Uh, Duh…. Red Alert….Uh….

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, people, you read it here first.
The British Government has been colluding with traitorous and/or clueless American politicians for decades to undermine our country — and they have been doing it one baby at a time.

They have been falsifying our political status records and seeking to “genocide” all Americans on paper.
You are not recorded as an American baby. You are registered as a British “citizen” — a subject of the Queen.
And if you don’t wake to hell up and take action and I mean — really TAKE ACTION NOW — you won’t have a country left. You will lose it all, everything your forefathers fought for.
We will be nothing but a backwater British Territory.
And you won’t have a leg to stand on because you stood there like a dumb cow and didn’t do anything about it even after you were told what was going on and how to correct the records.
I repeat…. I repeat….I repeat….
Go to my website www.annavonreitz.com and scroll down to Article 928 and use the examples given there to lay claim to your Good Name and birthright political status.
And then, get busy! Start your county jural assembly and get involved in your State Jural Assembly and do it ASAP!
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