5 Symptoms Of Current Planetary Energies You May Be Experiencing

Global Energy Check In – 26 June 2018 – covering global energies that are impacting most people

The global check-in covers the common shifting patterns and themes that basically everyone is experiencing.

1. Feelings Of Inadequacy, Lack Of Self-Worth – External Validation

Lots and lots of doubt going around… what value do I add? Why isn’t anything moving for me? What am I doing wrong? Thoughts around I am not good enough and will never get there – I’ll never be good enough.

This is a common ego trap of external validation and it will rear its head repeatedly on your journey, commonly around the theme of “how can I be of value if people don’t like me and don’t approve of me?”

An easy fix for this is to go watch a reality show and remember who these people are out there that don’t approve of you – how they think, what their lives are, how shallow they are.

We all get lonely and isolated and want to reach out, so we assume we must be the problem, and then get disappointed when we get out there and find that there’s no one we can, or want to, connect with.

You can go fast or you can go with people — if you go with people you will always go at the same pace as the slowest person.

Every time you grow you move faster and further forward — making the chasm much greater between you and them. They feel inferior around you and stupid because you open your mouth and say something smart and it forces them to learn and change.

Most of us have the complaint that we can never say what we want because people get caught up on background facts, but to them, the old news is brand new information. From the first piece of background we give, we are forcing them to learn and change. People hate those two things.

People want to feel smart and we have a tendency to make them feel stupid – that’s why they mostly don’t like us.

It’s never going to change, and the better you get at handling it, the bigger the load you’ll get to handle.

Watch a reality show. Remember who you’re dealing with.

2. Wanting To Leave Or Not To Be Here

You’re moving closer to God, even if God is still a swear word on your journey. And even though it doesn’t feel like it, your ego death is moving you closer to that goal.

When you get closer to the thing you really want, have you noticed how your hunger increases? Like when you’re bursting to go to the loo and you’re fumbling the keys in the lock because you’re so close to the toilet now?

That’s exactly why these growth periods can trigger suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of wanting to leave, not be here, be done, and go – you’re so close to God that you just want to cross the finish line now.

It will pass – every energy has always passed. Nothing lasts forever, and this won’t either.

Read more on this here.

3. Money, Worries & Anxiety

I’d love to assume that I can just leave this one as standard and not have to type it out each time, but well, we need reminders.

Everyone is going through money problems, even if they aren’t owning it. Unfortunately, they won’t – it’s the shame that makes money issues a thing in the first place.

The money thing is one of the fastest ways to create the global change we are after — but that means that basically everyone on earth has to be in the issue before we all start acting on it. That includes you and me.

The balance of figuring out how to survive in a world where money is survival while building a money-free world is extreme. It’s unbelievably hard. But that’s the job.

We love to talk about the lightworker mission – this is a big part of it. Figuring out a way to do the stuff that seems impossible to achieve.

It is entirely natural for us spiritual types to have an inherent conflict with money – here’s more on the topic.

Here’s a four-part article and video series on the money issue, speaking about practical ways to deal, steps you can take, ways to simplify and dealing with your ego and emotional responses.

4. Exhaustion & Fatigue

I was giggling as I spoke about this to a client this morning… remember a few weeks back when we were all moaning that we were getting no sleep? Well, now we’re getting all of it!

Partly this has been a rest period because we’re just into the main shifting period of the year – from now until end September.

So for the next few months, we’ll be complaining that it’s too much – and then October we’ll be saying we’re bored.

The periods always end – nothing goes on forever. Be grateful that at least you have some idea what is going on.

Here are daily maintenance resources that will help alleviate some of the physical symptoms you’re feeling.

A few daily basics can go a long way towards helping your entire system cope. Butterfly release is a must-have!

If you need distance energy healing or clearing work done, shout. We have healers that can help you at distance.

5. Focus, clarity and practical functionality

Productivity and getting stuff done… wow, we’ve all been badly procrastinating the past while.

I had this thought one day, how cool would a world be where we can say “bugger it – the global energy is too bad, we’re declaring a worldwide rest period!” #goals

This is one of the places where we really see the failure of the money as survival system – the money pressure doesn’t allow for any other aspects of life.

This isn’t just happening to us, though — this is a global lesson playing out in our personal lives – it shows us what so many other people are experiencing. That’s what we’re here to fix – what everyone has to live in.

The only way that it becomes relevant to you is if you are living through it, so it gets drawn to us to make it an issue we’ll look at and spend time thinking about. We’re meant to NOT personalize it and to recall that this is global and we’re here to fix the global problems (lightworker mission is a job in other words – a frigging hard job!).

At the same time you are less and less “human” — so these periods where you experience overwhelming human experiences in your body actually seem harder for you than what you’re used to. It’s the contrast between the two experiences that makes it so rough.

One thing that helps me enormously in these periods is if I keep planning and working, without jumping into projects.

