Doctor, Therapist, Lover, Scientist, Poet


In my work, I blend my skill sets in medicine and psychology. They work seamlessly inside me, and I cannot separate them. Lover, too, means I am a passionate man, translating into a lover of beauty and love itself. For me, the most beautiful thing is vulnerability and the tears of the melting heart. Nature is beautiful, and so is the heart nature of people. And so is some of the spiritual prose I will share below.

Scientist means I am grounded in the rationality of physics, which I once taught. And mainly like Einstein, I think with intuition. Few can think creatively about medicine, so not that much changes. That is all I do: push as hard as possible for change and evolution in treatment. Most doctors will lose their licenses if they step out of the box. And those that try to push forward do so along narrow experimental lines. Sadly, overall, we go nowhere.

Today, there has never been such a need for help; living on a poisoned planet with pharmaceutical drugs doing quite a bit of the poisoning, politicians gone mad, economic iceberg dead ahead, and the field of modern medicine coming off the rails with terrorism attacking humanity with genetic vaccines and laboratory created spike proteins. And the list goes on.

What is crucial is the ability to see the most basic needs and what should be done to address our absolute necessities physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. This is the work I do in my consultations with great positive regard.

My wife told me that few people can do what I can when working with people. Psychology was my first love before wading deep onto the shores of medicine. Everyone who knows me knows I break all the rules, especially regarding my therapist self.

Most of the therapy I have done during these 20 medical years is with my wife and my teenage and adult children. If one can be transparent and objective with those closest to them, one can be clear with anyone. It is that difficult. But one obtains profound rewards. What can be more rewarding than having one’s family trust their father on such a deep level?

It is hard to be around me and not feel pushed to change. What are relationships for but for growth and change? So, I tend to keep to myself.

mindless psychology by Dr. Mark Sircus book

The first school of psychology I follow is Color Psychology, which at Harvard University is termed Perceptual Psychology or levels of intelligence. And I was one of the early writers about virtual psychology.

My online life was a great place to apply Communication Psychology, my greatest love, which I created and applied almost daily. The subset and most crucial aspect of this is Listening Psychology.

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen
to anything that might require a change.
To listen is to change.
We cannot change without listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to listen.

Many years ago, Dr. Scott Peck laid down the first foundation stones for the therapy of love when he said, “We are now able to see the essential ingredient that makes psychotherapy effective and successful. It is not ‘unconditional positive regard,’ nor is it magical words, techniques, or postures; it is human involvement and struggle. It is the willingness of the therapist to extend him or herself to nurture the patient’s growth – willing to go out on a limb, to involve oneself at an emotional level in the relationship truly, and to struggle with the patient and oneself. In short, love is essential to successful deep and meaningful psychotherapy.”

Dr. Peck said, “Most mental illness is caused by an absence of or defect in the love that a particular child required from its particular parents for successful maturation and spiritual growth.” It becomes obvious then that what patients need more than anything is love. They need this love for healing to take place.

The following is like bedrock in my consciousness. I planted many things deep into the soil of my mind, heart, and soul, into my DNA, that steers the ship of my life.

Love is the offering of Oneness, the maintenance of Oneness
and the work of creating Oneness.
True love is an epic romance with Oneness,
with love and with life itself.
Romance is essentially the dream of Oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind, and soul
it becomes the seed feeling that has the potential to grow
into the deepest and most pure love.
Oneness is the ultimate goal of love.
Romance was probably invented by God to teach us
that we are capable of loving our fellow human beings very deeply
and with the totality of our soul.

Indiscernible threads connect all beings, and we have internal systems that give us the means to detect the ‘flux’ of these connections. Because the separative powers of our minds and personalities hold so much ability to create separation between our beings, these ‘fluxes’ or movements toward and away from Oneness can be pretty intense. And these movements have much to do with our deepest feelings and generate much of our emotional content. When we separate from our hearts and the hearts of others, our minds ponder in darkness, and these mind trips rip our emotional centers asunder. 

To be One on a soul level with another
there is no separation between your
inner being and the being of the other.

Yes, I am from Mars, or used to be. Some people are still hungry for love in a deep sense and might want it bad enough to get it. In my experience, it does not come easy, but comes if you don’t give up.

Medical Miracle's with Bicarbonates by Dr. Mark Sircus book

I am feeling incredibly evangelistic about carbon dioxide medicine these days and leading a crusade against all those who would promote CO2 as evil when it is the ultimate good. However, I am taking a slight break and am on a retreat at my Sanctuary in Brazil. I am giving myself time to feel deeper into things. And drink more coffee.

I have finally decided to open my paradise here in Brazil, where I deliberately set out to bring heaven to Earth. I succeeded. However, I am opening only to my clients around the planet. We will have the most potent therapies to apply and the beauty of Nature all around us. All for the body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

I must tell you what it feels like to have discovered the Holy Grail of medicine and life. I have been writing about carbon dioxide for almost 15 years, in its different forms, but only recently have I seen it as the Holy Grail it is. It’s nothing short of the foundation of life and our source as carbon-based beings. There is a war going on against carbon-based beings, meaning us. Zero Carbon is the idea of lunatics. So, it is a war that needs to be fought.

It is highly dismaying that some want a total war between Russia and the West. But we have a war against all of us waged by pharmaceutical giants whose weapon of choice most recently is the COVID-19 vaccines, making some people very rich.

It’s funny that we can fight a war using CO2 as a sword against corrupt, toxic medicine. And against the army of climate fanatics who have it all wrong. Maybe there is only 30% who believe the crap in the mainstream media. They are using CO2 to steal the public blind and sour our children’s mood.

Climate Change Fraud Equals Massive Child Abuse

young people holding sign in protest against climate change image

We have massive problems on our planet that threaten our children’s futures. Someday, visitors to Earth will call it the plastic planet or one destroyed by forever chemicals, intense mercury pollution, and human stupidity.

You will not see this planet was destroyed by excess carbon dioxide gas, meaning global manmade warming. But history will record that a generation of young people were driven mad by the lies of global warming when it was destined to cool all along because of changes in the sun.

The plants on Earth are more intelligent than politicians, and they laugh because they love CO2 and grow faster and stronger the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere. Climatologists and politicians only get stupider, and indeed, they are all religious men who do not and cannot listen to or believe in science.


