you’ve got agonizing cramps. And 72% of those with adverse events in the Pfizer documents are women!”

“That’s disgusting,” hollered someone from the crowd.

“Is that a violation of Title IX to inflict that on the class of 2023, 2024, 2025?” asked Naomi. “Yes, it is a violation! How will these young women pursue their education equally if they’re suffering? How will they be athletes? How will they pursue their athletic scholarships if they’re injured in that way?”

Naomi proceeds to put Yale University on notice that there is a 20% drop in births around the world among vaccinated populations.

“I’ve had my babies. Women my age have had our babies … These young women haven’t had their children yet! What are you doing to them?! What are you inflicting on them?! You’re violating them!” cried Dr. Wolf. “There will be 18, 19, 20-year-old members of the Class of 2023, 2024, 2025, who will not be able to conceive — and we know it from seeing the Pfizer documents. We know it. It’s a fact! It’s a fact. For sure, there are going to be women who will be injured reproductively for the rest of their lives. Dr. James Thorp has shown how the lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta and damage the placenta, resulting in higher rates of miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, and stillbirths.”

“When that happens, where will Yale be?” asked Wolf. “Yale will have blood on its hands from those young women injured for no medical reason! Why get a booster at this point at all for healthy young populations? The data are in; the CDC backtracked — they confirmed what I’ve been telling you for a year and a half. Vaccines don’t affect transmission. So there’s literally no reason for anyone to mandate any injection for a respiratory virus of this kind.”

Thank you, Naomi, for fiercely speaking up on behalf of the students. Please, give Dr. Wolf a follow on SubstackGettr, and DailyClout.io. She’s doing a phenomenal job exposing the COVID criminals.

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Letters to 13 State Attorneys General to Consider Investigating and Prosecuting CDC Officials for Reckless Endangerment or Similar Crimes

Attorney Edward A. Berkovich recently sent letters to the attorneys general for Wyoming, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Indiana, Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Tennessee, Montana, Florida, and Utah, encouraging them to consider state-level action to investigate and prosecute Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials for reckless endangerment or similar state crimes for CDC’s three-month delay in reporting the first statistically significant signal of myocarditis incidence following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.


ag wyoming letter 11 26 22 final draft


New Hampshire

ag new hampshire letter 11 24 22



ag kentucky letter 11 24 22



ag kansas letter 11 24 22



ag texas letter 11 23 22



ag indiana letter 11 22 22 final draft



ag alaska letter 11 20 22 final draft



ag alabama letter 11 20 22 final draft



ag arizona letter 11 20 22 final draft



ag tennessee letter 11 20 22



ag montana letter 11 19 2022 final draft



ag florida letter 11 16 22 final draft



ag utah letter 11 04 22


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