GaiaPortal 7-6-20… “Hula of the Stars is telling the stories”

I’m sure many can receive some “Inner messages” from this GaiaPortal. I know there were some recent “planetary alignments” (parade of planets?) and a lunar eclipse. I’m not sure what the “stars” were up to, but surely this can relate.


Hula of the Stars is telling the stories

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories.

Spirals of Ascension are embraced.

Uplifts come.

Partners are revealed.

Stratospheres collect their pilots.

GaiaPortal 7-1-20… “Startling nights lead to the daybreak within”

This new GaiaPortal is first one in 15 days. Many strong uplifting messages here. “Scurrilous natures” I’m presuming refer to the inner part of many which want to run back and forth, to and fro, without really getting anywhere.


Startling nights lead to the daybreak within

Startling nights lead to the daybreak within.

Sedentaries are awakened in fullness.

Gaia rejoices with Heart-pink Life.

Scurrilous natures are released.

GaiaPortal 4-20-20… “Deserets are encompassed”

This GaiaPortal just came out today. A couple of the definitions I found are below.

Deseret: “An area proposed by the Mormons in 1849 as an independent state or a state of the Union. Deseret would have included much of the southwest United States, with a capital at Salt Lake City. Congress refused to recognize the provisional state and created the Utah Territory in 1850.”

Floret: “1. A small or reduced flower, especially one in a spikelet of a grass or sedge or in a flower head of a plant of the composite family. 2. Any of the tight, branched clusters of flower buds that together form a head of cauliflower or broccoli.

Although GaiaPortals normally do not get too 3D-specific, I’m wondering if there is some relation of these words to children (small flowers) being rescued from the SouthWest US (“The Children of Light are rescued”). Could very well be.


Deserets are encompassed

Deserets are encompassed.

Florets are embraced.

Light touches are enabled.

The Children of Light are rescued.

GaiaPortal 4-14-20… “Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads”

This GaiaPortal comes 10 days after the prior one.

Now, the word, “sportif” can mean “athletic; enjoying and frequently participating in sports, sporty; athletic; of or pertaining to sports”. So whether this relates to those involved in typical athletics (football, baseball, etc.) or perhaps those who make a “sport” of participating in darker practices, it appears the burden of “carrying that load” becomes, more and more, a “burden”.


Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads

Sportif clients are emburdened as they carry their loads.

Dissolutions create their vortices.

Navigators with skills enroute their vessels.

Fortunates are boarded upon the ships.

DeLightfuls come.

GaiaPortal 4-1-20.. “Formidables are no more”

This is the first GaiaPortal to come out after about 12 days. Something “significant” about this. “Florescents”, I feel, refers to things which are about to “flower” (florals).


Formidables are no more

Formidables are no more.

Heaven sent messages are received in Joy.

Surrender to the old and reception of the New occurs in simultaneity.

Florescents are sown.

GaiaPortal 3-12-20.. “Essences of the Higher Realms are realized”

New GaiaPortal came out two days ago.

“Martensings” may have something to do with “marten“, animals which “have bushy tails and large paws with partially retractile claws… are slender, agile animals… and inhabit coniferous and northern deciduous forests… are solitary animals, meeting only to breed in late spring or early summer… Due to their habit of seeking warm and dry places and to gnaw on soft materials, martens cause damage to soft plastic and rubber parts in cars and other parked vehicles“.

This could be related to the most recent deep state tactics, which according to this GP, will “fail to halt the progress”.


Essences of the Higher Realms are realized

Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.

Full circle scenarios play out.

Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

Martensings fail to halt the progress.

Essences of the Higher Realms are realized.

GaiaPortal 3-7-20.. “Coopers of the Humanity release the bonds”

This GaiaPortal has a couple words I’ve not encountered before.

A “Cooper” is “A person who makes or repairs wooden barrels and tubs” (also called “Hooper”, for the hoops that are used to bind the wooden boards together). So perhaps the first line refers to the “hoops” being released by those who created them in the first place (or something like that).

“Califacts”, to me, immediately brought to mind the California situations that have been going on (e.g., with Pelosi, Newsome, Maxine Watters, mandatory vaccinations, etc.). Perhaps the “Facts” about California will “claim the unawakened”, meaning, “Wake them up”. We shall see.


Coopers of the Humanity release the bonds

Coopers of the Humanity release the bonds.

Califacts claim the unawakened.

Those of Consciousness continue the movement.

Laced curtains are removed.

Unveiling completes.

The Light enters.