Democracy is dead in the United States of America. Or yes, everyone in America is willing to risk their lives and the lives of all their loved ones in a war against Russia. And would vote for it. Politicians have their agenda, and it has nothing to do with the wants and needs of people.

I started this essay very personally but am ending it on an unforgiving note. The mainstream and all its lies are crushing the happiness of the human race and forcing suicides constantly up. There is no forgiving what too many are involved with doing when it is done to the young, including the incredible hostility doctors show babies on their first day of life. Christian forgiveness is not the beginning and the end of how humanity must deal with insane sociopaths who want to mold life with their wicked evil.

You Don't Want to Depend on Modern Oncology


Cancer rates are going up. They are climbing into the sky, but as expected, we hear the usual: they don’t know why. They guess, of course. The researchers postulate a range of potential contributors to the trend, including the escalating rates of obesity coupled with lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary habits, and inadequate sleep, but that is not half of it.

Environmental elements, including exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and pollutants, are also believed to play a pivotal role. However, modern medicine cannot address or treat toxic exposures because the medical-industrial complex is busy using carcinogenic drugs and radiation. There is no chance oncologists will finger themselves as a significant cause of cancer.

However, doctors are one of the leading causes of cancer; no wonder we have lost the war on cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both intrinsically carcinogenic treatments. Take the cancer drug tamoxifen, for example. It is classified by the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society as a human carcinogen. It has been documented to cause over two dozen health-destroying side effects, yet it is still used as a first-line treatment for certain types of breast cancer.

We will not hear that the surge in radiation exposure from medical tests could contribute to the rise of cancer. Nor will you hear from oncologists that since COVID-19 vaccines were given to about 5 billion people, there has been a sudden rise in cancer and overall death rates. Oncologists refuse to connect genetic injections to the rapid decline of health and the increase in sudden death and cancer.

Cancer is hard enough to treat even under the best circumstances, but it is murderous when genetic injections provoke it. Early in 2022, Senator Ron Johnson hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called “Second Opinion.” One of the speakers at this 5-hour recorded event was attorney Thomas Renz, who, in the short time allotted to him, testified that three military medical professionals had become whistleblowers, putting their careers on the line to expose data contained in the Department of Defense Medical Database, under oath and penalty of perjury, regarding a nearly 300% increase in cancer, and over a 1000% increase in neurological injuries. Renz stated: “Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.” (by the COVID-19 vaccines.)

The deliberately made COVID-19 Bioweapon may predispose recovered cancer patients to cancer development and accelerate cancer progression. This hypothesis is based on growing evidence of the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to modulate oncogenic pathways, promote chronic low-grade inflammation, and cause tissue damage. Mainstream oncology refuses to consider this and thus remains silent on this issue yet many doctors are weighing in on what are called “Turbo Cancers.” The list of people is growning who are coming to admit that the biggest mistake of their life was to subject themselves to the genetic vaccines.

Eighty years ago millions had to be forced at gunpoint into Nazi concentration camps where untold numbers were subjected to medical experimentation. Today we have evolved with billions rolling up their sleeves with smiles on their faces desperate for their shots, no guns needed. I guess they just wanted to make the CEO of Pfizer into the best paid pharmaceutical executive in the business.

The entire edifice of the vaccine world is
built on the principle of human sacrifice.

Long COVID—and the increased risk of death, disability, and hospitalization—can persist for two years, according to a landmark study published in Nature Medicine. For those who contracted the virus in 2020 and were hospitalized with it, the risk of death and hospitalization remained “significantly elevated” for two years, according to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Washington University researchers.

The CDC now says that the new COVID lineage could cause infections in vaccinated individuals, meaning the vaccines given so far are good for nothing. That means more genetic shots are on the way, so expect even more cancer among the vaccinated, and this is just part of the story of why cancer rates and death will continue to skyrocket.

Don’t Breathe The Smoke!

don't breath the smoke image

The Weather Network reported recently that in areas of Eastern and Midwestern Canada and the United States where wildfire smoke has been heavy, residents have noticed a burnt plastic smell in the air. Kang Sun, an assistant professor at the University at Buffalo studying the chemistry and physics of the Earth’s atmosphere, explained to The New York Times that when biomass like branches, trees, and leaves burn, they spew volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

As the VOCs linger in the air, they interact with ultraviolet (UV) radiation to create pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde, which smell like burning plastic. Michael Jerrett, a professor of environmental health science at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, told The New York Times that these chemicals are “certainly a health concern.” Benzene and formaldehyde are classified by the World Health Organization as Group 1 carcinogens, meaning there is sufficient evidence that they cause cancer in humans.

The American Lung Association says wildfire smoke can be “extremely harmful” to lung health. Wildfire smoke consists of a mix of air pollutants, including particle pollution, like PM2.5. These tiny particles can get lodged deep in the lungs and cause asthma attacks, heart attacks, and strokes.

Researchers from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health found PM2.5 may increase the risk of developing dementia, according to a report published in the medical journal BMJ in April. Other studies also show a link between wildfire exposure and increased mortality, respiratory illnesses, and cancer.

However, neither of these studies nor organizations are calculating mercury and radiation toxicity from the fires.

Have You Ever Heard An Oncologist Talk About Mercury?

modern oncology image

Mercury is the most potent enzyme inhibitor; it is in a class of its own and deserves its title as the most toxic non-radioactive element. Because mercury and lead attach themselves to highly vulnerable junctures of proteins, they find their extraordinary capacity to provoke biochemical shifts and morphological changes in the body.

Forests are considered a pool of mercury in the global mercury cycle. Forest fires release more mercury into the atmosphere than previously recognized, a multidisciplinary research project at the University of Michigan suggested in 2007. The problem of mercury emissions assumes an alarming proportion once we consider that mercury is highly mobile and travels far and wide. It is a grave danger even for populations with no significant mercury-polluting sources.

Wildfires are releasing mercury long ago sequestered, yet since 2006, genuinely massive amounts of mercury have been spread around the globe. Total annual mercury emissions into the air from all its sources are estimated to exceed 5000-7000 tons (Mason et al. 1994; Lamborg et al. 2002; Gray and Hines 2006). Since the turn of the century, approximately 138,000 tons of mercury have been spread around the globe, and that is the discounted amount since China and India have been building massive amounts of coal-fired plants since these numbers were calculated.