Previously, I would allow the restless days to spur me into immediate action and then I’d land up with half-finished projects. Now I step back and plan – play it out in my head, do too much research. The results are really great though and the practice helps to build patience enormously.

Find other ways to approach your work, schedule meetings, brainstorm, do the social connections stuff – that seems to be easier at the moment.

Here is a list of resources to help you find practical functionality for the days you HAVE TO focus and get stuff done.

When You’re Feeling Like Crap, Don’t Personalize It!

We all go through moments of feeling down, when you’re in it, try not to personalize it.

When you personalize you grab onto the pain and linger on it; you keep mulling the thought over and over in your head.

When you’re going through hell, keep going.

You can’t make the distance shorter but you can move through it faster. So push to get to the worst feeling as quick as possible – the relief lies beyond that.

The down periods will never go away; you need to let go of that idea. You just get better at managing it all.

You have to get better at managing it: you get a bigger empath load as you progress to a higher vibration.

This is why the lows are still so low even though you’ve shifted so much and grown so much; you’re pulling bigger volumes of energy to shift from the morphic field.

The reason it feels like you’re rehashing the same stuff? They send you loads of whatever energies you’re already good at shifting… so the stuff you’ve already previously let go of and shifted.

That’s the stuff that should be easy for you to shift because you’ve faced the personalized layer where the examples cause you pain.

What do I mean?

If you hear about someone cheating, you listen with interest maybe. But if you think of yourself in their shoes (personalize), or draw on your own past painful example, then you immediately feel the fear and pain.

Try it… let’s say someone was cold last night, maybe they froze to death. You feel some empathy sure.

But if I say it’s YOUR child that froze to death…? Even the words shocked you.

You may give a passing thought to the cold homeless people, but if your child was lost outside on a freezing night, you’d get no sleep. You wouldn’t be able to think about anything else in fact.

It’s only EMOTIONALLY relevant to you when you attach a personal example or story and attach it to the people in your life.

If you want to break this cycle permanently, you need to train yourself to find higher level lessons in your shifts – when you find the higher lesson, the need for the lower lessons fall away.

So an example is realising you’re not accepted by people unless you behave the way they want you to and give them what they want.

On a personal level, this hurts, because it’s a reminder of your loneliness, isolation, lack of worth etc. It’s a reminder that people don’t want what you have to offer as you; they really only use you for what they can get. Stings hey?

However cycle that up to a god level lesson (how God views man), and it becomes the pattern of how people treat gods. They only turn to the gods when they need something or want something, using God like a servant, to fetch and carry.

Basically, this is the way everyone treats divine beings by default – and this behavior is just a standard human behavior.

If it’s just normal behavior, then it’s not being done to you, it’s just happening around you.

You have a choice about how you look at any lesson, and where you choose to focus.

So for today try to cycle your lessons up… see if you can spot how man treats god through the view of ego, or how god views man without any ego or attachment to physical life.

In the mirrors tools, mirrors 6, 7, 8 & 9 deal with soul, balance, dark and cosmos. Those are all higher vibration lessons. Free mirrors tools at: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/newmirrors/

Look for recursions from the creation story ( http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-creation-unification-story-for-lightworkers ) or play the game of trying to guess who else around you has similar – or worse – challenges to face.

Remind yourself of what you have, right now. Are your needs taken care of right now? Do you have a roof over your head? Food? Clothes? Yes? Then all is good.

And even if the answer is no, find something to be grateful for and hold onto that.

No shift ever lasts forever…

No matter how crap you’ve felt in the past, it’s always turned.

In fact, that’s exactly why you’re looking for a way out… you know it’s possible to feel different.

This will pass – all you have to do is survive a few days of feeling crappy, and remember not to turn into a serial killer. This is why it’s us… they can send us this level of pain and we stay good people. We don’t become serial killers or perpetuate pain.

So just ask for help to accept what you’re shifting and surrender to the process. Call on your guides and angels for help.

Here are a few different options for surrender processes: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/surrender-acceptance-letting-go

What it looks like in practice

Even at my level, these periods still hit me. The difference now is how I handle them.

I stay patient and accept it will pass.

I look for global energies and patterns in those around me.

I don’t personalize or linger and if anything is stuck in my inner voice I mirror it out straight away.

I ask for help all the time.

I don’t rush in and start anything – I force myself to plan first so that I’m sure of the idea and I don’t waste time creating something half-baked or that I won’t use, or that I feel guilty about.

The only thing that’s changed is how I behave inside a shift.

Yes shifting shifts the energies, but you have to learn tools and change your habits and behaviors as well.

At the end you’re going to realise that the key is the moment you took control… you may as well take control now and prevent yourself all this unnecessary pain and suffering.

Sometimes circumstances suck… but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

You always have a choice about that.

Hang in there. This period has to be over soon…. they’re never longer than two or three weeks.

If you’re already stuck on something, the fastest way out is to push through and find your way to the bottom of the ego death – http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/how-to-do-shadow-work-how-to-face-your-dark-shadow-or-ego


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