SphereBeingAlliance VIDEO 5-8-19… “Jay Weidner Breaks His Silence on Corey Goode” (well, back in 2017, that is)

Okay. I’m just posting this because I’ve heard this information before, and it’s a short and straightforward “vetting” put out by Jay Weidner at Eclipse of Disclosure 2017 (August 2017).

Lately there have been a couple videos brought to my attention that were trying to discredit Corey Goode and any information he’s been putting out there. When those videos mentioned, in their descriptions, things like “Corey cult” and “their deceitful and insidious pattern of behaviours” and “releasing an unsafe belief system on video”, I knew they were “reaching for it”, and were probably in GT mode (Grand Troll mode). I have no interest in watching those things.

In my view, each person needs to discern for themselves what rings true for them. I do not align with everything anyone puts out there, including Corey and David Wilcock. I just pay attention to what resonates within me. The rest I let pass.


Published on May 8, 2019
Jay Weidner discussing the vetting process of Corey Goode prior to the hit show Cosmic Disclosure. This is from Eclipse of Disclosure 2017.