Up and down the eastern part of the United States, we find high levels of mercury. No one in mainstream medicine is taking into account the intensifying increase in background mercury contamination of fish, water, air, soil, and foods or calculating the hundreds of trillions of mercury atoms and molecules absorbed directly each day, day after day, year after year through having gram weight quantities placed directly in the mouth with dental amalgam. The FDA of course thinks it is absolutely safe to put mercury inches from the brain but elsewhere around the world more sane health authorities beg to disagree.

Dr. Rashid Buttar, who some people believe was recently murdered, testified before Congress that “the association of mercury to chronic diseases is well documented in the didactic scientific literature. The search for the association between mercury and cardiovascular disease reveals 358 scientific papers exemplifying the relationship; we find 643 scientific papers between mercury and cancer. The association of mercury with neurodegenerative diseases is the most significant, with references numbering 1,445.” The official position currently is that there is “some” evidence that methylmercury can cause cancer in humans. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified methylmercury as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

“There is no safe level of mercury, and no one has actually shown that there is a safe level,” said Dr. Lars Friberg, Chief Adviser to the WHO on mercury safety. According to the observations made by the internationally recognized medical researcher Yoshiaki Omura, MD, all cancer cells have mercury in them.

A growing body of scientific research suggests heavy metals contribute to carcinogenesis by inducing/increasing oxidative stress.[i] Oxidative stress damages DNA and can lead to mutations that promote cancer. Heavy metals also disrupt the process of Apoptosis (programmed cell death). Apoptosis is vital for safely removing sick/unhealthy cells, including cells that may become cancerous.

Radiation Contamination

modern oncology image

Around Chornobyl, when a forest burned intensely for only 90 minutes, it released cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium-238, -239, and -240 in blasts of smoke and heat. In just one hour, the firefighters were exposed to more than triple the annual radiation limit for Chornobyl’s nuclear workers. The blazes released radiation trapped for decades in the soil surrounding the Ukrainian city of Prypiat abandoned in 1986 following an explosion at the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant that caused the world’s worst nuclear accident, that is, until Fukushima.

Naturally occurring radionuclides, such as those of the uranium and thorium series and artificial radionuclides, are accumulated in plants. Summer vegetation fires release these natural and man-made radionuclides into the atmosphere. Concentrations of uranium isotopes 238U, 235U, 234U, 232Th, 230Th, 226Ra, 210Pb, and 210Po were measured in smoke from wild vegetation fires. It is shown that radionuclide concentrations in smoke particles are enhanced about 100 times in comparison with the vegetation of the area and with reference aerosols.

Unfortunately, contemporary oncology cannot give us the answers we need and the necessary therapy for cancer patients that will win the war on cancer. Oncologists cannot even give us a coherent picture of cancer and how to avoid it. They keep parading one promising substance after another with big futuristic promises that are never kept.

Kevin Harrington, a professor of biological cancer therapies at The Institute of Cancer Research and an honorary consultant oncologist at the Royal Marsden (RMH) and St George’s Hospital in London, says, “In 20 years, I confidently expect we will cure a substantially larger number of cancer patients,” he said. “And we will cure them with far smarter and kinder treatments than current approaches.” This does not mean there will ever be a single cure for cancer, said Dr. Claire Bromley, Cancer Research U.K.’s senior science communications manager.

One recent headline, ‘Five breakthroughs pushing us closer to a cure for cancer.’ How often have we read of new research, new drugs promising cancer cures? It is a cruel joke as cancer mortality and incidence are getting worse, not better. One of their favorite drugs they say will eradicate cancer, AOH1966, will take at least five to 10 years to gain approval in the U.K.

Rates of colorectal cancer have been increasing in young people. A new study finds that early-onset cancer — defined as cancer in people younger than 50 — increased from 2010 to 2019. In 2019, the highest number of cases of early-onset cancer were in the breast — 12,649 — but during the study period, gastrointestinal cancers had the fastest-growing rates of early-onset cancer.

According to a new report, gastrointestinal cancers—including colorectal, pancreatic, and bile duct—are being diagnosed more often and faster in younger adults than a decade ago. A study published in JAMA Network Open showed early-onset gastrointestinal cancers not only had the most significant increase in the number of new cases (from 6,431 cases in 2010 to 7,383 cases in 2019, or a 14.8% increase) but also had the fastest increase, rising at a rate of 2.16% per year.

Death and Harm by Oncology

modern oncology image

Oncologists do not understand the most fundamental cause of every type of cancer: hypoxia. Oxygen deficiency causes cells to turn to fermentation, the hallmark of cancer metabolism. Dr. Robert Rowan says, “Dr. Otto Warburg emphasized that you can’t make a cell ferment unless a LACK OF OXYGEN is involved. In 1955, two American scientists, R.A. Malmgren, and C.C. Flanigan, confirmed Warburg’s findings. They found that oxygen deficiency is ALWAYS present when cancer develops.”

Information About Forever Chemicals and Cancer

It is a little late after widespread contamination, but they are finally saying that there’s growing evidence that regular exposure to man-made “forever” chemicals, which are used in a variety of household products, are linked to rising cancer rates. And that is a big problem when you consider that “forever chemicals” have been found in 45% of the nation’s tap water, according to a recent government study.

A new study that examined the correlation between liver cancer and the presence of these chemicals in humans found that people with the highest levels of exposure have 350% greater odds of eventually developing the disease.

The term “forever” chemicals refers to the more than 4,700 available types of perfluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, used widely across manufacturing industries — named as such because the substances degrade very slowly and build up over time in soil, drinking water, and in the body.

PFAS were first introduced in the 1930s as a revolutionary material used in the creation of nonstick cookware — hello, Teflon — and soon adapted to all sorts of products and packaging — from construction materials to cosmetics — that benefit from its liquid- and fire-resistant properties, as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A new study suggests per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as forever chemicals or PFAS, reduce the activity of human immune cells.

Dr. Gunda Herberth, an environmental immunologist, and other scientists examined the impact of PFAS on immune cells from the blood of healthy donors. Herberth said, “Studies have shown that PFAS can be detected in the blood of almost everyone in the world. What this means for our long-term health is not yet known.”


