Kp Radio Hawaii 5-9-18… “Just like Kilauea, maybe it’s time to vent”

[PLEASE NOTE: at about 26 minutes, my internet connection cut out, so it took about a minute before I reconnected and finished the show.]

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Talked about (among other things):

  • Kilauea venting is significant. Connected to planetary events and personal inner events.
  • New Energies are breaking through. Staying on the old foundations ain’t gonna work.
  • New Energies are Unifying. We’re all part of the Light.
  • We cannot stay where we used to be.
  • Venting is important.
  • Honoring and protecting one’s individual Energy Space is important.
  • All is breaking open.
  • New foundations are being formed.
  • Incoming Cosmic Energies are making this happen so…
  • …Rise up and enjoy the ride.
  • Honor that Energy space, baby!

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[Pre-show notes: “Tonight may be a “vent” night…”]

Kp Message 5-9-18… “Honoring the Energy Space”

This comes up as I sense there may be more than one who are also going through this type of thing. The essential message is (beside what’s in the title), as a Light type worker, it is helpful to be kind to oneself and let go of those who are in the “abuse” mode.

I’ve come across this a couple times recently and with all the social media type connections around, you know, FB, Twitter, Gab, MeWe, BlahBlah (there’s got to be something like that out there), it’s quite easy for people to “crash one’s space”.

All humans on this planet are to be honored. And that means to me, the energy space, thought space, emotional space, of each and every one who I encounter, in person, via this blog, via social media, via simply reading about them, of each and every one is also to be honored. At least that’s my view, and that’s the way I operate (as much as possible, to the extent I remain aware of it… and my consciousness continues to expand, one moment at a time).

Most of all,

I honor my Self. And I honor the Energy Space of my Self.

When someone comes in and tries to “damage” that space, “abuse” that space, continually put down my works, the blog, what I post, or anything like that, I simply let them go. And, if it’s FB or some other platform where I can block them, I block them. I do not tolerate any attempts to dishonor and/or abuse my space.

I am responsible for one thing… my own sovereign Energy Space. That is it. I’m not (at this stage, at least) responsible for the entire planet, the entire human population of the planet, that person over there, or this person over here. None of that.

There are times when my own Energy Space has included others, people, animals, birds, etc., and I do feel a desire to care for them, in one way or another. And there are times when “Missions” carry me to one place or another place. And those are all based on what I call “Higher Inner Guidance”, from within ME… and no one else.

No one has to like what I do. No one has to agree with what I do. No one has to enjoy what I do. No one has to follow what I do. No one has to understand what I do.

But I expect my Energy Space to be honored.

Those who continually complain about or denigrate or lash out about what I do, and about me personally… will be blocked. Energetically, on FB, on Twitter, on whatever platform I need to block. I do not stand for such things.

Because I honor my personal Energy Space.

Aloha, Kp