LaVoy Finicum _Courage In The Line Of Fire

Newest Forensic Video from Curt Kruse


From Elias Alias of the Mental Militia.

Please accept this video as the newest in the series of “Forensic” style videos produced by Curt Kruse. Anyone with a YouTube channel or similar platform is welcome to upload the video with the enclosed picture (as a custom thumbnail for the video: We are however asking that the video be uploaded in its original form with no editing. While it is not necessary, if you want to credit anyone, credit Curt Kruse and The Mental Militia. 

Curt’s note to me included this passage —

My thought is that “Courage in the Line of Fire” would be good as the next video, although I am not fixed in this opinion.  This video counters the vilification that has been done against LaVoy.  It attempts to prove one of the arguments that Jeanette put in her lawsuit.  If the ideas are accepted, it also counters the claim of reaching for a gun, and the claim that it was OK to kill LaVoy because he did not follow orders, and the claim that he wanted to die.  It also puts LaVoy in a heroic light. 

I agree with Curt.

For those who may not have collected all six of these videos, here are the links in reverse order, newest being #6.:

6 — Courage In The Line of Fire —
5 — Shot With Hands In The Air —
4 — Two Shots The FBI Lied About —
3 — The Planted Gun  —
2 — The Foam Bullet  —
1 — The Deadly Roadblock  —

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New Code of West Videos

The “New Code of the West” conference took place in Whitefish Montana this last Saturday, October 13th, 2018. 

I have been given these videos by Elias Alias of The Mental Militia to use on this blog.

Here I am giving you all the links to his Youtube channel so you can watch Ammon Bundy, Jeanette Finicum, and several other patriots tell the real story of the Land Grab perpetrated by the jack booted thugs and mercenaries working for rouge federal agencies.  I am downloading and storing all these videos for posterity, and will make them available when needed.

Thank you again for helping me do these videos. You made it possible for me to be there. Here is your written permission to use all footage I filmed at the “New Code Of The West” conference at Whitefish, Montana, on October 13, 2018; as well as permission to use my articles about Bundy Ranch and the protests at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon and the subsequent assassination of LaVoy Finicum.
I am sending you these links before I send them to the J Grady channel, to Redoubt News, and even before I send them to my personal list. I just wanted you to get them first. Let me know if there is any problem with any of these.
Thank you again, Amigo.
The Five Forensic Videos — About the Murder of Lavoy Finicum.
A “Forensic” Examination —
The Foam Bullet —
The Planted Gun —
Two Shots FBI Lied About — 
Shot With Hands Up —
My current article about the “Shot With Hands Up” video at TMM —
The videos from the conference —
1  –  Jeanette Finicum October 13 2018 in Whitefish Montana
2  –  Mark Herr opening commentary
3  –  Mark Herr w Jeanette Finicum Interviewed by Redoubt News
4  –  Mark Herr w Jeanette Finicum Interviewed by Redoubt News Part 2
5  –  Elaine Willman for Redoubt News
6  –  Jeanette Finicum at New Code Of The West Conference
7  –  Elaine Willman at New Code Of The West Conference
8  –  Christopher Kortlander at New Code Of The West Conference
9  –  Christopher Kortlander at New Code Of The West Conference Part 2
10  –  Ammon Bundy at New Code Of The West Conference Part 1 of 2
11  –  Ammon Bundy at New Code Of The West Part 2 of 2

Did The BLM Send A Militarized Force Upon The American People?

Here is some of the evidence withheld by the prosecution in the Bundy case. This is some of the reason the case was dismissed “with prejudice”.

I found this evidence at the Mental Militia website in an article written by Elias Alias.

Here is the link to that article, which you should all read.

The title is 

The Gaspee Affair and The Sagebrush Rebellion