Oncologists seem to understand little about cancer but much about dangerous toxic tests, toxic chemotherapy, hazardous radiation treatments, and surgery. Perhaps we should have some compassion for these doctors who have had the worst possible medical education. They just do not know any better, meaning they know not what they do and are not conscious of the harm they are doing. Of course, that is true, or they would not be able to sleep at night.

I would offer my cancer course to reeducate them about the multiple causes of cancer and safer treatments that address these causes, but I would be wasting my time, no doubt. Though my course is part of a doctoral program for Naturopathic medicine, I offer it inexpensively to patients so they can quickly know more than their oncologists, which is easy since their doctors know so little.

[i] Mitochondria as an important target in heavy metal toxicity in rat hepatoma AS-30D cells;Belyaeva EA, Dymkowska D, Wieckowski MR, Wojtczak L.j; Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2008 Aug 15;231(1):34-42. Epub 2008 Apr 7. PubMed

Extend Your Health with Inexpensive Anti-Aging Protocols


“People are desperately trying to live forever,” reads one headline sporting the biggest anti-aging trends sweeping the nation. We now have the knowledge and the technology to extend our lives and enough medical firepower to press back against the hard edge of time. But meanwhile, people are getting sicker, disabled, and stone-cold dead in vastly increasing numbers, and doctors have no clue as to why so they cannot be of help.

As we get older, we want to feel and get younger, which becomes more possible when we become freer from pharmaceuticals and the whole mindset of modern medicine. Our culture places great value on staying and looking young, and a vast industry is in place to allow people to live longer. Unfortunately, very sadly, the entire medical-industrial complex wants to shorten our lives and even kill us with their genetic vaccines.

Anti-aging enthusiasts contend that life spans can be prolonged, and they are correct; they can be. The bottom line is that anti-aging should be built into any good medical approach. When we feel better when recovering from a chronic disease, we usually look better and feel younger as we return to health.

Anti-aging Enthusiasts

Anti-aging enthusiasts contend that life spans can be prolonged, and they can be, with intelligent action. David Sinclair, a 53-year-old Harvard biologist and anti-aging researcher, says his “biological age” is ten years younger than his actual age.

“My calculated biological age has been going down for the past decade or more to a point where I’m predicted to live at least a decade longer than I would have if I hadn’t done anything,” he told Insider.

A 45-year-old biotech CEO may have reduced his biological age by at least five years through a rigorous medical program that can cost up to $2 million a year, Bloomberg reported. Bryan Johnson hopes to rewind his body’s clock a few decades through a program he started called Project Blueprint.

Test results from doctors suggest that Johnson has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old, Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance reported. According to the report, the program is led by Oliver Zolman, a 29-year-old physician who calls himself the “rejuvenation doctor,” and is supported by a team of more than 30 health experts. Last year, after a year on chlorine dioxide, a doctor who did a live blood analysis said I had the blood profile of a 15-year-old.

Johnson and his son were on their way to a clinic in Texas where Talmage would serve as his “blood boy,” donating plasma that would be injected into his father’s bloodstream as part of a drive to demonstrate how a middle-aged man might once again possess the body of an 18-year-old.

For years we have read reports of such efforts showing what is possible. However, they sport an ignorance of what exists for a thousandth of the cost. There are many anti-aging protocols, with some of the most critical elements being the least expensive but most necessary. The most essential aspects of a great anti-aging protocol are gasses like CO2, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

The First Gas That Extends Life is CO2

The administration of bicarbonates and CO2 can be the most potent instant-acting medicines. There is magnesium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, the well-researched sodium bicarbonate, plain old baking soda on one side, and the application of pure CO2 gas through the skin, which is powerful enough to knock anyone’s socks off.

Bicarbonate deficiencies increase as we age. Living in toxic cities accelerates declining bicarbonate levels in the blood and tissues. Addressing those deficiencies with the three types of bicarbonates ensures we live a healthier and longer life. Be aware that CO2 and bicarbonate are twin sisters, two forms of the same thing.

The ability to produce and retain enough carbon dioxide
is as important for longevity as the ability to conserve
enough heat to allow chemical reactions to occur as needed.
Dr. Ray Peat

Dr. Lynda Frassetto of the University of California, San Francisco, says, “Insufficient amount of bicarbonates (CO2) in our blood reduces our capabilities to manage (neutralize and dump) the acid our body produces. This is the cause of aging. The age of 45 is the average age when humans start to show symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and many other adult degenerative diseases. And since we cannot manage the acid, we accumulate acidic wastes in our bodies. These wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, urate, sulfate, phosphate, kidney stones, etc.”

The presence of carbon dioxide is an indicator
of proper mitochondrial respiratory functioning.

Dr. Frassetto attributes the reduction of bicarbonates in the blood as we age to generations of modern American diets. She also points out in another paper that the average diet today is high in sodium and low in potassium, contrary to the human body’s original genetic makeup.

Big Money Goes Deep into Anti-aging.

Altos Labs is pursuing a lavishly funded quest to unearth the secrets of aging. Altos has an immense war chest. Its team is a fleet of Nobel prizewinners, lured from governments and top universities with the promise of “sports star” salaries. Billions anyone? However, it does not matter how much money you throw at yourself. Few things can compete with cheap, safe, essential baking soda. (Bob’s Red Mill is the best and guaranteed no aluminum.) Add super-important magnesium in high doses, iodine, and selenium, breathing retraining, and intense infrared, and one can easily compete for life beyond 100 with health. Add hydrogen and oxygen inhalation therapy, and one is into serious anti-aging medicine.

My Anti-aging Secret

Here I am at almost 71, with my first grandson, and I look better than I did at age fifty. I figured that if Johnston and his son above could show their chests, so could I. My anti-aging protocol is working without spending millions. Even I was a bit shocked seeing my face in this picture. Everything I am doing is paying off.

My basic formula these days is lots of magnesium, as usual, Lumbrokinase, a powerful enzyme, sleeping all night every night on my hydrogen machine and doing intense infrared treatments with my Cocoon. Soon I will start intense administration of CO2 gas. Of course, I do yoga every morning, almost without fail, and I certainly love the one I am with intensely. Not easy to live long on this planet without love.

Hydrogen Medicine is revolutionary, and it holds the
 potential to save lives, reduce suffering and make one
beautiful and young again through its anti-aging effects.

