Wild dreams lately

The last 5 days have been a wild one for dreams. 

I dreamed I was in a kind of grand celebration.   There was a kind of T shaped stage, and 4 or 5 women came on stage from both directions at the top of the T.   There were all dressed in flowing gowns of white and gold, in the fashion of Carmen Miranda.   They had headpieces like Carmen was known to wear in the 1940s films (my ex was a big 1940s film fan), but instead of fruit, they were white calle lilies.

The dream was surreal as the lilies were playing a New Orleans Dixie land tune and sounded like brass instruments, the women doing incongruous Latin moves of Carmen Miranda.  What made the dream awesome and hilarious (and it was meant to be fun) was the lilies would exert themselves cartoon like a trumpet player!  The women did these Carmen Miranda dance moves in synchrony.   The dance was impressive by all eyes were on the talented lilies belting out the tunes! 

I know death is sometimes symbolized by white lilies, but this didn’t feel metaphorical. It felt like I was in a strange place watching a very joyous celebration!  The mood was laughter and joy!

When I awoke I thought, “who needs drugs with dreams like that!” 

My dreams have always been very vivid.  I don’t know how other peoples dreams are, but when I have spoken about my dreams I’ve received some pretty strange looks sometimes! 

When I was little I used to fly around my Scottsdale neighborhood in my dreams. I knew how everything looked from the air.

I often go places in my dreams, once I park my body for its nightly rejuvenation cycle.  I have walked on ET ships and gone to strange lands and realms. 

After I began working Dani and Heather we’d all see each other or remember the same scene in some Galactic Council meetings.  We’d talk about these group dreams the next day.   Most of the time I don’t remember my dreams, but sometimes I do remember in great detail.  It honestly feels like the earthly side of me is out of the loop on whatever it is the rest of me does when I sleep.

In another recent dream I was in Eastern Russia, with several people I met in Morocco.  In particular Brian Kelly.  I remember being surprised at how modern Russia really was.  And in the dream my ATM bank card got lost or stolen and I was trying to figure out how to get funds from my US account!  LOL.    Its not the first time I have dreamed of taking some journey to Russia, in 2011 I dreamed I won two meter long barb-b-que brushes and a trip to Russia for roasted boar (I really don’t like pork very much).  But perhaps that probability of going to Russia someday is still percolating if it came up again?

How Our Dreams Prepare Us to Face Our Fears

(Science Daily) Do bad dreams serve a real purpose? To answer this question, researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), Switzerland, — working in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin (USA) — analysed the dreams of a number of people and identified which areas of the brain were activated when they experienced fear in their dreams. They found that once the individuals woke up, the brain areas responsible for controlling emotions responded to fear-inducing situations much more effectively. These results, which are published in the journal Human Brain Mapping, demonstrate that dreams help us react better to frightening situations, thereby paving the way for new dream-based therapeutic methods for combating anxiety.

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The Afterlife: They’re Waiting For Us On the Other Side – Doctor Studies 14,000 Dreams of Dying People

(Vic Bishop) We tend to look at death as the end of a life, but surely there’s more to the story than that. And while we know that people have very similar stories to tell after a near-death experience, often speaking of a tunnel of light and then being returned to the mortal world, we rarely consider what happens to our dreams as we approach the end.

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An Interesting Interpretation of Recurring Dreams & Nightmares

You’re being chased, but you’re not sure what or who is chasing you. It feels like there’s something truly malevolent behind your back. You better not look over your shoulder. Your legs are turning into jelly, your breathing is heavy. Or maybe you’re actually terribly late and it seems like you’ll never get to your destination, no matter how fast or how far your strides take you. You can’t really make any sense of what’s going on; you just know that stopping is not an option. So you run and you run and you run until your feet can carry you no more.

And then – a jolt.

Thankfully it was just a dream, but you’ll need time to shake off that feeling.

In fact, the dream of being pursued or chased is one of the most common dream themes – along with dreams or falling, sexual experiences, and all kinds of dreams regarding school and studying. Moreover, one study shows the theme of being chased as both the most prevalent dream among participants and the one most often reported as the earliest theme the participants recall from childhood.  

