7-20-19 VIDEO… “Jonah (The GANS Man) on BBS As You Wish Talk Radio” (with James Gilliland, of course)

Jonah showing apple tree (with GANS necklace wrapped around trunk) that has dramatically improved production (of apples)

[Update 1: there is a Keshe Wiki page for the GANS technologies, where one may learn more, and/or search for specific items or protocols for conditions that GANS has helped with.] [Update 2: I found the “catch up on a little current events” very interesting as well.]

This is quite an excellent presentation about a very significant technology, and how it is being used at ECETI for health transformation beds and chairs, plus improving the growth of trees, plants, and even their feral cat, which was transformed from sickness to wellness via one of the GANS bracelets. The GANS plasma applications begin at about 18 minutes. The first part is some “current events” discussion.

Jonah and ECETI have created a number of products they sell, including necklaces, bracelets, and health pens, on this page.

I have been using the GANS waters (which come in forms based on CO2, Zn, CH3, CuO, and others), and drinking the CO2 and Zn water each day. I purchased mine from Magravs Products, and apparently they still sell the GANS packs* (click the links for “your local store” on that page; here’s the US page).

Remember, though, it is the plasma (energy) that’s doing the job, not the material itself, or the water itself.

Premiered Jul 20, 2019

THIS WEEK: James is joined by Jonah, a volunteer living at the ranch, who is ECETI’s expert on PLASMA TECH!

After they catch up on a little current events, Jonah dives into the amazing health and soul benefits of using GANS and other mono-atomic elements. His methods are derived from Dr. Keshe’s open source, free energy work. From rapidly healing minor cuts and a nearly dead cat, to enhanced astral travel and soul ascension, PLASMA TECH IS THE NEW FUTURE OF WHOLE HEALTH.;


* These are concentrated water suspensions of GANS solids; you add each suspension to distilled water (like, a quart, or more) and drink and/or use the water only; the solids are not consumed, but is re-used continually, so in theory you never run out.

Powerful Video from ECETI (8-24-18)… “UFOs: The Uncontrolled Narrative – FULL MOVIE”

I am currently watching this, and my sense is that this is a very important and impactful video. I learned of this from the video in this prior Kp blog post (James Gilliland with Dauntless Dialogue). There’s an incredible amount of visual documentation of sightings (many are from ECETI Ranch, 2018) plus discussion of the inclusion of the Divine Feminine, connections from native cultures, and many other aspects.

ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

Published on Aug 24, 2018
The Uncontrolled Narrative is about the UFO cover up, and how the real disclosure comes from the people.

Featuring James Gilliland, John Vivanco, Teresa Yanaros, Jimmy Church, Jordan Sather, Mary Rodwell, Clifford Mahooty, Greg Sullivan, Peter Maxwell Slattery, Billy Carson, Steve Murillo, Cathy Whittenburg Leidall and Kenzie Kazme…

Thanks to all who were a part of this and contributed to it.