The best methodology for reversing our aging process is to combine therapies that reinforce and multiply the other. Every anti-aging protocol approach should be about sleeping better, feeling decades younger, and setting personal performance records. Many aspects of a healthy life rely on each other, and not all have to do with physical conditions in the body. Crush the spirit, and the body will follow. Stimulate the mind, and your mood will lighten. Exercise the body, and your mind will be sharper and your body younger.

Those in their Hearts
Stay Young Forever

Any good anti-aging program is simultaneously anti-cancer, anti-stroke, and anti-heart disease, for all these diseases shorten our lives. Anti-aging is anti-disease. When we push back the clock, we push back on our chronic diseases and the inflammation that creeps up on us through the years.

Anti-aging medicine is not limited to adding years to one’s life somewhere in the future. We employ anti-aging medical technology to add vitality to one’s years. The real goal is to feel as good as possible in the present and to maintain as much of that energy, vitality, and functional ability as possible throughout the entire aging process.

The National Institute on Aging says, “Our culture places great value on staying young. Life extension is about how long one lives and how well and healthy one stays.” If our will to live is strong, we can gather our wits to defeat aging, disease, and even death up to a certain point.

Most Basic Lessons in Aging

All the unwelcome effects of aging, including metabolism slowdown, stiffness, frailty, aches, and pains, are caused by toxic buildups and nutritional deficiencies, especially in essential nutrients like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and magnesium.

CNN asks? “Want to live up to an additional 24 years? Add eight healthy lifestyle choices to your life at age 40, which could happen, according to a new unpublished study analyzing data on US veterans, starting at age 50 instead. No problem, you could prolong your life by up to 21 years, the study found. Age 60? You’ll still gain nearly 18 years if you adopt all eight healthy habits.” They say, “Exercise, eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, sleep well, and foster positive social relationships. On the flip side, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, and don’t become addicted to opioids.”


The last place I would want to die is in a hospital. Isn’t it better to die at home if your stay on earth is over, surrounded by your loved ones? Unfortunately, we all will die one day, no matter what we think or do regarding treatment. However, we can fight death with health. We can delay death and even cheat death for decades. If you want to live for as long as possible, do the right things and for sure slow your breathing down; the faster you breathe, the sooner you will die. Getting a hold of your breathing costs nothing but pays enormous dividends regarding life extension. Why? Because slow breathing conserves the most precious gas of life-carbon dioxide.

Love Is What We Need


The question being asked with increasing frequency is, can a man and a woman really love each other for the rest of their lives? In today’s world, this is an appropriate question and there are increasing doubts about the possibility of such love. Yet for some, true and pure love can be experienced, and marriage can work, though it is an institution overdue for some major overhauls, which we have seen as homosexual love has been embraced in the West, and now the transgender population is asserting their rights. But no matter what the sexual orientation it is love that everyone needs and seeks.

Marriage on a soul level is the deepest commitment one human being can give another. It is the kind of love and trust that can occur under the right conditions between people, where each person cares as much for the other as they do for themselves. Marriage on a soul level is something quite different than legal or religious marriages where the quality of love can be in doubt.

Soul love is free but intensely committed, intensely loving.
We humans need to love and trust deeply.
There are many beings walking this planet with beautiful hearts
that is deserving of our love but the secret of course
is to become one of them, a being with a love light
shining out of our hearts. We need to give
what we would want to receive.

Today many people are in crisis with themselves and their relationships with others and thus transformation is being demanded on many levels. We all need love and the comfort of relationships but how to enter and maintain an independence of spirit in the context of our intimate relationships is a difficult question, but one that is vital to answer. I have found it possible to be totally independent and totally dependent on my significant other and it is an amazing space of love and grace.

The time is ripe for revolutionary changes. The social systems and ideologies that for many generations have held people together and provided security and sanity are now displaying alarming degrees of bankruptcy. Marriage and the family for too many have betrayed their promise and no longer provide the anchor to maintain mental and emotional stability.

All over the globe, the young are demonstrating ever-increasing cynicism, dissatisfaction, and disillusionment. There is a sense of doom in the young that the older generation is largely responsible for. This has grown exponentially since the COVID lockdowns and as the mental illness of climate change is spread daily in the news. And environmental desecration on an enormous scale strip the young of hope.

For two thousand years we have given the churches their opportunity but there is a desert sweeping the inner worlds of our race consciousness as the background anxiety is going off the Richter scale. And there seems to be a deafening silence among Christian churches when it comes to the political and social climate today.

Same with modern psychology which is unable to finger the massive insanity of both politics and medicine. Social psychosis is widespread. In the words of the British psychiatrist, R. D. Laing, “The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man.” The only answer no matter what is happening is love and even then, the desperation is creeping upward as our leaders can only show off their insanity.

Marriage in its most idealistic sense is the total bonding of two being for life. It is a total commitment. For way too many today, divorce, separation, pain, insecurity, broken homes, and parentless children are much more the norm than happiness and fulfillment.

However, love surely is one of the best reasons for living. But what is love? We need to know that. Some people see love as a decision, the kind that has the power to carry us through all the difficulties and mistakes. For sure love is represented by our emotions, feelings, and passions but is love only this? We do know that it is a feeling that shapes the most important decisions and actions in our lives.

Love is that feeling of just wanting to do something, anything for the one we love. To love is to care and to care is to give. Love and will are intimately connected for what we love to do we have basically unlimited will for.

Love is the heavenly force that binds all as one,
two as one, three as one, and so on.
Human loves are necessary as a step toward the divine.
Love is the power that closes the circuit between beings.
There is nothing more beautiful than true love,
nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for.

Love is something we feel when we are close and feeling one with another being. Therapist M. Scott Peck defined love as the willingness to go out on a limb, to truly involve oneself, and struggle at an emotional level with another in a relationship for the purpose of shared growth. But all of this is missing:

Communication is love. Listening is love.
Perfect love is perfect communication.
Without perfect communication, there is no perfect love.
That pure love makes our relationships perfect,
even if we, as individuals, are not.

These two most practical definitions of love combine to form a context in which love can be understood, measured, learned, and practiced. The above prose about communication listening and love lays the foundation for the creation of Communication and Listening Psychology. In Marriage of Souls, it is the communication dynamic that reflects how deep and pure our love is.

Our pure beings need pure love, deserve pure love,
and live on pure love. The Marriage of Souls is about
pure being sharing pure love. The pure light of pure being,
perfectly vulnerable, perfectly feeling, perfectly real.