These common themes recur often in individuals, and they span across different cultures and geographical backgrounds. What could be standing behind this marvellous mystery of the human mind, and are we even looking at it from the right angle?

Unresolved problems

Dream theorists generally agree on the psychology-based interpretation of recurring dreams. Certain images, such as the image of being naked in a classroom or running through corridors, serve to contextualize powerful emotions or internal conflicts of the dreamer. Being naked, for example, is associated with feelings of shame and helplessness. Thus, the image could appear from your subconscious as you suppress these feelings in waking life.

This kind of explanation even feels intuitively right for many dreams you experience.

For example, you might often find yourself straight back in the classroom in your dreams, failing an exam, or trying to get out of trouble. And when you think about it, there’s plenty where that could come from. Perhaps you’re still not over the trauma of your school years and the childhood fear of the consequences you might face if you’re not good enough. Maybe you’re going through a stressful time and your subconscious habitually associates stress with the classroom, even though you finished school years ago.

These types of images and experiences from our childhood get buried in our minds so deeply that they become underlying themes in our adult lives, both when we’re awake and asleep. After all, that’s what psychoanalysis has been drilling for decades. However, assigning meaning to these images blurs the line between the mystical and the overly literal, and it’s often misguided.

Providing context

It’s crucial to understand that there can be no definitive answer – as in, a certain theme might be commonly interpreted to represent something, but our own experiences and personality will give it context. Carl Jung himself suggests that “dreams are doing the work of integrating our conscious and unconscious lives” in a process he calls ‘individuation.’ As such, they don’t need to be interpreted in order to perform their function.

A recurring dream could provide insight to a trauma or issue you need to resolve for the sake of your wellbeing and mental health. But in this quest to better understand ourselves and our subconscious, there are numerous factors standing between us and the clear-cut, cathartic dream interpretation we’d all like to have.

The way we approach our dreams

Looking at the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, we can clearly see how scientific explanations alone fail to provide answers for the mystical world of dream experiences. And the truth is, the same goes for all dreams and nightmares.

From psychology to physiological mechanisms in our sleep, there are many factors that shape our dream experiences. Hence, our perspective on it can’t be one-sided. For example, the commonly shared dream of teeth falling out can have a symbolic interpretation, like it may be connected to your fear of the dentist, or these types of dreams may occur more often among people with bruxism, which would factor in the physiological aspect.

The physiological aspect might sound painfully mundane for something as spiritual and mystical as the world of dreams. But we would miss out on so much if we were to underestimate it (or overestimate it!) because of its prosaicness. For example, each sleeping position impacts your sleep in a different way as pressure is put on different parts of your body and internal organs. Personally, I’ve found myself waking up from nightmares most often when I sleep on my left side. Doing my research, I was delighted to find that there are even studies pointing to the connection between left-side sleeping and terrifying dreams.

However, there’s one more extremely important aspect that’s too often overlooked: the cultural factor.

The shared nightmare

When we talk about the cultural factor, we can’t not mention the nightmare shared worldwide: The Hat Man.

The mysterious shadow with a hat has appeared to many people who have suffered episodes of sleep paralysis. Well, when I say he has appeared to them, I mean it in the broadest and most ambiguous sense. These terrifying episodes where the central figure is the man with a hat coming to harm you when you’re in your most vulnerable state definitely felt as real as anything to the dreamers. So real and gripping that one man haunted by the vision started a blog called The Hat Man Project after doing research and finding others also describing a similar figure during their experiences with sleep paralysis. The blog is now a space where others can share their experiences and thoughts on the terrifying figure.

How is it possible that all these people are dreaming the same taunting person? And if the state of sleep paralysis is like a portal to worlds that exists within our reality, is it really possible that the reality parallel to our own is such an ominous one?

One explanation simply suggests that people faced with the unfamiliar are going to look for the next culturally available explanation, even in their subconscious.

