And We Know VIDEO 2-15-19… “SerialBrain2: Trump’s Secret Message from El Paso: The Pieces of the Puzzle”

Here is a new video by And We Know about the latest SerialBrain2 article (related Kp blog post).

Personally, I find it useful to both read the SB2 posts and view the And We Know videos… get more data input that way.

Couple of highlight time points, which looks at:
9:30 D-Wave (quantum computing)
11:15 D-Wave = altar to an alien god; pulling information from their shadows
14:44 “KEEP OUT”, portals, extradimensional entities, anime in Japan exposes this
16:50 Alteration of human form to create hybrid alien species

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#Q #QAnon 2-11-19… #2695… “QAnon sign appears in El Paso”

This is more of a “having fun with seeing how #QAnon is showing up everywhere these days” post. I happened to find out where this occurred in the event, and one can view it starting at about 2:03:00 of this video, which is at the end of the El Paso talk. Here’s another image snipped from the video.

Another Q post of possible “fun” interest is #2687, where Q is appearing in, or on flags of, several countries (Ireland, Finland, the UK, Scotland). People are waking up, to Q, and because of Q.

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Q post 2695
POTUS “Did they get the clip?”
Yes, Mr. President.
POTUS “Did they catch all the references?”
Yes, Mr. President.
POTUS “Show me.”
Thank you, Mr. John Vineyard.
Thank you, Anons.
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