Love is more than acts, deeds, words, or feelings. To love someone is to give part of our heart to them. And how do we do this? It is through our willingness and openness to communicate and listen to someone that we most readily can demonstrate the truth of our love. It is impossible to have much love, compassion, and understanding for another unless we are in touch with their world through deep listening.

The more we love another the more we share worlds with them through strong and open bonds of communication. True listening is love in action for it demonstrates our willingness to pay attention and love the other.

Those who really understand love know that love is the greatest thing one human being can give to another. If you truly love someone you are giving him or her your very best. And our best is seen mostly clearly in our willingness to communicate and pay attention to others’ vulnerabilities even through any difficulties or conflicts that arise.

The most important key to finding love is found
in our willingness and ability to be vulnerable.
To treasure vulnerable love is the first law of a pure heart.
The purpose of our life here on earth is to contact our being,
expand and grow our being by coming into
a direct relationship with the essence of our heart’s true nature.

And what is this true nature? The Heart is the Vulnerability of Being.

Twenty-eight years ago, on the central highlands of Brazil, I wrote the Marriage of Souls. The way that I see the Marriage of Souls—it is about creating heaven on earth together. I had that vision and have lived a life of love ever since. From my perspective there is nothing more beautiful than true love, nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for than love, intimacy, and understanding from one another. Everyone on the planet secretly hungers for love but few find what they are looking for.

When the vulnerability of a being meets up with an equal vulnerability
of being a strong bonding force is naturally set up between these
two beings. Open hearts can do nothing but love and when two
such hearts meet explosions of love are made manifest and
there is nothing we or anyone else can do about it. No power
on earth can dissolve the love of two persons if that love is true.

The Marriage of Souls concerns itself with the quality of our love, its depth, and purity, the openness and honesty, with the quality of our communications and listening. The Marriage of Souls is about relationships between souls and as such transcends the sexual issue that so obsesses human consciousness.

The Marriage of Souls is a divinely beautiful pathway that leads us to an eventual return to complete Oneness with one, and then with a greater family of beings. The Marriage of Souls is about a heavenly bliss shared between beings that love each other from the bottom of their hearts.

The mirror of God’s love is found in the love of many.
We learn this love when we open our hearts
and learn love in its many forms.
Each being offers us a unique opportunity to learn love.
The more beings we truly love the closer to God we become
for God loves all beings.

The expansion of human love into divine love is paralleled by our expansion past the limits of the possessive couple bond. The more beings we collect into our hearts the greater and nobler our souls become. The Marriage of Souls is learning the way God loves. The basic tenant of the Marriage of Souls is openness on a heart level. It is about the openness of the heart coupled with the freedom to love and communicate with other beings.

By their openness, people dedicated to the truth
live in the open and through the exercise of their courage
to live in the open, they become free from fear.
M. Scott Peck

This is all very important today as the world slides into darkness. Read a short piece by Paul Craig Roberts entitled Totalitarianism Has Metastasized. Love, listening, and freedom are in full retreat so we must look for and embrace the sanity of love.

I am consciously expanding my love and this essay today marks a new chapter in my life. I never published The Marriage of Souls whose subtitle is The Second Coming of Pure Love. It is badly in need of editing and this piece today is the new introductory chapter. However, my book shown above, Love and Sex Medicine has much of my writings about the most intimate issues of life.

It is interesting that this is all coming in the middle of a mighty effort on my part to finish editing the greatest work of my life, which is my new book on bicarbonate and CO2 medicine, Medical Miracles with Bicarbonates and CO2. In a carbon dioxide demented world, it is an expression of my love for the world of medicine. It is an expression of my love of life and health.

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World's Most Infectious Disease Does Not Exist


“Vaccine science isn’t up for debate.” That’s a desperate, pathetic statement you will read in the USA today. We already read in Time Magazine, Robert F Kennedy Jr. Is Dead Wrong About Vaccines. Those who sell and promote vaccines are desperate as vaccine skepticism goes mainstream now that Kennedy is running for president. And millions see that the cat is out of the bag about Covid vaccines, which are by far the most vicious assault on humanity in history. It’s outright murder and genocide. Covid vaccines are weapons of mass murder, and the biggest idiots in the medical press can only say vaccine science isn’t up for debate.

Welcome to vaccine planet. Vaccines are safe and effective, virologists are intelligent, honest scientists, health officials are reasonable guys, and we can trust the FDA, the CDC, and the World Health Organization with our lives. Vaccines are the religion of the modern age, more widespread than any other religion.

However, over fifty percent of Americans do not trust anything said in the media. Seventy-four percent think America is going in the wrong direction. I wonder if anyone would ever do a poll asking do you think vaccines are safe and effective. It would not matter if 90% of people were against vaccines. The mainstream paradigm would continue to insist on them.

The vaccine story is long and tedious, and I wrote a book about it 20 years ago entitled The Terror of Pediatric Medicine. But today, we will unpack just one part of the sordid story. A vaccine story and debate in front of the German Supreme Court where the virologists lost. The best the mainstream can do to continue its terrible medical and pharmaceutical terrorism is completely ignore this and any story confronting the vaccine narrative.

Vaccinationists do not listen to anyone but themselves. The most graphic scene of non-listening I have ever heard is seen in this video of Senator Mitch McConnell being shouted down by a Kentucky crowd as they yelled at him to “retire.” We live in a world that champions non-listening, and of course, not one vaccinationist listened to the German Supreme Court. We will talk about that below. Before focusing on the non-existent measles, I have important vaccine news to report.

Murdering Babys and Causing Autism is Easy for Pediatricians

I did not write, 20 years ago, my book The Terror of Pediatric Medicine for nothing, yet nothing has stopped the vaccinationists! This subject is enormous in its implications, and today Steve Kirsh’s post indicates two verifiable anecdotes that yield mathematical proof that vaccines cause SIDS and autism. Pediatricians make money killing babies and causing autism with their vaccines, but of course, they will insist vaccines are safe even though they know they are not. What does that say about our civilization when those who are supposed to be the best among us are murderers and cause the excruciating agony of autism? At this point, only the aliens in the UFOs they are talking so much about in Washington can save us from ourselves.