The state of being paralyzed in your sleep is, to say the least, unfamiliar. It’s an extremely vulnerable state where your natural instinct is to panic.

Evil spirits who sit on your chest as you sleep, as this phenomenon was portrayed in art centuries ago, is one viable explanation to craft in your psyche. The hat man, on the other hand, sounds a lot like Freddy Krueger. The Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie based on the experience of sleep paralysis, and Freddy was created as a symbolic representation of the terror. It doesn’t matter what came first, the chicken or the egg. The man with the hat has become very real in the minds of the dreamers.

So, where does that leave us? What is behind your recurring dreams and nightmares?

Most likely, a bit of all of the above, and perhaps something we haven’t even begun to grasp yet.

The Takeaway

The world of dreams is a realm we know so little about, and that’s exactly why our minds need to be open to all sorts of possibilities. If we want to understand our dreams and ourselves, we need to tune in to them and gather all the bits and pieces. If we dare to immerse ourselves, the unfamiliar might feel less terrifying. We could be opening the doors to new realities.

A September Dream About a Russian Incident, and a Visit to a Commerce Realm

This was a series of dream that got misplaced during the time I moved from Portland to Colorado.  Precise date of this is not known, sometime between mid September and early October 2018.  I have quite a few notes yet to publish.

Emailed to Denice:

First dream:

I had a dream I was in a city. There was a multi story building made of dark red brick was a hotel of some sort.  I was with a woman don’t know if it was Heather or my ex-wife.  Felt like Heather but I think the dream flipped between the two.

There were odd rooms and windows in the place and parts of the hotel seemed shut down, but had a feeling of being protected. 

There was some commotion in the back I look out the back and I see men in reddish rubber suits with Russian writing on them. Kind of like a scuba suit but I think more hazmat. 

I got the feeling whatever gas they had with them killed them. They were of mal-intent. And someone (one of their own) was dragging the bodies away to get rid of them . There were tens of them.

No confirmation data found in public domain. I don’t know exactly what this was about.

Second dream:

Scene changed I’m walking down a street with a new friend. Again a city but coastal near the beach, scenery looks hyper real but with more intense colors.   This ship zooms over …it’s made of very very shiny silver colored metal.

I wave at it and it circles around and it’s aware of me. I go to the beach and now the ship had a kind of swallow bird  like tail on one end deployed. Somehow I’m on the ship but it’s more like being absorbed than beaming into it.  There’s a half dozen of us, they ask us all if we really intended to get on, it’s not an abduction and we all nod.  The leader is an older guy with a diplomat feel. There’s a character actor in Hollywood that looks just like him.  There isn’t enough seats so the diplomat sits on my lap which is weird.

We go to their world and it’s beautiful, but appears to be a colony. The ship kind of just settles dimensionally into a house and we find ourselves in chairs and couches.  The diplomat and I walk thru the colony and it is indeed impressive as to the trees they planted and the architecture. But after a while of walking I notice it seems to be inside a huge crater.  The man says to me almost pleading “you are the only one who understands what we are trying to do here!  This is what our (he says “our” not “my”) taxes have built… (and he points all around in a bit of pride… )“  

I realize at this point I’m not with the amigos but in some unknown universal commerce realm were money and taxes are just considered facts of life. 

The scene fades but I sense I’m still being observed…  I say to the unseen observers “Show yourselves I won’t harm you, I come only in pure love “ the scene is black and these iridescent colors like oil on water emerge from the black and these black iridescent octopus emerge with iridescent eyes and suckers on their limbs and then I wake up…,

December 17, 2018

I’m wondering at this stage if this was a preliminary dream about “The Domain”???  I still don’t have a good working defintion of what this group or realm is… but this was posted today on Twitter by the same account that brought up the term “The Domain”. 

We (me, Heather and others) have been saying for sometime that Bitcoin had been captured by the US Treasury and the Bank of England by 2014 and perhaps even earlier.  We also previously stated that block chain was an off world commerce ledger and exchange system integral to galactic commerce contracts.