KejRaj, Era of Peace 12-5-19… “US Army Tweet: ‘The Calm Before The Storm’” (or, “The ‘calm’ is over… the show begins”)

Found this originally at Operation Disclosure. Message is simple… “the ‘calm’ is over… the show begins.”

I suggest holding the Light with and for all those who are involved in whatever is about to happen (or is already happening).

Relates to this prior Kp blog post.


US Army Tweet: “The Calm Before The Storm”

Greetings friends! It is I KejRaj!

This is just a short message for today.

We are now entering exciting timelines. That is at least for the aware ones.

The President of the U.S.A, Q, and the U.S army intelligence are working together.

This tweet from the U.S Army twitter account; “The calm before the storm”, at this time, it simply means “the calm” is over.

So let the show begin. The “untouchables” have lost control. Now they become part of the past. Games begin. Games end.