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s group reported about a new study that finds developed countries requiring the most vaccine doses for infants have higher childhood mortality rates, contradicting assumptions that more vaccines equate to lower deaths. The data suggest that the unintended consequences of the intense childhood vaccine program may increase all-cause mortality in children. Meaning the more you vaccinate children, the more they die. Aren’t vaccines the most wonderful thing in the world?

And getting back to Steve Kirsh, he also reports that the VAERS (the governments own official vaccine damage reporting system) data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated one person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans). He says it takes about 30 seconds to do a VAERS query that shows the COVID vaccines are deadly. The shape of the “onset curve” makes this apparent. An estimated 676,000 Americans have been killed. Don’t you think Time Magazine should vote the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna as Men of the Year? Or should they be put on the top of the FBI’s most wanted list? Of course, this means that the government does not even listen to itself!

The Measles Scam – Why Would We Trust Virologists for Anything?

Long considered the world’s most contagious disease, measles is making an unwanted comeback. But how is that possible if a fair and honest appraisal by a high court could find no good evidence that the measles virus exists? Of course, we assume it exists, but does it exist? Something is happening, but should we trust our friendly virologists’ explanations? Can virologists prove the existence of a measles virus? Can your doctor, or is it just a convenient paradigm to sell vaccines?

“Before introducing a measles jab in 1963, the disease infected millions worldwide and killed an estimated 2.6 million people yearly, primarily children under five. Vaccination proved to be a game-changer; as access to doses rose, the prevalence of the infection dropped, and some countries, including the U.K., even succeeded in eliminating measles.” That is the definitive belief, but I don’t believe a word of it, for health officials have proven through these three Covid years to be a bunch of lying, deceiving low lifers.

Significantly few children have died over the last 60 years, yet unvaccinated people under age 18 were banned from public places in Rockland County, New York. Measles had ceased to be a deadly disease before the vaccine was introduced. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) creates the conditions for hysteria regarding viruses and the vaccines used to prevent them. “The headlines today might make you think that measles is as deadly as Ebola. That is absurd,” writes Brownstein.

Deaths from Measles were already flat-lining during the 15 years preceding the vaccine’s introduction. An outbreak of measles occurred in a high school with a documented vaccination level of 98 percent. Nineteen (70 percent) of the cases were students who had histories of measles vaccination at 12 months of age or older and are therefore considered vaccine failures.

Indeed, in 2019, before Covid hit, 86 percent of all children under one had received a first dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday, according to the WHO. But by 2021, this had fallen to 81 percent – the lowest number since 2008. However, as we can see, vaccine programs successfully target the young and their mothers.

Does a Virus Cause Measles?

In November 2011, biologist Stefan Lanka bravely challenged the scientific community to offer real empirical and definitive proof that the measles virus actually exists. He was so confident that belief in the existence of this virus – a widespread and entrenched belief taken for granted – was without foundation that he offered a prize of 100,000 euros to anyone who could provide laboratory proof of identification and a measurement of the diameter of the virus.

Someone took him up on the challenge and eventually lost the case. It was the only time in modern history that Measles has been put to anything close to objective scrutiny. The final decision was in 2016. Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court confirmed, through careful examination of all the evidence available, that the measles virus does not exist, vindicating those who have said that no study has ever proven the existence of the virus. The CDC will not comment on the German Supreme Court’s findings. The entire medical establishment has ignored the ruling as if it never happened.

Most people and doctors believe it to be a virus, and they have been doing that for as long as we have been alive, but just believing and saying it is a virus does not make it one. And just because they have a vaccine (MMR) for Measles does not make it a virus either. People who get the vaccine can still come down with the disease. So what is it?

There is more chance of dying from the MMR vaccine than from Measles. You would think that tens of thousands must be infected and dying from measles with all the hysteria in the news. No one has died from Measles so far, and no one needs to if proper care is given. The last person that died from Measles in the United States died in 2015, and yet New Yorkers were faced with jail time for skipping the Measles vaccine.

New York City declared a public health emergency a few years ago in response to the measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn and ordered mandatory vaccinations for residents in four zip codes. Those who refused were threatened with having to pay a thousand-dollar fine. It is better to pay than get the vaccine because the chance of your child dying is more significant than the disease itself. However, up to 10 percent of the 695 confirmed measles cases in the current outbreak occurred in people who received one or two doses of the vaccine, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MMR is a dangerous vaccine that does not work too well.

A search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found 415 deaths from the MMR (or MMRV) vaccine since 1989. In other words, approximately 13 U.S. children die per year from the measles vaccine. And keep in mind that experts think only 1% of adverse vaccine reactions are reported. And there are other harmful effects of the measles vaccine. A seizure occurs five times more often in vaccination from measles than from measles infection. Febrile seizures can increase the risk of epilepsy. Other dangers of the MMR vaccine include coma, lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage, and autism.

More than 1,000 students and staff members at two Los Angeles universities were quarantined on campus or sent home in one of the most sweeping efforts yet by public health authorities to contain the spread of measles in the U.S., where cases have reached a 25-year high but still no deaths reported making us wonder what all the fuss is about. The flu is supposed to kill many people, but we do not see mandatory vaccine programs and quarantines for influenza outbreaks.

An excellent reference to help us put Measles into context comes from Dr. David Brownstein, who tells us to recall the Brady Bunch from T.V., who all became infected. Marcia Brady stated, “If you have to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles.”

Brownstein wrote, “I do not recall newspaper headlines blaring about the Bradys serious illness. I don’t think the health department was on the episode investigating how the Brady’s became ill. Furthermore, I don’t remember Congress investigating why all the Bradys became ill. Nor do I have any memory of state legislatures trying to take parental rights away because the Bradys developed measles. Here’s what I remember about the Brady’s measles show: That was in a different era when measles was considered a rite of passage for nearly all children. In fact, children who naturally developed measles and recovered had lifetime immunity from future measles infections. Additionally, girls who recovered from measles would pass on immunity to their babies which would protect their children at the most vulnerable time in their lives.”


Measles had ceased to be a deadly disease before the vaccine was introduced. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) creates the conditions for hysteria when it comes to viruses and the vaccines used to prevent them. “The headlines today might make you think that measles is as deadly as Ebola. That is absurd,” writes Brownstein.

As the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland in 2015 grew to at least 70 cases, medical experts expressed concern about the five patients who contracted measles despite being fully vaccinated. So if a virus does not cause Measles, what is it?

