Nicholas Veniamin 3-15-22 VIDEO… “Lewis Herms Discusses Latest Updates” (and this one says there may NOT be an EBS)

Yes, that last part of the title kind of “struck me” today. It’s always possible that the overall humanity “awakeness” (great awakening) has come so far that an “emergency type” announcement may not be required. I’m sure as many of us (like me) have continually prepared for a possible “emergency” situation, that has shifted the overall planetary energies.

Anyway, I’m posting because it “struck”.

Simon Parkes 1-9-20 URGENT message… “Urgent – US Citizens Stand By For EBS”

[Kp update 2223 CST: some are replying to this post saying it may be a “hoax”. So let’s all just use Higher Discernment about this one.]

This has to be important. Someone sent to me, and as I trust Simon Parkes’ messages, I’m paying attention to this.

Those who’ve not yet done so, perhaps it’s time to get a few extra supplies and/or water. Also, if you have a portable radio, that may be helpful in areas with low cell service.

Hold the Light, baby… this is “All of Humanity’s” time.


Urgent – US Citizens Stand By For EBS…

Urgent – US citizens stand by for Emergency Broadcast System on your cell.
Get onto Twitter Secretary Pompeii EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)
Stay in doors.
Do not go out onto street.
Be prepared for power outages in Some cities…


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