Beautiful People Should Lead Us to A Beautiful Civilization


I recently was listening to wonderful music created by beautiful musicians, and I was driven to tears repeatedly watching the group consciousness of audiences driven into a magnificent frenzy. So nice to experience and yet it hurt to feel how ugly the real world and people in it can get. How is it that the beautiful, wonderful people on our planet have elected madmen to rule over them? Almost every politician on the planet is dedicated to lies and deception not caring a wit for what is happening to the rest of us.

It is probably true that they are so turned to the dark side that they actually believe in what they say, think, and do. The leaders in Washington are looking more like the ugly leaders in the worst days of communism in Russia. And if Hitler and his gang were alive today, they would be having orgasms reading what the West’s modern media spits out-nothing but propaganda. Dr. John writes, “It’s a very dark time in America. We are going to learn quickly if there is any hope for us. We are going to find out whether Merrick Garland and consequently his DOJ, has a least a shred of integrity left.”

They’re decrepit, they’re evil, and they really have to go.
John Rubino

As Caitlin Johnstone puts it, “Capitol Hill is an assisted living facility for psychopaths. It’s where people who receive sexual gratification from dropping military explosives on civilians go to wait for the sweet embrace of death. The whole place smells like night terrors and urine.” It is pathetic how far down the intelligence hole top leaders in Washington have gone, so low that men like President Biden and Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell can hardly speak in public.

Seems like since the beginning of time the rulers of the earth have gravitated to evil but now, 20 years into the 21st century, evil is threatening to get completely out of hand. It wants to take over the earth and everyone alive but prefers many or most of us die. Seems that it is perfectly legal to commit big horrendous crimes. It is hard to believe in the criminal justice system when even the FBI, the president, and his son are so implicit in criminal behavior. In our system, it pays to commit big crimes. To evil people the bigger the better.

We are entering a new age of broad-spectrum terrorism where we find grown men and women of age outdoing, by miles, men like Bin Laden. It seems that it’s a competition for who can be the stupidest, meanest ugly person. Misinformation is the catchword to confront all that is truthful and beautiful and right in the world.

Every organization under the sun has gotten into terrorism. It is a new age of terror we are all going to suffer from, with terror intentions all around us, but it is nothing new. Most people I think have gotten the feelings of such things during the age of Covid, first with the man-made virus and then with the genetic vaccines, which the mainstream is still insisting on. Then hospitals got into terror and murder of uncountable thousands of people with their mechanical ventilators and then with the very nasty Remdesivir.

Now banks are getting into the act with their closing accounts without explanation. Dr. Joseph Mercola and his CEO and even their children had their accounts suddenly closed by Chase as we read at the end of July and another prominent case was with the popular politician Nigel Farage in England.

The United States government has had much of the world gripped in its terror and that went into high gear with above-ground atomic testing, the nuclear attacks on Japan, and the firebombing of Dresden near the end of WWII. Fluoride in public water supplies is for sure a terror attack on men, women, and children. Do dentists speak out about this? In the United States, the FDA still allows dentists to use mercury-containing dental amalgam whereas here in Brazil a dentist would go to jail for placing highly toxic mercury inches from peoples’ brains.

It is finally coming out that just from the first
atomic bomb test radiation was spread to 48 states.

Human Beings Human Beasts

We find human beasts everywhere today. Pediatricians wait for the birth of pure baby beings so they can medically beat them up. Newborn babies are the most vulnerable of all beings. It is easy to hurt most beings, but little babies are the most vulnerable and the easiest to hurt. Babies are born with the need for tender touch, looking to unite in bliss with the beings that brought them into the world. What do we expect to happen to such beings when they are met with medical violence, arrogance, and aggression?

We are not a very nice race with so much rape and child sexual abuse. The entire vaccine industry and the governments and companies have always been a nasty affair starting with the injection of Hep B to newborn babies, a disease to which children are not vulnerable to. The bad news of the vaccine industry went into high gear almost a century ago when they started using mercury as a preservative in their injections.

The war on CO2 is a war on life itself. The list is endless with politics in general never seeming to serve human populations. Censorship itself is a terrorist attack and I have not even included so far Islamic terrorism, which according to the mainstream is the only form of terrorism on the block.

Radiologists are terrorists never warning patients that their high doses of radiation for medical testing harms people. Up to this point, this just comes from the top of my head.  The bad guys are in charge and of course, there will be hell to pay for the good guys.

Evil to the Bone

John Rubino continues saying, “As we stumble towards World War III, it’s instructive to meet the people who are fronting for the Empire these days. The president, as everyone knows by now, is the modern equivalent of a B-movie zombie, pumped full of Adderall and shuffled out for public appearances — though even these controlled environments are now proving too much.”

Evil is into causing dramatic long-term suffering in its victims and the beautiful people I introduced at the beginning of this essay seem helpless to stop any of the things that need to be stopped.

Modern Medicine is a Disease

Doctors, their medical organizations, and the great pharmaceutical companies practice a sinister form of medicine that directly causes suffering and pain in people’s lives. Thus, I was not surprised when James Howard Kunstler writes that modern medicine is a hostage racket:

“Medicine is now a catastrophe every bit as pernicious as the illnesses it is supposed to treat, and a grave threat to a nation that we’re supposed to care about. If you thought banking in our time was a miserable racket — which it is, of course, and by “racket” I mean a criminal enterprise — then so-called health care has it beat by a country mile, with an added layer of sadism and cruelty built into its operations. Nobody in the system will say what anything costs and nobody wants to because it would break the spell that they work in an honest, legit business. The services are provided when the customer is under the utmost duress, often life threatening, and the outcome even in a successful recovery from illness is financial ruin that leaves a lot of people better off dead. The system is one of engineered criminality. It is inflicting ruin on millions.”

Not everyone is able to look at the dark side of themselves, and doctors are no exception in this regard.

It’s Wrong to Make Money Selling Stuff That Hurts People

This is what sorry looks like for people who do not know.

Yes, it’s wrong but that does not stop people from doing it anyway. From the stupendously rich to the simple clerk in a retail store—people sell stuff all the time that causes harm to the users. We find this principle operating blatantly just about everywhere but nowhere more so than in the world of medicine where they are supposed to be helping not hurting. men, women, and children.